Fastest Growing Franchises Of 2024

Franchises are big opportunities for anyone that wants to start a new business: the franchisor companies provide support, sometimes financial assistance, and – above all – they allow you to exploit a known brand name and the experience the company has maturated during the years.

When you start with a franchise company, the return on investment is easier and quicker.

In other words, the profits are often higher (when compared to traditional businesses), and franchise businesses are often more successful than independent ones.

However, franchise businesses also have one main disadvantage: they are more expensive than traditional and independent businesses.

The higher initial investment is the price to pay for the higher chances of success that franchise businesses provide.

Fastest Growing Franchises Of 2022

Because franchise businesses are expensive, it’s important to invest your money wisely.

Not only do you want to invest in big, experienced, and reliable franchises, but you also want to pick franchises whose profits and the number of locations are growing.

For this reason, we’ve thought of providing you with a list of the 10 fastest-growing franchises in 2024 in the United States.

10 Fastest Growing Franchises

1. Supercuts Franchise

Supercuts Franchise

Company NameSupercuts
Founded in1975
Number of franchisees2400
Franchise fee$10,000

Supercuts is a franchise that operates in the hair beauty sector: with them, you can open your hair salon.

The first salon opened in 1975, but today the brand counts 2,400 franchise salons in the US, UK, and Australia.

The franchise fee to start with them is $10,000. Read our complete guide on Supercuts Franchise.

2. Jan-Pro System Int’l Franchise

Jan-Pro System Int’l Franchise

Company NameJan-Pro System Int’l
Founded in1991
Number of franchisees10,000
Franchise fee$5,000

Jan Pro System Int’l is a cleaning company. The company was founded in Rhode Island in 1991.

Since then, it has never stopped growing, and today, they count 10,000 franchises in the US. The reasons why the franchise is so fast-growing are:

  • The franchise fee is only $5,000
  • The business is easy to set up.
  • The initial investment isn’t high (you only need to purchase some equipment)
  • There is a high demand for cleaning services coming from residential and commercial environments (especially after the pandemic).

3. Reis & Irvy’s Franchise

Reis & Irvy’s Franchise

Company NameReis & Irvy’s
Franchise fee$15,000

Reis & Irvy applies technology to an old and well-known business model: yogurt kiosks’. 

The company has designed a robotic process to serve frozen yogurt treats. With their system, their yogurt kiosks are capable of serving yogurt treats in the quickest way.

One of the reasons why this business is so fast-growing is that they only require a one-time franchise fee of $15,000.

4. Cruise Planners Franchise

Cruise Planners Franchise

Company NameCruise Planners
Number of franchisees1500
Franchise fee$10,995

Cruise Planners is one of the most successful franchise programs in 2024. There are more than 1500 Cruise Planners travel agencies in the US. Many of them are home-based, with travel agents operating behind their computers. 

To start this business, you are required to pay a $10,995 franchise fee, and you can choose whether to rent an office or manage your travel agency from home.

These are the main causes that have determined such a fast-growing rate for this franchise business.

To get the complete information on Cruise Planners Franchise read our complete guide.

5. Taco Bell Franchise

Taco Bell Franchise

Company NameTaco Bell
Founded in1962
Number of franchisees7000
Franchise fee$40,000 – $50,000

Taco Bell is a franchise that belongs to the American food organization that also owns Domino’s, The Habit Burger, and KFC.

The Taco Bell brand and franchise business was launched in 1962, and it never stopped growing.

In 2023 there will be 7000 Taco Bell locations all over the world, and they are expected to grow even further in 2024.

The franchise fee is between $40,000 and $50,000; the brand is very well-known: wherever you open a Taco Bell restaurant, clients start coming extremely quickly.

That’s the secret behind its success: strong brand identity and successful marketing strategies.

Read our complete guide to get every detail of Taco Bell Franchise.

6. Planet Fitness Franchise

Planet Fitness Franchise

Company NamePlanet Fitness
Founded in1993
Franchise fee$10,000

There is an always-growing demand for fitness programs and gym-related services. Planet Fitness opened franchise fitness clubs in 1993.

Today they are the largest fitness club company, and they run its activities not only in the United States but also in Canada, the Caribbean, Nicaragua, Australia, and Mexico.

The franchise fee is $10,000.

Read our complete guide on Planet Fitness Franchise.

7. Stratus Building Solutions Franchise

Stratus Building Solutions Franchise

Company NameStratus Building Solutions
Founded in2006
Initial Investment$60,000

The Stratus Building franchise is a commercial laundry firm. Starting in 2006, today, it already operates in more than 60 cities in the United States.

They provide a lot of different laundry services, from carpet cleaning to cement floor care. The high demand is the main reason behind its growth.

To start with this franchise, you’ll need to invest at least $60,000.

8. Orangetheory Fitness Franchise

Orangetheory Fitness Franchise

Company NameOrangetheory fitness
Number of franchisees1200
Franchise fee$39,000

As we’ve mentioned, there is a high demand for fitness programs and gym-related services. It is not a surprise that another fastest-growing franchise business is fitness related.

Orangetheory Fitness is a fitness studio chan that counts 1,200 studios spread over 50 states in the US (it was only launched in 2010!). To start with them, you need to pay a franchise fee of $39,000.

To get all the details about Orangetheory Fitness Franchise, read our complete guide.

9. Club Pilates Franchise

Club Pilates Franchise

Company NameClub Pilates
Founded in2007
Number of franchisees900
Franchise fee$60,000

Another fitness-related franchise business, but this one is focused on Pilates.

Pilates is a trending sports discipline, and this is probably the main reason behind the quick growth of this franchise.

Club Pilates was launched in 2007, and today they have 900 franchise locations in the United States.

To get into business with them, the franchise fee is $60,000.

Read our complete guide on Club Pilates Franchise to get more information about the franchise.

10. Jersey Mike’s Subs Franchise

Jersey Mike’s Subs Franchise

Company NameJersey Mike’s Subs
Founded in1987
Number of franchisees17000
Franchise fee$18,500

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a network of submarine sandwich restaurants. It counts 1742 franchises spread through the United States, Australia, and Canada.

The company has been fast-growing since the very beginning: founded in 1987, in 2014, it counted 750 locations, and from 2014 to 2023, the number increased to over 1700.

The franchise fee is $18,500.

Read our complete guide on Jersey Mike’s Subs Franchise.


When choosing what franchise to invest in, you not only have to go for the most affordable.

The growth rate is also important because it tells you how successful your business will be able to be.

With this list, we’ve provided precious information about what have been the fastest-growing franchises in 2024.

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