Dream Vacation Franchise

Dream Vacation has the dream of planning the best vacation for you. If you are also willing to do the same, then you are at the right place.

Here, we will talk about the Dream Vacation franchise and also facts related to its profitability, investment, expenses, and so on.

Dream Vacation Franchise
Dream Vacation Franchise

About Dream Vacations

In 1992, Dream Vacations was founded, and today it is the leading home-based travel franchise nationwide.

Also, they have managed to maintain its position as the world’s largest seller of cruise vacations even today.

So in 1993, it started offering franchises, and currently, it has more than 1,485 locations.

Dream Vacation is part of the powerhouse in the travel industry, and Dream Vacation offers a remunerative franchise opportunity to entrepreneurs. It is the best option for an investor who has a low budget.

It requires a low-cost investment, and also, they never demand any kind of experience in traveling.

Moreover, they provide training and ongoing support to all new franchisees. And lastly, financial support is also available for the franchises. 

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Dream Vacation Franchise Model

 Initial-Investment$3,245 to $21,850
 Area RequirementN/A
 Total Outlets1485

Training Of Dream Vacation Franchise

Dream Vacation provides an initial training program to franchisees, and it is mandatory for the franchisees to attend and complete the training for the satisfaction of the franchisors.

They also provide a training program to experienced and non-experienced franchisees.

For new and un-experienced franchisees, they provide special training, which is held at training facilities in Broward County, Florida, and additionally, they also offer live virtual training.

As for the experienced franchisees, they only provide online training to the manager.  

Term Of Agreement & Renewal

The initial length of the franchise term is 5 years. After the completion of 5 years, the franchisees don’t have the option for the renewal of the term.

It doesn’t matter how good you are in condition or revenue; you don’t have the right to renew the term. 

How Much Does Dream Vacation Franchise Make?

There are different factors that determine the profitability of the Dream Vacation franchise.

In the case of the Dream Vacation franchise, the cost of investment is low, but it still has the potential to make a great amount of profit because, plus, it is a home-based franchise.

You don’t need to bear any additional expenses. Moreover, the brand is also recognized as a top travel franchise in the country.

You can also save the expenses on an advertisement with it. To conclude, the Dream vacation is an opportunity of generating decent revenue without high-cost investment and expense. 

Dream Vacation Comparison

CompanyDream VacationCruise Planner
Founded In19921994
Initial Investment$3,245 to $21,850$2,295-$23,665
Total Outlets148510,475
Annual Revenue$26.9 Million$6.4 Million 

Frequently Asked Question

How much profit does the Dream Vacations franchise make?

An individual Dream Vacations franchise owner can make around $63,116 per year as a profit.

How many Dream Vacations franchises are there?

Dream Vacations has more than 1,485 units across the U.S.

How much does it cost to own the Dream Vacations franchise?

An initial investment required to open a Dream Vacations Franchise is $3,245 to $21,850. 

Does Dream Vacation offer franchises?

Yes, Dream Vacation offers franchises, and It is one of the low-risk and low-cost investment franchises.

How much does the Dream Vacation franchise cost?

The franchise fee for Dream Vacation is $10,500, and the total estimated investment is $3,245 to $21,850.

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