Fire N Grill Franchise

Fire N Grill Franchise has been delicacies since 2007 been the pioneer in barb-queuing, serving oil-free.

About Fire N Grill

The Northerner Food Treatment Compony: Higher Size and Smoked, Long smoked meat that is arrived on a plate tenner, juicy and irresistible.

few native foodie traditions are as robust as an obsession with barbecue: higher Seasoned.

The place dedicated and discerned yourself and your favored people take the event to all of the new thoughts, serving chicken & meat in its own different barbecue sauce styles.

All the new heights, serving to dispose and joy of barbequing to all styles. 

Fire N Grill Franchise
Fire N Grill Franchise

Fire N Grill Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 16 lakhs
Area Required200 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 6 lakhs

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Features of Fire N Grill

  • Distinguished themselves as licking, oil Labree, high in protein delicacies made using imported zero cholesteric marinations and roached on german machines. 
  • Instant hard work and effort have been discontinued to serve their own businesses. the date is 100 percent retention customer, which is very hard to accomplish on the basis of food industries.
  • Launching fire ‘n’ grill back in junk options to healthy, nutritious high peoples for athletes/sportspeople and health-conscious foody people.
  • 2007 was a brief breakthrough in the fast-food industry, moving taste bust from the junk ophthia town.
  • They have accepted the ancient and the delicate art of smoking that is barb quay but with adventure german rotifers and combi openings. 
  • Art months of R&D have not allowed the ancients to be disappeared, but the latter has not disappeared.
  • In the beginning, all teams & other sports celebrities were appreciated by the stardom. 
  • The most successful vendors of the day like pasta, tikkas, etc were also included in the menu of the slowly and barbecue-style.
  • The product has received the best certification, for the value of their products by means of the European laboratory.
  • All products they sold are according to food authority or authority area standards FASCIA. the chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Fire N Grill the Sanjeev most prominent food & hospitality awards, 2017.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the franchise fee of the Fire N Grill Franchise?

The franchise fee of the Fire N Grill Franchise is Rs. 2 lakhs.

How many outlets of Fire N Grill Franchise are there?

There are 2 outlets of the Fire N Grill Franchise.

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