11 Franchise SEO Strategies To Outrank Any Real Competitor In 2022

You might be wondering why you even need a Franchise SEO, aren’t the franchise’s already established brands? Keep reading to find out!

Franchise SEO

Think of the last time when you wanted to buy a gift for someone special. You probably searched on Google “five gift ideas for him/her.” Well, guess what? This consumer pattern is the same everywhere. When a consumer wants to buy something, more often than not, they would search for it on Google.

According to a survey, in 2020, 93% of consumers searched for a local business online. 61% of B2B businesses revealed that organic traffic and SEO generates leads more than any other form of marketing. And not only this, 63% of shopping actually happens online.

These stats must have made the importance of SEO very clear to you.

If you want your Franchise business to grow substantially in lesser time, then make sure to go through our article on Franchise SEO till the end.

What Exactly Is Franchise SEO?

Franchise SEO is a wide term that refers to various methods and approaches used to boost franchise firms’ search exposure.

The practice of improving a website to appear in search results for location-based searches is known as franchise SEO.

Franchise Website Result In Google Search

It can entail using local SEO strategies to rank individual franchises, as well as creating content to rank a local franchise opportunity website geared toward onboarding new franchisees.

It’s one thing to utilize search engine optimization, or SEO, to rank for a product or service-related business, but local SEO allows you to reach people in your city or region who are looking for those things.

LOCAO Seo For Franchise

Because content must be handled across several channels, creating a successful SEO strategy for a franchised firm necessitates a holistic approach.

This includes the franchise’s website, social media accounts, Google My Business (GMB), and any other third-party review sites.

As a franchise, you already have a well-known brand, and a good franchise SEO might be just what you need to help potential clients locate your precise location.

Why Do You Need Franchise SEO?

There are many reasons for which one might need Franchise SEO; let’s have a look at this one by one.

1. To Acquire More Visitors

As stated above, consumers research online before spending on anything. So with the help of SEO, you can actually rank your business on top, and anyone who comes looking for the service/product that you offer would automatically encounter your business.

So if your business is ranking on the first page of Google, you will automatically start acquiring more visitors. 

2. Increase web traffic

The first step to increasing the reach of your business through SEO is by increasing web traffic. Because the more visitors you have, the more brand awareness you will create.

Using local franchise SEO practices, you can rank your business on the first page of Google, which will create substantial customer traffic. And even if a small percentage of this traffic converts, you will be making a good amount of money in no time.

3. In-store visits

Did you know that 76% of people who search for a local business visit the store within 24 hours? Now just imagine if a huge number of people searching for the product that you offer stumbles upon your brand.

With that conversion rate, your store would be flooding with in-store visits, and your business would skyrocket in no time.

4. Brand awareness

Brand awareness is a very crucial factor that you shouldn’t overlook. The consumer pattern has changed over the course of years, and people tend to trust and buy products that have turned into a brand.

With Franchise SEO, you can increase your reach and create brand awareness.

The process is simple if your product reach is more, then more people will use it and get to know it, contributing to an increase in sales directly. 

5. Developing Trust

Consumers tend to trust the results that Google shows. And if your business ranks on the first page, and appears on top of the search result, then they will automatically develop a sense of trust and would want to try out your service.

This can only happen when you get your business optimizes using an SEO service.

11 Strategies for improving local SEO for Franchise

1. Use Google Business

Google’s service, the Google My Business application, is one of the most important things for every business, but when you are trying to attract an audience in a certain region within a specific niche, things get even harder.

LOCAO Seo For Franchise

Putting your business on the map and letting people discover you easily is one of the best ways to maintain your status within your area.

You can also optimize your Google My Business with relative keywords and make sure that when someone searches for something in a specific area, you come up first on the search results, and people will come to you if you have good optimization, reviews, and many more other things that attract people.

2. List Your Locations

Today, searching for a storefront on Google is one of the most convenient methods to locate one.

The search engine displays a map of available alternatives and allows users to acquire GPS instructions to the one they choose in only a few clicks.

You must register your locations if they do not yet display in Google’s map results.

You can use Google My Business to register your business to Google Maps or use other search engine resources to put your business on the GPS of those browsers.

The more you are visible, the more customers you will get.

3. Include Locations on your Website

You should include the location of your franchise stores on your website by creating a “locations” page. You can add stores address, working hours, phone numbers, etc., on the website.

List your location on Website

And to make this more interactive, you can also go ahead and add a map showing the store’s location. This will help you in ranking by using keywords specific to your location.

4. Use Correct NAP  

Correct NAP Listing For Local SEO

NAP refers to the name, address, and phone numberand it is very crucial to use it in the correct format for local SEO. Also, make sure you use this in a similar format for each website.  

5. Focus On Location-Based Keywords

Focusing on location-based keywords on your pages is one of the most effective strategies to boost your exposure in local search results.

Location Based Keyword In Website

In crucial parts like title tags, headers, and body content, you’ll want to indicate your location, the sort of business you’re in, and anything geo-focused.

You can also use local landmarks, surrounding tourist spots, and regional names as target keywords.

As a result, if someone searches for a restaurant near the Statue of Liberty, your establishment may appear.

This is a wonderful franchise SEO technique because it aids your company’s exposure in search engine rankings.

While many customers use Google Maps and help to identify local businesses, they also rely on search engines when they need to find something quickly.

6. Have One Single Branding For Different Locations

When it comes to franchise SEO, some franchises make the mistake of diverging from established branding.

List all location in one page on your website

Colors, logos, and brand identification make major franchises easier to spot.

You risk confusing clients and deterring them from visiting your place if you don’t confirm the established branding.

Branding is equally crucial for your online presence, and it should be consistent with your shop.

Stick to the same color scheme across your website, and make sure the colors you choose are indicative of your business.

You should also stick to your brand’s overall theme and feel.

7. Build Local Backlinks

Building local backlinks can help you immensely increase your reach. But this might be more complicated than it actually seems because you have to look for local businesses for collaboration, and at the same time, you also need to avoid competition.

To make the best out of this, try to collaborate with local schools and events within your area.

For example, you can offer free lunch to the students in return for a blog post announcing your collaboration.

8. Build A Marketing Strategy

You must work on developing a marketing strategy that focuses on the population residing in a different location. For this, you can use variation in your blog posts by pointing out something specific to a certain area instead of putting up general topics.

For example, if you own a hair salon, then you can write blogs on how the weather of that particular place affects the quality of your hair. 

9. Try To Get Your Customers To Leave Reviews

Let customer review on your business listing

Online reviews are the lifeblood of a company’s online reputation.

So much so that 84% of individuals believe internet evaluations are just as trustworthy as personal recommendations.

With this in mind, if your shopfront lacks reviews, potential consumers will be hesitant to use your services or come to your store since 72 percent of buyers will not make any purchasing decisions until they’ve read reviews.

The number and quality of reviews on a franchise’s Google My Business listing directly influences its map pack ranking.

That is why having a review collecting system in place is critical, whether it’s inviting consumers to leave a review after a purchase in-store or sending a follow-up email after a service is performed or they pay an invoice.

You also need to respond to all reviews you get to create a better impression.

Google even helps you understand this better by signaling that reviews are a milestone for any business online and that you should have as many reviews as possible, with positive ones outweighing the negative ones.

10. Get Your Business Listed On Other Platforms

Other than Google My Business, you can also get your business listed on Yelp, Apple maps, or even TripAdvisor.

Here’s how the apple map listing looks:

Business Listing On Apple Maps For Local SEO

Here’s how the yelp listing looks:

Business Listing On Yelp to improve Local SEO

You can also find niche directories or go for seasonal publications to list your business and drive traffic your way. 

11. Optimize Website Title Tags With Local Keywords

Another good way to drive traffic your way is by optimizing the title of your blog posts.

For example, “Home inspection Chicago,” using this, you are directly tying your page to Chicago, which will make the results more likely to show up in your local area. 

Is Local SEO needed for Franchise Business?

You might be wondering why a Franchise (an already established brand) needs local SEO in the first place? Well, local SEO plays a key role in helping the target customers to find your location.

Local SEO makes sure that all the customers in your store’s vicinity are targeted and know about your store, thereby increasing in-store visits and sales. 

Let’s take an example to understand why local SEO is needed for a Franchise Business. When you do SEO for your business, you list it out on My Google Business, Yelp, etc.

You make sure to mention your store’s location clearly on your websites and get listed in local publications and the marketplace. When you do this, you are making sure that your business reaches your local audience. 

For example, if you open a new outlet of your Coffee Franchise in Chicago and have implemented local SEO on it, then anyone searching for “best coffee places in Chicago” or “Best coffee places near me” will automatically be able to see your store. 

And because of SEO, they will be able to see your store’s location, which will drive customers to your store directly. 

So SEO helped you majorly in two ways: First, it helped you appear in search results, and secondly, it drove customers to your place because of the availability of your store’s location. Thereby increasing your sales.  

DrFranchises Franchise SEO Services

1. Perform Competitive Digital Analysis

Before diving into fixing up or creating new SEO strategies, it is important to know what you currently have and study those things to understand a little bit of what works and what doesn’t.

We use data-tracking software to see where you stand against your top competitors.

Understanding your competitors and what they are doing is one of the key components of digital analysis because if they are doing better than you or they are close to your levels in sales, there are things you can learn from them and utilize for your own benefit.

We take a close look at your top competitor’s strategies and their keyword usage to create better strategies for long-term growth.

We also identify top sales-enhancing SEO keywords and terms in your area. It is also important to know how your website is doing technically.

We take a look at your backlinks, visibility, on-page and off-page optimization, and other things that put your website on search engines’ radar.

2. Optimize Website Content And Codes

Your website needs to be reliable, fast, smooth, and secure to rank a top spot in any of the search engines because you need to prove you are trustworthy to the search engine.

Search engines, especially Google, take great care of a website’s technical components and choose to put you in the high ranks of search results or not.

You might also get penalized for bad technical SEO if your website is not trustworthy enough or you used certain things too many times to cripple Google’s algorithm.

That is why we make and optimize your existing codes to make them suitable for search engine needs and make sure Google sees your website as trustworthy and reliable.

We also optimize your website content and structure it to make it SEO-friendly.

3. Create Creative New Website Content

Suppose you want to have a good SEO and attract much organic traffic throughout your online presence.

When this is the case for your business, one of the most important things is to have SEO-friendly, optimized, unique, and attractive website content.

With the right website content that attracts people to your website, keeps them there, and converts those visitors into sales by utilizing the right strategies, you can immensely increase your sales in the long-term and do not have to pay a single cent continuously, contrary to other marketing options where paid ads are a concrete way to attract people.

We create targeted and well-written SEO-friendly content to improve your local search rankings with infographics & videos.

The main aim is to increase your conversion rates with good call-to-actions within the content.

4. Local SEO Optimization

Franchise SEO is extremely interconnected with local SEO because you are focusing on location-specific aspects of SEO and local SEO is the bedrock of this.

Local SEO could include several things and not just keywords integrated into your content and website.

If you want to do Local SEO, one of the most crucial things is to have a good Google My Business account where potential customers can find you on Google Maps or on search engines when they are searching for a specific industry, business, or product or service that you offer.

They could see your product at the top of the search results as a possible business to shop from if you are selling a product.

We optimize your Google My Business page with good local SEO by adding your service area, phone number, name, business hours, and other details.

We optimize your social media accounts for best SEO practices. Include a good backlink and make a local citation for authority.

5. Measurements And Frequent Analytics Reporting

It is important to be aware of what is going on with your strategies, campaigns, website, and content while working with an agency.

It is extremely important that you know every single thing that is happening with your website, and it is our job to provide you with the most transparent information you can get.

We provide transparency with frequent analytics reporting and measurements of your website’s performance, campaign status, and strategies’ situation and give you monthly status reports that are easy to understand without the complex words or exhausting styling.

Moreover, We also monitor your analytics on a daily basis to see if there are any errors, penalties, or things to fix, and we take immediate action once we realize there is a problem with our campaigns or your website in general.

We make sure that you know every single thing we do with your website and the results of those steps we take.

Transparency is one of the most crucial and vital things that we care about for our clients.

6. Changing Up The Current SEO Campaign And Tracking The Success

You might have a current SEO campaign before working with us, but it might not have been working as you wish it would.

We take a look at this and find what is wrong and change the strategy in a way that would increase your traffic and enhance your conversion rates.

However, setting up an SEO campaign and leaving it be is never the option because technology and the trends are always changing in this modern age, and you have to be able to keep up with these trends and change them when necessary to reach out to the right audience all the time.

That is why once we set up your SEO campaign, you always need to maintain it and keep it up with the trends to make sure that your keywords do not go outdated or you get penalties for a mistake that you didn’t fix.

There are also constant updates that your website gets, and an update could play around with your SEO campaign, and you might need to fix it according to that update.

We monitor your keyword rankings, organic traffic, calls and leads to make sure that everything is working smoothly in your campaign.

We also always follow and keep an eye on the trends of your industry and also what your competitors are doing with their keywords.

We occasionally optimize your campaign in light of these monitoring activities for better performance overall in the long term.

Hire TOTO Dream Marketing Franchise SEO Services

Frequently Asked Question

What challenges are there for franchise SEO?

Franchise SEO is both easy and hard. On the one hand, you already have an established brand with the name, colors, and other details. Still, on the other hand, you need to be able to distinguish your business from other local businesses in every location you have.

The biggest challenge is to be able to represent all of your locations on the search engine and the map and make sure that everyone sees your local franchise in the location they are searching for. You also need to be able to maintain the same brand on every website of each store location and make sure that each of the locations has good SEO.

How different is franchise SEO from normal SEO?

Normal SEO does not necessarily focus on one location; it focuses on the general idea to let people know about your business and appear in search engines in related keyword searches.

Franchise SEO can combine with local SEO, which is basically the same thing but utilizing an existing brand for your keywords and website.

Normal SEO does not have any specific location or brand focus; you focus on getting to your target audience online, increasing your visits, and enhancing your sales.

How should you maintain your franchise SEO?

Maintaining and updating your franchise SEO is important to make sure that there are always people coming to your store or your website.

Things change, and trends come and go; you always have to accommodate those trends and make sure that everything is set in stone with updates and social trends without changing up the structure of the keywords that attract people and visitors to your store.

What are the benefits of Franchise SEO?

These are the following benefit of Franchise SEO:

  1. It helps you in tracking your growth.
  2. Helps you in increasing sales.
  3. Helps you rank in search results.
  4. Helps you in connecting with customers.
  5. Creates brand awareness, etc.

How much does SEO Franchise costs?

The price for SEO for Franchise depends on the services you want and the number of locations you want to manage. It can cost anywhere from $349 to $3000 or more per month. 

Does SEO for Franchise also include managing websites?

Yes, SEO Franchise includes managing websites, creating internal links, doing keyword research, looking for any duplicate content, and more.

Does SEO for Franchise takes care of managing online reviews on Google Maps?

Yes, SEO for Franchise includes that too.

Is SEO worth it in 2022?

Yes, SEO is extremely effective when it comes to increasing the sales of your business. According to research, 61% of businesses revealed that organic traffic and SEO generates leads more than any other form of marketing.

Where should I promote my Franchise Business?

You can promote your Franchise business by the following means:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Digital marketing, etc.

How can A Franchise increase sales?

You can increase sales for your Franchise business by:

  1. Creating excitement for your product.
  2. Keep making innovations.
  3. Creating a strong brand reputation.

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