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Franchise Lead Generation Advertising Agency

Lead Generation through digital marketing is an extremely effective way of generating a large volume of franchise leads.

Even if you have a big name, the survival of your franchise hinge on your ability to generate leads; without leads, there would be no sales, and no sales mean revenue.

Many franchises rely on their sales department to find potential franchisees and turn them into new owners.

Franchises and businesses that don’t have a specific department dedicated to lead Generation outsource it to lead generation companies.

At Drfranchises, we help franchises attract quality leads that convert into future franchise owners. Our hands-on experience has made us experts at generating high-quality franchise leads.

We use a multi-channel strategy to attract, nurture, and convert the right franchise leads.

Why Is Lead Generation Important? 

Why is Franchise Lead Generation Important?

Lead Generation plays a critical role in the growth and sustainability of any business. A company without an effective lead generation strategy is a sitting duck that no one knows exists.

With a proper lead generation strategy, you can maximize your brand’s ability to reach target prospects, expand your market, and take your franchise business to the next level.

In doing so, you find it easier to capture the attention of qualified leads and convert them into sales.

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Why Choose Drfranchises? 

Drfranchises have fine-tuned our process to create scalable marketing solutions that attract qualified leads. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality leads and help you grow your business.

Our unique and innovative lead generation process and data-driven strategies allow us to leverage both established marketing platforms and evolving marketing channels to ensure cost-efficient customer acquisition.

Our team will help you target individuals who are the perfect match for your franchise.

Each of our leads is passed through a multi-step verification process to ensure that a prospect has requested a piece of information about starting a franchise business and confirms their email and phone number.

Here are some key characteristics that set us apart from our competitors: 

Easy Sign Up

Easy Sign up

Best practices to help clients get started with their franchise lead generation campaigns.

Exclusive high quality leads

High-Quality leads

All our leads are high quality with a high propensity for conversion.

Exclusivity of Leads

Lead Exclusivity 

The leads we provide our filtered and exclusive to our clients. One franchise broker lead is shared with one client only.

Only Verified Leads

100% Verified Leads

We manually verify all our leads to validate that the phone number provided by the client is real.

Engage Old Leads

Nurture and reengage old leads  

We also help to nurture and revive your old and lost leads and help you find out which ones are ready to buy, sell, or meet you.

Use Paid Ads

Utilizing paid ads

We promise a better presentation of your business and provide a larger number of potential audiences by utilizing paid advertisements.

Marketing your business

Market your business 

We also market your business by adding your listings to our partner websites to increase your visibility.

Website Optimization

Website Optimization 

We attract and convert qualified franchise leads by optimizing your website with unique and interactive web content that resonates with your target audience.

Performance tracking

Performance Tracking

Our clients can monitor sales metrics to gain insight into the franchise’s performance, track progress, and identify the source of leads and traffic.

No Contract Required

No Longstanding Contracts 

Our clients are not bounded by any long-term contract and cancel the service any time they like.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Help Center

Our dedicated customer help center provides exceptional customer care and guides you at every step of your lead generation campaign.

How We Do It? 

We are experts in tracking configurations and building out custom analytics dashboards.

We take the time to understand your business and your target customers.

Our performance marketing team outlines innovative marketing strategies and techniques to help you beat your competitors to get the best customers.

We have a website development team that will design and develop landing pages, sales tools, and marketing content to turn your visitors into leads and customers. 

We use automated tools to simplify and speed up lead Generation and sales. 

We use advanced data analytics and performance reporting to optimize your customer acquisition while giving you full insight into how we are doing it. 

Trusted by Leading Franchises around the US.


DrFranchises has mastered The Art Of Selling Franchises 

In this hyper-competitive and constantly changing franchise business environment, it gets difficult to maintain a highly experienced professional team to generate leads, which is why we are here to give you easy access to this versatility. 

Over the years, our experts have mastered the art of selling franchises and can easily generate 15000-20000 franchise sales leads.

Our proven lead-generation strategy process will assist your franchise in accomplishing its goals. 

If franchise lead generation is not your forte, we are here to help you with a multitude of tasks and grow your business.

We have teams specialized in several domains, such as content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, intent-based marketing, and other demand-generation endeavors. 

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Frequently Asked Question

You’ll start getting leads within a week, but most of our clients start receiving leads much sooner than that.

Absolutely not; all the leads you get from Drfranchises are exclusive to you and delivered directly to you.

Our clients don’t compete for the leads, and we only work with one lead provider at a time to avoid confusion.

However, you’ll be competing with your local competitors, as we can’t keep the lead from reaching out to multiple franchise brokers, consultants, and franchisors. 

Drfranchises is a specialized service, and the price per lead varies depending on the client’s budget and targeted audience. Contact our marketing experts to get a custom quote.