10 Best Dry Cleaning Franchise Of 2024

The dry-cleaning industry is on the rise, offering more and more opportunities for those looking to venture into business. In 2022, the Dry-Cleaning business is expected to earn more money, and many Americans are turning to these services to save time on their laundry.

Therefore, they depend on laundry and dry-cleaning services. Recognizing this growing need, several companies have begun to offer franchises across different states. This helps meet the increasing demand and provides promising business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

This article focuses on the best dry-cleaning franchises. With the rising demand for these services, understanding the key details related to dry-cleaning franchises is essential for anyone interested in this business opportunity.

We will discuss the important aspects of dry-cleaning franchises and the facts you need to know. So, let’s get started.

10 Best Dry Cleaning Franchise

10 Best Dry-Cleaning Franchise

1. Tide Cleaner Franchise

Tide Cleaner Franchise
Founded In2008
Initial Investment$682,100-$1,586,700
Franchise Fee$20,000
Locations125 units 

Tide Cleaner is a big name in the dry-cleaning industry. It offers different options for those who want to invest in a dry-cleaning franchise.

Tide provides many services, including dry-cleaning, washing and folding laundry, making changes to clothes, and even cleaning things around the house.

To own a Tide franchise, you don’t need to have any experience before. Tide Cleaner is open to people who want to have more than one store.

An initial investment needed to open a Tide franchise is $682,100-$1,586,700, and there is also an initial fee of $20,000 for their franchise.

They give training and support to new people who start a franchise.

Their training helps you get ready to run your Tide Cleaner franchise. It includes a welcome program, training for managing the business, and all you need to know about owning and running the Tide Cleaner franchise.

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2. Martinizing Franchise

Founded In1949
Initial Investment$60,000-$385,000
Franchise Fee$69,500
Locations450 units

Martinizing is a leading name in the dry-cleaning industry and ranks 4th among the 10 best-producing businesses according to USA Today. With over 60 years of innovation and leadership, Martinizing uses green cleaning methods.

They give training and ongoing support to people who start a franchise. An initial investment to open a Martinizing franchise is $60,000-$385,000, and there is an initial franchise fee of $69,500.

There are also special offers like $3,000 off the initial franchise fee and $100 monthly invoice credit discounts for Veterans. Martinizing helps with direct financing.

3. One Click Cleaner Franchise

One Click Cleaner
Founded In2008
Initial Investment$30k-$90k
Franchise Fee$38,000
Locations24 units

One-Click Cleaners is a company that offers many services, including dry cleaning, tailoring, laundry, and shoe repair. They stand out because they never use machines; they still use the traditional approach.

The company is looking for new people to start franchises. They offer help with money for some people starting a franchise and have connections with other sources that can provide money.

They also have a training program for new franchise owners. This training includes two parts: learning in a classroom and learning on the job.

The cost to start a One-Click Cleaner franchise is $30,000-$90,000, and there is an extra fee of $38,000 for the franchise.

4. Lapels Franchise

Founded In2000
Initial InvestmentFul Storefront requires $391,031-$731,122 and Satellite and Mobile units requires $ $91,502 to $211,212
Franchise FeeFul Storefront requires $50,000, and Satellite and Mobile units require $25,000
Locations43 Units

Lapels is known for giving an eco-friendly way to dry clean clothes. They have been leading the way in “The Future of Dry Cleaning” for over 20 years, and their team has more than 70 years of experience.

They offer different ways to start a business with them, and they give training and ongoing help. They also make your store look modern and welcoming.

Lapels has different types of stores, including a regular store, units, and satellite locations. The cost to start a full Lapels store is $391,031-$731,122, with an extra fee of $5,000 for the franchise.

If you want to open a smaller store or a mobile unit, the cost is $91,502 to $211,212, with a fee of $25,000 for the franchise.

But is Lapel Franchise profitable?

5. Zips Dry Cleaners Franchise

Zips Dry Cleaners
Founded In1996
Initial Investment$600,650 – $769,500
Franchise Fee$30,000 to $60,000
Locations12 Units

Zips Dry Cleaner provides top-quality care for clothing at a great price. They stand out because of their efficient system that uses modern equipment. This makes them “America’s One Price Dry Cleaner.”

Their way of doing business is new and different because they offer dry cleaning for any type of clothing. They also have different options for people who want to start a dry-cleaning franchise with them.

The cost to start a Zips franchise is $600,650 – $769,500, with an extra fee of $30,000 to $60,000 for the franchise.

They offer training and help to people starting a franchise. There is also a special deal where the franchise fee is completely free for those who can get a venture discount.

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6. Oxxo Care Cleaners Franchise

Oxxo Care Cleaners
Founded In2000
Initial Investment$475,500
Franchise Fee$36,000

Oxxo is at the forefront of the eco-friendly dry-cleaning business. They offer a special machine that works like an ATM, allowing customers to pick up and drop off clothes anytime, all week, even though the store has regular business hours. They use GreenEarth, a cleaner that’s safe for the environment.

They offer good opportunities for people who want to invest in a franchise, especially those looking to add different kinds of businesses to their investments.

Oxxo also helps new franchise owners with a 14-day training program. The cost to start an Oxxo franchise is $475,500, with an additional fee of $36,000 for the franchise.

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7. CD One Price Cleaner Franchise

CD One Price Cleaner
Founded In1984
Initial Investment$615,000 to $830,000  
Franchise Fee$20,000
Locations30 Units

CD One Price Cleaner is known for having a clear pricing system and making things easy for customers. They have a great plan for people who want to start a franchise, and it allows you to begin at different levels.

The cost to open a CD One Price Cleaner franchise is $615,000 to $830,000, with an extra fee of $20,000 for the franchise. After that, you need to pay 5% of what you earn as a continuing fee to the company.

They also help new franchise owners with a training program. This training lasts for 5 weeks and teaches you everything you need to know about running the business.

But is CD One Price Cleaner Franchise profitable?

8. Comet Cleaners Franchise

Comet Cleaners Franchise
Founded In1957
Initial InvestmentN/A
Franchise Fee$50,000
Locations235 Units

Comet Cleaners is a provider with over 70 years of experience in the dry-cleaning industry, offering the assurance of working with experts. As a leader in dry-cleaning innovation, they are currently looking for new people to start franchises. They help with picking a location, setting up the store, training, and advertising.

They offer different store options, and the cost to start a Comet Cleaners franchise is $50,000 for the franchise fee. They also provide a 14-day training program that covers everything you need to know to run the business.

For those who can get a venture discount, Comet Cleaners offers a special deal of 15% off the franchise fee.

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9. Pressed 4-Time Franchise

Founded In1991
Initial Investment$31,260-$37,995
Franchise Fee$29,900
Locations180 Units

Pressed 4 Time is famous for its mobile dry-cleaning and laundry service that delivers to homes and offices. They also offer shoe cleaning and repair. Being an international company with a great reputation, they have more than 180 locations across 33 states in the U.S. and Canada.

Starting a Pressed 4 Time franchise is affordable. The cost to open one is $31,260-$37,995, with an additional franchise fee of $29,900. They provide training for new franchise owners and offer help with financing from other sources.

If you qualify for a venture discount, you can get a special deal with Pressed 4 Time: 35% off the cost of the franchise.

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10. Speed Queen Laundry Franchise

Speed Queen Laundry
Founded In19
Initial Investment$490,000 – $1,275,000
Franchise FeeN/A
Locations16 Units

Speed Queen is a famous brand that has been making washers and dryers since 1908. Recently, they began their own laundromats, calling them “A Better Place to Do Your Laundry.” With over 389 locations, they’re growing fast.

If you want to open a Speed Queen laundry franchise, it will cost you $490,000 – $1,275,000. They can help you with financing through other sources, and they also offer special deals for venture discounts.

To learn more about this opportunity, you can read our full guide on the Speed Queen Laundry Franchise.

When Should You Choose A Dry Cleaning Franchise?

The right time to choose a dry cleaning franchise is when you’ve considered all its necessities and the benefits the business brings, and what are the negatives of the business.

Here are some pros and cons which you should consider to decide whether to choose a dry cleaning franchise or not:


1. High Demand

People highly rely on professional dry cleaning services for their delicate, formal attire and special garments. This makes the dry cleaning business a very high-demand business painting the constant flow of customers.

2. Stable Revenue

Many people, like business professionals, require dry cleaning of their clothes on a regular basis. This creates a stable and predictable revenue stream in the business.

3. Flexibility In Location

Dry Cleaning franchise provides the benefit of setting up the business in any location, such as strip malls, residential areas, and near office complexes.

4. Low Cost

Unlike other businesses, dry cleaning franchise businesses require a low cost of labor and materials compared to the fee charged for the services.


1. Equipment And Maintenance Cost

Equipment required in the dry cleaning franchise business is quite expensive and in case of equipment breakdown and malfunction the operating cost you estimated might rise.

2. Competition

Competition is very high in the dry cleaning franchise business, especially in urban areas, where businesses have the same customer base.

Making your business unique and attracting customers can be challenging.

3. Seasonal Instabilities

Sometimes dry cleaning franchise businesses face seasonal instabilities with peaks during certain months like winter costa and lulls in others.

4. Technological Changes

People are introduced with new technologies every now and then so it has become important for dry cleaning franchise businesses also to adapt according to the technological changes.

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Dry Cleaning Franchise

Here are 4 things to consider before investing in a dry cleaning franchise:

1. What Are The Operating Expenses Of The Franchise Brand?

Knowing the operating cost of the company will help you make an informed decision about buying the franchise.

It will also help you to estimate the revenue you’ll earn on the basis of the expenses.

2. What Is The Revenue Of The Business?

Before purchasing a dry cleaning franchise or any franchise, you must access the revenue the franchise brand is earning.

Buying a business that does not bring an adequate amount of money is a total waste of your resources and skills. You can access the information on the revenue of the business by pulling up their 10-Q report.

3. Is The Location Appropriate For the Franchise?

The location of the business plays a vital role in determining whether the business will be successful or not. Research the location and look for potential customers and competitors.

Research whether your franchise can grow in the location or not.

4. Will The Franchise Brand Provide The Equipements?

Dry cleaning equipment can be very expensive, and you probably don’t want to buy them.

Therefore, before buying the franchise, investigate the equipment- whether the company will provide it, or you’ll have to buy them.


Choosing the right dry-cleaning franchise can be a promising business opportunity. From eco-friendly solutions to mobile services and traditional approaches, the top 10 franchises we’ve explored offer a diverse range of options.

With varying investment levels and special discounts, these companies provide extensive training and support to help you succeed.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, these franchises provide unique ways to enter the growing and lucrative dry-cleaning industry. Make sure to assess your goals, budget, and preferences to find the perfect fit for your business venture.

Frequently Asked Question

Is a dry-cleaning business a good investment?

Yes, opening a dry-cleaning business is one of the best investments.

This business provides essential services, operating cost is low, and customers seek out these services.

And one of the most important things is it could be run the whole year there is no specific season which affects the sales.

Is Dry Cleaning Franchise Profitable?

Yes, a dry cleaning franchise is a profitable investment in 2024. The market size measured by revenue in America was estimated at $7.6 billion in 2022.

How Much Does Dry Cleaning Franchise Cost?

The cost of buying a dry cleaning franchise entirely depends on the business model you choose. The initial investment can vary between $50,000 to $1 million more.

What Is The Dry Cleaning Franchise Profit Margin?

The profit margin of a dry cleaning franchise ranges from 22-36%, depending on the size of the business, the range of services offered, and the local operating cost.

Which Is The Cheapest Dry Cleaning Franchise?

According to the above-collected data, the cheapest dry-cleaning franchise is the Comet Cleaners franchise, with $50,000 as a franchise fee and no initial investment needed.

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