Domino’s Franchise Owner Salaries

Franchise businesses are an easy way of entering the entrepreneurship path without carrying all the risks of owning your own business.

Taking an established brand like Domino’s and running it is less risky and easier in certain ways.

If you are looking to enter into the franchise business, Domino’s is one of the best choices you can make because of its popularity and potential to make a lot of money.

Before you enter, you might wonder about certain things regarding owning a Domino’s franchise Cost.

The first thing many wonders about is how much you will make as a Domino’s franchise owner.

This number changes quite a lot depending on where your Domino’s outlet is, how many sales it makes, and other financial details, but of course, there is an average number.

Let’s take a look at Domino’s franchise owner’s salary and other financial details of owning a Domino’s franchise.

Domino's Franchise Owner Salary
Domino’s Franchise Owner Salary

How Much Is a Domino’s Franchise Owner Salary?

How much Domino’s franchise owners make changes from location to location, and there is no set number owners can expect.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for Domino’s franchise owners is $96,905 annually.

However, this number can range from $73,000 to $131,000, depending on many different factors.

On top of the salaries, Domino’s franchise owners also get some benefits from the company, like 401k and certain insurance.

Most franchise owners also state that they have more than just one Domino’s franchise outlet, which increases the total amount you can earn.

Each Domino’s franchise you own means another franchise owner’s salary that falls somewhere between the ranges we mentioned above.

You can even expect to make seven figures if you have enough Domino’s franchise stores.

How Many Domino’s Franchises Are There?

How Many Domino's Franchises Are There

Domino’s is one of the biggest franchise brands out there, with thousands of outlets all around the globe and serving around a million customers daily.

According to its website, Domino’s serves more than 90 countries internationally, with about 19,500 stores.

Out of these 19,500 stores, about 7,000 of them are in the United States only, the home country of their headquarters.

With the increase in store numbers over the years, Domino’s annual revenue has also skyrocketed with the increase of these stores, which also affects Domino’s franchise owners’ salaries.

Currently, Domino’s does international franchising, as well, to service new countries and markets.

This means that if Domino’s supports your service in your country, you are eligible to open up your own Domino’s franchise outlet.

How Much Does a Domino’s Franchise Cost?

The cost of opening up a Domino’s franchise generally varies by location because every country could have different initial fees and net worth requirements.

On average, Domino’s requires about $25,000 initial franchise fee to buy the use of the brand’s name, but you need at least $75,000 in liquid cash and a certain net worth, generally about $250,000.

You’d need to make an initial investment apart from the initial franchise fee, which generally costs somewhere between $150,000 to $450,000.

On top of that, once you get things going and start generating revenue, you need to pay a %5.5 royalty fee to Domino’s.

How Much Money Does Domino’s Make Every Year?

How Much Money Does Domino's Make Every Year

According to the latest reports released by Domino’s itself, Domino’s made about $4.48B in revenue in 2022. This is around a %3 increase from the last year.

As part of Domino’s brand, franchise owners also contribute to this income and take their share of income from their own franchises.

How To Become a Domino’s Franchise Owner?

Owning a Domino’s franchise is not easy as Domino’s doesn’t give the rights to franchisees as easily as most brands out there.

Having the money is generally not enough, as you need to be experienced in the franchising business.

According to Domino’s website, you need to have at least one year of experience working as a supervisor or general manager at a Domino’s branch.

Then, you will have the opportunity to pursue the opportunity to start a franchise.

Once you have this requirement, you will need to have a certain net worth, liquid capital, and the initial franchisee fee to start.

These numbers generally change from location to location or what kind of Domino’s franchise you want to start.

The Verdict

Domino’s brand is one of the biggest fast food brands in the world that franchises across the globe.

If you are thinking of becoming a Domino’s franchise owner, you can expect to earn close to six figures or even more than six figures as the owner of a franchise outlet if you own enough outlets.

Generally, the numbers vary between $70,000 to $130,000 annually for one franchise. You have the option to own more Domino’s franchises which gives you more income per outlet.

However, becoming a Domino’s franchisee is not that easy as you need to have internal Domino’s experience and a certain amount of cash ready to spend.


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