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Franchise Website Design Agency

Websites are a core part of your franchise’s operational and marketing strategy. Almost 95% of consumers build their first impressions and base their trust in a company based on how its website looks.

A well-designed and user-friendly website build customers’ trust in your brand and gives all the necessary information they need.

As a franchise, a professionally designed website helps you stand out above your competitors, create brand loyalty, and rank higher in the search results. If your website design fails to capture your potential customers’ attention, you will definitely lose it.  

Why Is Website Design Important For Franchises?  

Importance of Franchise Website Design

Website is the online face of your brand and one of the most important factors in establishing a successful business.

Most businesses today have some kind of website, but most websites are not good enough to convince visitors to convert due to poor design and aesthetics.

Franchises have unique requirements, such as the ability to delegate control to a subset of a website or build a network of websites that their franchisees can manage according to the brand standards. 

Although many technical elements are required to promote conversions, web design and aesthetics are most important as they impact how your target audience will perceive your brand.

You can expect your franchise to achieve its goals if it does not convince people to convert.

At Drfranchises, we understand franchise website design in-depth and build scalable websites for growing franchises. All our websites are designed to adapt to whatever comes tomorrow.

Whether you well-established or an emerging franchise network, we will design a website that will serve your franchise business for years to come. 

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Our Web Design Will Make You Stand Out

The internet and easy access to marketing tools has made franchise marketing much more difficult, allowing small and local businesses to compete for customers with nationally recognized franchises.

To overcome these challenges, franchises need powerful websites that generate sales day and night.

A Drfranchises, we build franchise websites to suit individual franchise needs and corporate requirements.

We listen to our client’s needs closely and communicate with our team clearly to create websites that are unique and functional that represent your brand appropriately while making you stand out from your competitors.

Why Choose DrFranchises For Franchise Website Design?




Why Choose Us?

The entire website designing process can seem daunting for many, but if you have the right project managers guiding you and helping you develop strategies and make more informed decisions, it gets more manageable. 

At Drfranchises, we know that it is not just the website design that matters but also the results that franchise web design delivers.

We believe in using a holistic approach when it comes to creating franchise web designs.

The websites designed by us are not only aesthetically appealing but also rank well in the search engine results to help you have a cohesive web presence for high conversion.

Our extensive experience in franchise website design allows us to deliver results that will exceed your expectations.

From the home page to each service page, we add custom elements and amazing local touch to make your website feel truly yours! 

Here are some features of our website design service: 

Our Franchise Website Design Services 

We offer a full range of integrated marketing and development services to help our clients meet their ambitious goals. From local franchises to national multi-channel franchisors, we built websites for a large number of franchises. Here is a quick overview of the franchise website design and development services we offer:

Website blueprint and content planning

Website architecture


UX/UI design

Landing page design and optimization

Custom features

Website copywriting

Third-party integration

Content migration

Website management

ADA/WCAG compliance

Franchise website Design process

Creating the best franchise website design does not happen overnight. It involves a series of steps that go through to create a professional website that is also functional. From design to content, our specialists will handle it all.

If you are low on a budget, we have a vast library of franchise website templates and layouts to choose from.

You can either have a full custom website or one designed from our high-converting templates. Here are the seven steps of our website designing process:

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Our WEBSITE DESIGN Strategist can help you with a 360 Degree WEBSITE DESIGN SOLUTIONS

What Makes Us Unique? 

At Drfranchises, we develop websites through open-source solutions using WordPress. We assign our clients a dedicated project manager who will discuss every aspect of the website and keep you constantly updated throughout the design process. 

Unlike other web design agencies, we have no hidden fees or website ownership clauses, which means you won’t have to pay a single penny if you want to leave. Once we give you the website’s ownership, it’s 100% yours. 

What makes us truly unique is that our team includes integrated communication experts to run ideas and collaborate daily, which you rarely witness in the world of franchise web design services. 

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Frequently Asked Question

Due to varying factors, it is impossible to provide the exact web design and development cost.

However, the price of a standard website design and redesign starts from $2,000 to $55,000.

For typical projects, the website design takes at least 4 months, while for complex websites which involve migration, it may be six months or more.

The higher the number of stakeholders involved, the longer the franchise web design process will be.

No, starting from scratch is unnecessary if your website is built on scalable platforms, such as WordPress, and has an effective page structure.

You can redesign your website to give it a facelift, make improvements or add new functionality.

Of course, if your franchise website needs content to be migrated, we will gladly help you.

We automate website migration from the same platform and different platforms to ensure a secure and successful transfer.