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You might be wondering why you even need a Franchise SEO, aren’t the franchise’s already established brands? Keep reading to find out! Think of the last time you wanted to buy a gift for someone special. You probably searched on Google “five gift ideas for him/her.” Well, guess what? This consumer pattern is the same everywhere. When a consumer wants to buy something, more often than not, they would search for it on Google.

According to a survey, in 2020, 93% of consumers searched for a local business online. 61% of B2B businesses revealed that organic traffic and SEO generates leads more than any other form of marketing. And not only this, 63% of shopping happens online. These stats must have made the importance of SEO very clear to you. If you want your Franchise business to grow substantially in less time, go through our Franchise SEO article until the end.

What Exactly Is Franchise SEO?

Franchise SEO is a wide term that refers to various methods and approaches used to boost franchise firms’ search exposure.

The practice of improving a website to appear in search results for location-based searches is known as franchise SEO.

It can entail using local SEO strategies to rank individual franchises and creating content to rank a local franchise opportunity website geared toward onboarding new franchisees.

Franchise Website Result In Google Search
Google Maps Listing Of Business

It’s one thing to utilize search engine optimization, or SEO, to rank for a product or service-related business. Still, local SEO allows you to reach people in your city or region looking for those things.

Because content must be handled across several channels, creating a successful SEO strategy for a franchised firm necessitates a holistic approach.

This includes the franchise’s website, social media accounts, Google My Business (GMB), and third-party review sites.

As a franchise, you already have a well-known brand, and a good franchise SEO might be just what you need to help potential clients locate your precise location.




Why Is Franchise SEO Important?

Franchise SEO is important because it helps people find a specific franchise business when they search online.

Here’s why it’s useful

  1. Better Visibility: SEO makes a franchise’s website show up higher in search results. This means more people can find it easily when they look for something related to the business.
  2. More Customers: When people can find a franchise online, they are more likely to visit or buy something. This can lead to more customers and more money for the business.
  3. Competition: Other businesses are also trying to be seen online. Good SEO helps a franchise stand out and be noticed ahead of others.
  4. Local Searches: Many people look for businesses near where they live. Franchise SEO can help a business show up in these local searches, making it easier for nearby customers to find them.
  5. Building Trust: When a franchise appears high in search results, people often see it as a trustworthy option. This can make them more likely to choose that business.
  6. Cost-Effective: Compared to other ways of advertising, SEO can be less expensive. It’s a good way to reach a lot of people without spending too much money.

Why Do You Need Franchise SEO Service?

There are many reasons one might need to work Franchise SEO Company; let’s look at this one by one.

DrFranchises Franchise SEO Process

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Why Choose Us?

Drfranchises is of the top franchise SEO agencies that help franchises build a robust online presence and scale their business. Our success is driven by our experienced and hardworking digital marketing experts. 

Whether you need online franchise leads or want to drive customers to your physical store, we have all the expertise required to lead an SEO campaign for franchises. We promise to put your website in the best position to rank at the top of search results. 

We cater to individual and corporate franchise owners from all niche markets and help them build innovative and flexible franchise SEO strategies to make a mark in their specialized industry. We proudly have helped countless clients build successful franchise businesses, gain positive reviews, increase monthly lead count, and generate traffic organically. 

Here are some key reasons why you won’t regret choosing us for doing SEO for your franchise website:

Why Choose Us For Franchise SEO Services?

Proven SEO Strategies

We implement proven SEO strategies that work best for our clients. We track our client’s data to make the most informed decisions while creating an SEO strategy for you. 

Customized SEO Strategy 

Our SEO specialists will create a customized franchise SEO strategy around your target audience and service location, providing locally-driven results and driving more leads. 

Locally Driven SEO Campaigns 

We implement local SEO strategies for targeting localized searches and users in your area and outshine your competitors.

Mobile Search Optimization 

We optimize your website content for local search and mobile-friendly pop-ups and capitalize on “near me” search terms to prepare your site for Google’s mobile-first indexing.

Comprehensive SEO Reports

Our transparent reporting system delivers accurate and insightful SEO reports to help our clients know what we have accomplished and when it was accomplished. We document everything we do in our customer reporting system. 


We strongly believe in transparency and maintain clear communication throughout the campaigns to keep our clients updated and remain on the same page while executing your SEO for franchise strategy.

Dedicated SEO Experts

We assign a dedicated team of franchise SEO experts to each project who evaluate your online presence and create a winning SEO strategy to optimize your website. 

SEO Services for Franchisors

Our seo services for franchisors are designed to fulfill the needs of the franchise business model. We help franchisors in brand building and achieve their business goals in the minimum time. Our team is highly experienced and equipped to do SEO for franchise websites and make them rank higher in search engines.

SEO Services for Franchisees

Franchisees are the public face of the franchise and face a high level of competition. At Drfranchises, we help them attract more local customers and stand out among their competitors. Here are the SEO strategies we use to boost our online presence and generate a steady stream of high-quality leads for franchisees: 

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Frequently Asked Question

Franchise SEO is both easy and hard. On the one hand, you already have an established brand with the name, colors, and other details.

Still, on the other hand, you need to be able to distinguish your business from other local businesses in every location you have.

The biggest challenge is to be able to represent all of your locations on the search engine and the map and make sure that everyone sees your local franchise in the location they are searching for.

You also need to be able to maintain the same brand on every website of each store location and make sure that each of the locations has good SEO.

Normal SEO does not necessarily focus on one location; it focuses on letting people know about your business and appear in search engines in related keyword searches.

Franchise SEO can combine with local SEO, which is the same thing but utilizes an existing brand for your keywords and website.

Normal SEO has no specific location or brand focus; you focus on getting to your target audience online, increasing your visits, and enhancing your sales.

Maintaining and updating your franchise SEO is important to ensure that people always come to your store or website.

Things change, and trends come and go; you always have to accommodate those trends and ensure that everything is set in stone with updates and social trends without changing the structure of the keywords that attract people and visitors to your store.

These are the following benefit of Franchise SEO:

  1. It helps you in tracking your growth.
  2. Helps you in increasing sales.
  3. It helps you rank in search results.
  4. It helps you in connecting with customers.
  5. Creates brand awareness, etc.

The price for SEO for a Franchise depends on the services you want and the number of locations you want to manage. It can cost anywhere from $349 to $3000 per month.

Yes, SEO Franchise includes managing websites, creating internal links, doing keyword research, looking for any duplicate content, and more.

Yes, SEO for Franchise includes that too.

Yes, SEO is extremely effective when it comes to increasing the sales of your business. According to research, 61% of businesses revealed that organic traffic and SEO generates leads more than any other form of marketing.

You can promote your Franchise business by the following means:

You can increase sales for your Franchise business by:

  1. Creating excitement for your product.
  2. Keep making innovations.
  3. Creating a strong brand reputation.

Franchise SEO involves a range of services deployed for franchise or multiple-location businesses, often leveraging traditional and local SEO strategies to improve visibility, scale into new markets, and find new franchisees.

Local Franchise SEO includes everything you need to improve your brand’s online visibility to generate more leads, store visits, sales, and revenue.

The cost of an SEO campaign is subjective and varies depending on the complexity of the keywords, services included, and how competitive your industry is. Feel free to contact us to get a custom quote.

The time required to get the SEO results depends on where your franchise website currently ranks.

For example, if you are on page 20 of the search results for the desired keywords, it will take longer to rank on page one than if you were on page five already.

Just give us a call, and our experts will help you determine how long it will take to get to your desired ranking.