EverLine Coatings And Service Franchise Cost & Fees 2024

EverLine Coatings And Service Franchise

EverLine Coatings and Service franchise has become a pinnacle in the franchise industry.

Its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made it a leading brand in pavement maintenance services.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started on understanding the financial requirement to open EverLine Coatings and Services franchise.

About EverLine Coatings And Service

EverLine Coatings and Services is a leading company that provides the services of professional line painting and pavement maintenance.

The company was founded in the year 2012 by James Evans (CEO) in Alberta, CA.

It has also achieved awards for demonstrating superior franchising relationships, leadership, communication, and training.

The very recent award of the company is the 2023 recipient of the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) Awards of Excellence in Franchising Grand Prize and 2023 recipient of the Franchisees’ Choice Designation 2023 recipient of the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) Gold award.

With a strong focus on innovation and providing quality services EverLine Coatings and Services has become a trustworthy name in the franchise world.

Franchises typically have a team of professionals who work on-site. They also offer indoor line painting and durable floor coatings.

EverLine Coatings And Service Franchise- Franchise Model

Cost Or FeesAmount
Initial Franchise Fee $59,500
Initial Investment $148,976 – $293,967
Net Worth Requirement $250,000
Liquidity Requirement $75,000
Veteran Incentives 10% off franchise fee
Royalty Fee 6%
Ad Royalty Fee 2%

How Much Does It Cost To Open EverLine Coatings And Service Franchise?

There are various costs or expenses required to open EverLine Coatings and services franchise, such as the franchise fee required by the company is $59,500.

Similarly, the initial investment required by the franchise ranges between $148,976 – $293,967

To understand the cost of opening the franchise, let’s dive deeper into learning every cost associated with EverLine Coatings and Service franchise.

Equipment Acquisition$9,171 to $69,400
Initial Tools Purchased$9,000 to $12,500
Office Equipment, Including Computer System Hardware$1,150 to $2,300
Signage$500 to $700
Telephone System$150 to $1,000
Required Software – License Fees $400 to $800
Technology Package$400 to $800
Technology Set-up Fee$1,500
Lease Deposits in Connection with Mobile Unit and Sales Vehicle – Pre-Opening$16,000 to $23,171
Third-Party Storage/Operational Space – Lease Deposit:$0 to $2,500
Branding Collateral Package; Initial Marketing Materials$550 to $775
Training and Travel Expenses; Labor$1,500 to $2,000

Training Fee
Business Licenses and Permits$750 to $2,500
Uniforms$385 to $500
Insurance – Initial Premiums (covering post-launch operations)$2,000 to $4,000
Marketing Set-up Fee$1,000
Initial Marketing Spend$5,000 to $9,500
Professional Fee$300 to $5,000
Financial Analysis: Third-Party Course Fee$0 to $500
Additional Funds – 12 Months$25,000 to $45,000
Total Estimated EverLine Coatings Franchise Costs$127,756 to $238,446

EverLine Coatings And Service Franchise- Terms & Conditions

The term of the contract of EverLine Coatings and Services for the franchise are as follows:

Franchise Agreement 
Term Of Agreement10 years
Is the franchise term renewable?Yes

In addition to the term of the agreement, you also have to maintain a liquid capital of $75,000 and should have a net worth of $250,000.

EverLine Coatings And Service Franchise- Financial Assistance

The company offers in-house financing and also has relationships with third-party through which you can source your funds without any hassle.

In-House FinancingEverLine Coatings and Services offers in-house financing to cover the following: equipment, inventory
Third-Party FinancingEverLine Coatings and Services has relationships with third-party sources which offer financing to cover the following: franchise fee, startup costs, equipment, inventory

EverLine Coatings And Service Franchise- Training & Support

EverLine Coatings franchise also provides training and support to qualified franchisees. The training and support are as follows:

On-The-Job Training37 hours
Classroom Training98 hours

They also provide marketing and ongoing support to their franchisees to run their business effectively.

Ongoing Support:

  • Purchasing Co-ops
  • Meetings & Conventions
  • Toll-Free Line
  • Grand Opening
  • Online Support
  • Security & Safety Procedures
  • Field Operations
  • Proprietary Software
  • Franchisee Intranet Platform

Marketing Support:

  • Ad Templates
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Website Development
  • Email Marketing

Payback Period Of EverLine Coatings And Services

The average net sales of EverLine Coatings in the year 2021 are estimated to be $1,541,394, and with an estimated profit margin of 15%, the yearly profit will be $231,209.

So, to find out how long it will take to earn back the initial investment:

Payback Period = Investment / Yearly Profit = $293,967 / $231,209 = 1.2 years

Based on these figures, it will take approximately 2 years to pay back the initial investment for EverLine Coatings. This time period could be longer or shorter depending on your sales, revenue, and profit figures.

For those looking to open a franchise in the home service or maintenance industry, possibilities include Handyman Franchise and Floor Coverings International.

EverLine Coatings And Service Franchise- Operations

Absentee ownershipYes
Managed from home/mobile unit? Yes
Can this franchise be run part-time? No
Are exclusive territories available? Yes


The EverLine Coatings and Services franchise is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who don’t have much experience and are totally fresh in the industry.

This is because the company provides extensive training and support to franchisees to run their business successfully.

The company has a reliable track record of success. Still, it’s mandatory that you do your own research and check all the documents, such as FDD, before signing any agreement and investing.


Who is the CEO of EverLine Coatings and Services?

James Evans is the founder and CEO of EverLine Coatings and Services.

How much is the franchise fees?

The franchise fee required is $59,500. This fee includes the right to use the logo and name of the company.

How much does EverLine Coatings and services franchise owner make?

There is no simple answer to this question, as the revenue is highly impacted by the physical location, size, and scope of the franchise.

Who owns EverLine Coatings and services?

EverLine Coatings and Services was founded in 2012 and is owned by its parent company, EverLine Franchising US Inc.

Who founded EverLine Coatings and services?

EverLine Coatings And Services was founded by John Evans. He is also the CEO of the company.

Where is EverLine Coatings and services headquartered?

EverLine Coatings is a franchise that provides professional line painting and pavement maintenance. The company is based in Alberta, California.

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