Freddy’s Franchise

Freddy’s is a fast-casual chain restaurant chain in the USA. The menu includes several meals and brunch, but it is mainly known for frozen custard & steakburger.

Freddy’s franchise could be a good place to start if you want to diversify your portfolio or enjoy a lucrative investment choice.

Freddy’s Franchise
Freddy’s Franchise

About Freddy’s Franchise

Freddy’s is known for cooked-to-order steakburgers, crispy shoestring fries, beef hot dogs, and Freddy’s special fry sauce and mainly rich & creamy frozen custard that is freshly churned throughout the day in all their restaurant.

They have a simple menu and a steady stream of guests for lunch, dinner, and mid-day meals.

Their kitchen is set up for optional speed and efficiency to help hold down costs without sacrificing quality.

History Of Freddy’s

In 2002, Freddy’s was co-founded by Scott Redler, Bill, Randy, and Freddy Simon. Its first locations opened in Wichita, Kan.

Freddy’s offers a unique combination of cooked-to-order Steakburgers, other savory items, and its signature dessert.

The dessert prepares with premium churned frozen custard. In 2004, Freddy’s opened its first franchise location in Hutchinson, KS.

During the 2000s, Freddy’s growth was tremendous, and the customer started loving their dessert and Steakburgers.

Subsequently, in 2013, Freddy’s opened its 100th location in Bowling Green, KY. Currently, Freddy’s has more than 300 locations in 31 states nationwide. 

Freddy’s Franchise Model

Initial Investment$577,968-$1,986,361
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets300

Training & Support

Freddy’s offers an initial training program that includes two phases.

The first phase will be a classroom training program of 67 hours, and the second will be an on-the-job training of 348 hours.

Franchisees must attend the training program compulsorily to meet the franchisor’s satisfaction.

There are various supporting options given to franchisees to run their business.

The ongoing support includes purchase Co-ops, field operation, site selection, meetings & conventions, etc.

They also provide marketing support, which includes marketing & planning support, regional advertisement, and all other activities that help grow your business.

Term & Agreement of Renewal

The actual length of Freddy’s franchise agreement is 15 years.

The franchisor can renew the agreement for another consecutive term of 10 years if the requirements are met.

And the business is growing and generating revenue. If the business is not growing well, there is less probability of renewing the term.

How Much Does Freddy’s Franchise Make?

Multiple aspects determine the profitability of Freddy’s. Profit is always proportional to the size of the investment.

But in the case of Freddy’s franchise, there is a possibility that the least investment can make a high profit because Freddy’s has already earned goodwill in the market and growing nationwide. 

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Freddy’s Comparison

CompanyFreddy’sJack in the Box
Founded In20021951
Initial Investment$577,968-$1,986,361$1.5million-$3.3million
Total Outlet3002,200
Annual Revenue$500 Million$1.14 Billion 

Frequently Asked Question

How much does it cost to start Freddy's Franchise?

Opening Freddy’s franchise requires an initial investment of $577,968 – $1,986,361.

How many Freddy's Franchise locations are there?

Currently, Freddy’s has more than 300 franchise locations worldwide.

What is Freddy famous for??

Freddy’s is known for Frozen custard and Steakburgers.

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