F45 Franchise

Are you looking for an F45 franchise? But are still confused about whether this Franchise is a good investment or not?

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F45 Franchise
F45 Franchise

About F45

F45 is an innovation leader in fitness. It is an ever-evolving leader across the health and fitness industry.

They offer a unique opportunity that is driven by quality, convenience, and reputation.

F45 offers thousands of customized training systems, Exercise, timing modules, and circuit movement patterns.

The “F” in F45 word stands for Functional Training, and “45” is the workout length in minutes.

The company defines itself as “a global fitness community specializing in high-intensity group workout that is fun, fast, and result-driven.

They follow the same pattern and series of Exercises and use branded white, red, and blue fitness gear.

Additionally, the exercise demo was provided on the TV screen. Trainers explain the workout at the introduction and then circulate during the workout to offer tips, motivation, and guidance.

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History Of F45

Rob Deutsch founded the first studio in Sydney’s Paddington, New South Wales, in 2012. Rob started the studio with the aim of focusing on health.

After sometimes the studio is running successfully. Then Rob is thinking of expanding the studio.

So, Rob enlisted the help of franchise expert Adam Gilchrist who quickly became his business partner when they decided to open a Franchise of The F45 business.

In 2014, F45 began a franchise roll-out in Sydney with 15 franchises purchased by a member of the original F45 studio in Sydney’s Paddington, New South Wales.

Today, F45 has over 1,750 studios in 45 countries all over the world, of which 650 studios are in The United States of America.

F45 Franchise Model

Initial Investment$313-$485
Advertisement Royalty Fee$2.5K +\mo.
Cash Requirement$100,000
Area RequirementAround 1,650 to 2,400 square feet
Total Outlets1,750

Training And support Of f45

F45 Franchise offers initial training programs. They provide you the job training of 10 hours and classroom training of 64 hours.

A variety of support options provide by F45 to run their business, like Ongoing support for newsletters, field operations, security & safety procedures, and so on.

They also provide marketing support for social media, co-op advertising, regional advertising, and national media.

F45 Comparison

Founded In20121962
Initial Investment$313-$485$3,700
Total Outlet17508,460
Annual Revenue$275 Million$100 Million


Who is the CEO of F45?

Adam Gilchrist

How many F45 are in the US?

There are over 650 studios in the United States of America.

How long is each Exercise in F45?

Every Exercise in all the studios runs the same 45-minute class each.

Is F45 a Franchise?

Yes, F45 is a global fitness center that offers franchise opportunities with a proven business model.

How much does the F45 franchise cost?

Starting the F45 Franchise requires an initial investment of $313-$485, with a liquidity of $100,000.

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