Dutch Bros Menu Prices 2024

Dutch Bros is an American coffee shop chain operating only in the United States with over 600 locations. Their business model is primarily drive-through, and they sell hot and cold drinks, mainly with non-coffee options and some baked goods.

Dutch Bros Menu Prices 2023

You might be curious about the Dutch Bros franchise and their offerings and what their menu includes because they have a broad beverage menu. We are here to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Dutch Bros’ menu.

What Is The Most Famous Drink Dutch Bros?

They have a couple of famous drinks, but perhaps the most famous one is Golden Eagle Breve. It is either a hot or iced vanilla and caramel-based drink. Picture Perfect Freeze, Shark Attack Blue Rebel, and Annihilator are some of the other famous options.

What Are The Flavor Options At Dutch Bros?

Almond, almond Roca, banana, blackberry, red & blue raspberry, cane sugar syrup, macadamia nut, cinnamon, creme de menthe, hazelnut, kiwi, lime, orange, passionfruit, peach, pomegranate, watermelon, pineapple, coconut, red grapefruit, salted caramel, strawberry, vanilla, normal and white chocolate, and caramel.

These are the flavor options at Dutch Bros. Some of these might not be available in all locations, or some locations might have other options apart from these.

Is Dutch Brothers Cheaper Than Starbucks?

Generally, Dutch Bros is a little cheaper than Starbucks. On the big picture, Starbucks has much more variety in their drinks and different sizes than Dutch Bros. So it’s harder to compare the prices and come to a conclusion. Most Dutch Bros drinks are between $3 to $4.50, depending on the size.

In Starbucks, it’s anywhere between $1.84 for a small brewed coffee to $4.95 for many drinks’ biggest size. In general, we can say Dutch Bros is cheaper because Starbucks’s price average is close to $4.

How To Order Dutch Bros Drinks?

How To Order Dutch Bros Drinks

The only option to order at Dutch Bros is either going through the drive-thru or showing up to the walk-up window if the store has it. They don’t deliver online, and the third-party services they use have different ways you can order.

  • Decide on the drink and its size when you hit the counter.
  • Tell the barista about any extras you want to add or anything you want to remove or change from the original drink.
  • Complete your order once you tell the barista everything and make the payment.
  • If it’s a drive-thru, you will need to drive to the window to pick up the order.

What Is The Difference Between A Latte And A Breve?

Breve is a slightly velvety and sweeter drink than a latte. Both drinks are espresso-based and use either milk foam or a foam layer at the top of it. The only difference is that a Breve is made with half-and-half, and a latte is made with 2% or whole milk.

How Many Drinks Does It Take To Get A Free Drink At Dutch Bros?

You can get free drinks by collecting points through the Dutch Bros Rewards Club. You need to scan the QR Rewards code after every time you get a drink.

For every dollar you spend, you earn five points. You can only redeem your points when you reach 250 points, which gives you a medium-sized drink.

250 points means that you need to spend at least $50. This equals approximately 10-11 drinks.

Do You Still Get A Free Drink At Dutch Bros On Your Birthday?

Yes, if it is your birthday and you have the Dutch Bros app and an account on the app, you automatically receive a free drink reward that you can use.

If you don’t have an account, you can still let the barista at your Dutch Bros know and get your free drink.

Is Your First Time At Dutch Bros Free?

If you download the Dutch Bros app, register for it, and choose your Dutch Bros location, you are eligible for a free drink for your first order. All you need to do is to show that to your barista, and your barista needs to scan it.

Does Dutch Bros Deliver?

Dutch Bros itself does not offer delivery. They might work with local or other third-party services to offer delivery. Check with your local third-party services to see if they are partnering with Dutch Bros.

Does Dutch Bros Take Apple Pay?

According to Dutch Bros’ website, all stores take Apple Pay.

Does Dutch Bros Have Matcha?

Even though the majority of beverages at Dutch Bros are coffee, they also have tea options, including matcha. They source their matcha from DoMatcha Company.

Does Dutch Bros Have A Secret Menu?

No, according to Dutch Bros’ website, they don’t have a secret menu. You can find all the available drinks and baked goods on their normal menu.

Does Dutch Bros Have Oat Milk?

Yes, Dutch Bros does offer oat milk. However, the availability of oat milk might vary depending on location to location. Ask your local Dutch Bros. to see if they have it.

Does Dutch Bros Have Decaf?

Does Dutch Bros Have Decaf

Yes, Dutch Bros has decaf drinks that you can choose from. Dutch Cocoa, Dutch Frosts, all Smoothies, Dutch Soda, and Dutch Lemonade are all decaf drinks.

In addition, they can make their espresso-based drinks like mocha, latte, and breve using decaf espresso by using handcraft classic espresso.

Does Dutch Bros Take Cash?

Yes, all Dutch Bros locations take cash.

Does Dutch Bros Have Pup Cups?

Yes, Dutch Bros have pup cups. It’s not on their menu, but if you ask for it, you will get it, generally free. Some locations might charge you a small fee.

Does Dutch Bros Have Sugar-Free?

If you ask, Dutch Bros can make all their classic menu drinks sugar-free by using sugar-free syrups and sauces. They can also create a special drink for you by using one of the sugar-free flavors.

Is Dutch Bros Only Drive-Thru?

Dutch Bros is mainly a drive-thru business, but they are not only drive-thru. Some of the locations also have walk-up windows that you can order without a car and outdoor seating. However, not every location offers these.

Is Dutch Bros On DoorDash?

No, Dutch Bros is currently not in DoorDash. They were previously operating on DoorDash, but after going through some challenges, they decided to cancel it.

What Dutch Bros Drink Has The Most Caffeine?

ER-911 drink has the highest caffeine in the Dutch Bros menu, no matter the size. It contains six espressos, a total of 384 mg of caffeine. The only exception to this is the Brain Freezer drink. That drink contains 437 mg of caffeine, with the largest size.

Why Dutch Bros Is So Popular?

Why Dutch Bros Is So Popular

There are many reasons why Dutch Bros is so popular, and it generally boils down to personal preferences. Their menu is mostly the biggest reason for their popularity. They have an extended drink menu with mostly espresso-based drinks but also some tea and other types of non-alcoholic beverages.

Additionally, they are also quite popular with their loyalty program that gives you free drinks from time to time after spending some money there.

Is Dutch Bros Good?

The thing about Dutch Bros is that it is not a place for coffee connoisseurs because they only offer espresso-based drinks.

It is a great choice for those looking to have a quick coffee in the morning on the way and some baked goods. That’s why whether Dutch Bros is good or not depends on what you are looking for in it.

Dutch Bros is good if you are not looking for a big experience and just want a normal coffee or a non-alcoholic beverage like matcha tea.

Is Dutch Bros Expensive?

Dutch Bros’s prices are relatively reasonable compared to other coffee shops like Starbucks or some local ones. It is generally not the cheapest option but also not expensive, too.

How Much Are Dutch Bros Drinks?

The drinks start from $1.50 and can go as high as $6.50 for one drink and no additions like a soft top.

Why Is Dutch Bros Better Than Starbucks?

Why Is Dutch Bros Better Than Starbucks

Whether Dutch Bros is better than Starbucks or not depends on what you like when it comes to your drinks. This is because Starbucks offers coffee with coffee roasts and signature or blonde roast for espresso.

Dutch Bros don’t have drip-brewed coffee. They only have espresso and espresso-based drinks. This greatly limits the different kinds of taste you can get at Dutch Bros.

If you are a fan of espresso and espresso-based drinks, then Dutch Bros are way better at that than Starbucks. For other kinds of coffee and even baked goods, Starbucks offers more variety and better options.

How Much Is A Golden Eagle At Dutch Bros?

A Golden Eagle costs $3.75. Depending on the extras you add and from restaurant to restaurant, prices might vary.

How Much Is A Rebel At Dutch Bros?

Rebel has three sizes, and all three are different in pricing. 16 oz, the smallest, is $3.50, 24 oz costs $4.50, and the biggest one, 32 oz, costs $6.50.

How Much Is A Picture-Perfect At Dutch Bros?

The Picture Perfect costs $3.75. Like Golden Eagle, it also has only one size and only one price.

How Much Is A Soft Top At Dutch Bros?

Soft top at Dutch Bros is not a drink but a creamy white foam addition to your drink that you can ask for an extra price. The upcharge for a soft top is usually around 25 cents, but it might change from location to location.

How Much Is A Caramelizer At Dutch Bros?

Caramelizer generally costs $3.75, and it’s only one size, so the price is always the same.







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