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Franchise Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing is one of the most proven strategies to improve business statistics, provide customers with valuable information, and acquire new customers.

However, content marketing for franchises is entirely different from marketing for other businesses.

While many companies usually have only one location to market, franchises are multi-location organizations widespread in different regions, catering to different customers, which makes it even more difficult. 

Content marketing for franchises is time-consuming and takes a lot of hard work and patience, mainly due to the ubiquitous nature of franchise businesses.

However, despite these challenges, franchise content marketing gives you the chance to brand yourself as an authority in your industry, create high-quality products, and grow your business, which makes it worth the effort!

Franchise Content Marketing

How Content Marketing Helps Your Franchise Grow?  

Franchisors are always looking for talented entrepreneurs in hot markets, and to capture them, they must house their content on the franchise development section of their website.

This content is often used in the form of educational blogs answering a specific question the potential franchise may have about franchising.

Franchise content marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating high-quality leads because the content is targeted at a very specific audience in a specific geographic region where the franchise conducts operations.

This fine-tuned and well-planned targeting strategy is bound to attract more prospective customers in the franchisee’s marketing funnel. 

Franchises could use content marketing to promote their training materials and engage with potential customers without directly selling to them.

Additionally, content marketing can help them establish a brand image, create brand awareness, and build a strong reputation via large-scale ad campaigns.




We Love Franchise Marketing 

At Drfranchises, we understand that marketing franchises come with unique challenges and opportunities due to the several branches and storefronts.

From consistent branding to complex reporting and tracking for each location, our marketing specialist handles it all.

We work with a diverse group of people within franchise brands, including CEOs, executives, franchises, franchise development teams, marketing departments, and franchise advisory teams.

Our team put is fervent in developing innovative marketing campaigns for franchise brands.

Our franchise marketing system has been helping franchise brands grow by increasing brand awareness and customer engagement and ensuring brand strategy and messaging are aligned for sales growth and acquisition.

Trusted by Leading Franchises around the US.

Our Content Marketing Strategist can help you with a 360 Degree in Content Marketing Solutions.

What Makes Us Different? 

We understand that franchise marketing is all about making the numbers work for our clients, and we are not hesitant to set the bar high!

Our franchise marketing specialists focus on the most important aspects that brands require the most; local and international PR, intuitive brand strategy, and digital marketing programs combined with PR services.

Our proven strategies and methodologies have helped hundreds of franchises accomplish their goals. Here are some key characteristics that set us apart from other franchise marketing agencies:

Integrated Services

Integrated Services 

Our agency offers a wide range of franchise marketing services such as digital marketing, PR, lead generation, franchise marketing, content marketing, and many more, allowing our clients to fulfill all their marketing needs cost-effectively without hiring multiple agencies.

Senior Staff At ForeFront

Senior Staff at Forefront

Other agencies usually let their junior and untrained staff handle your account on a daily basis, and seniors only intervene when a problem arises.
However, our agency is different. At Drfranchises, we have senior staff on the forefront to handle your account from day one. 

Result Driven Service

Result-oriented Marketing Programs

We set clear marketing goals and use result-driven marketing programs tailored to your franchise needs and optimized to maximize your franchise growth and ROI. If the goals are not pre-determined, it becomes difficult to evaluate mutual success. 

Unique Marketing Approach

Distinctive and Disruptive Marketing Approach

We have built our reputation on knowledge rather than connections and references. We are not one of those “inner circle” franchise marketing agencies and have our own distinctive and disruptive franchise marketing approach that makes us stand out and help us build a loyal client base based on our expertise, not connections!

Content Marketing Analystics Tools

Content Marketing Analytics Tools

We use a variety of content marketing analytics tools with customization metrics to help franchise brands measure the impact of the marketing strategy and make more informed decisions about their website and social media messaging.

How Exactly Do We Do It? 

At Drfranchises, we create a customized franchise marketing system for every client based on their unique needs. We develop a clear and measurable franchise marketing plan with clear sales and marketing goals before the work begins. 

We prefer to work in the trenches with both franchise marketing departments and franchise development teams to develop and implement franchise marketing strategy based on marketing intelligence, shared expectations, and measurable program goals. 

There are many ways we help franchises grow and reach new customers. Below are common types of content we use to market franchises:

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Frequently Asked Question

It is a form of content marketing used by franchises to increase brand authority and generate more leads by using content such as educational articles, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, social media posts, and videos.

Franchise content marketing can be a game changer for franchises with lackluster marketing models or failed marketing strategies.

It is one of the most powerful ways to enter a marketplace, build brand loyalty and attract new customers.

The cost of franchise content marketing depends on your business size, budget, resources, and the package you choose. Contact us today to get a custom quote.