GameStop Franchise 

You enjoy video games and want to open a successful and enthusiastic video game store.

We welcome you to learn more about why GameStop Franchise can be the perfect fit for you. So let’s begin. 

GameStop Franchise
GameStop Franchise

About The GameStop

GameStop is dedicated to providing excellent gaming experiences to all consumers, regardless of how or where they want to play.

It is the one multichannel video game choice if you wish to play with a mobile device or spend hours gaming with your guild.

Moreover, GameStop is the world’s largest multichannel video game store, with a Fortune 500 ranking of 262.

GameStop operates storefronts and operates an online store in 17 countries around the globe.

For next-generation video game systems and the PC, GameStop has the most popular titles, hardware, and game accessories.

Furthermore, our buy, sell, exchange service adds value to customers while also recycling things that are no longer in use.

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History Of GameStop

In 1984, Harvard graduates James McCurry and Gary Kusin founded GameStop as Babbage’s, an electronics store named after Charles Babbage, the English mathematician who created the first mechanical computer.

Barnes & Noble paid $215 million for Babbage’s in 1999 after it had become a publicly held and owned firm. GameStop has more than 30 stores at the time.

Barnes & Noble also bought Funco, a video game retailer with several locations across the country, and renamed it GameStop.

In 2004, GameStop formed a separate entity. The firm would buy several other merchants to reach a larger audience in the years that followed.

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GameStop Franchise Model

The GameStop Corporation does not provide a franchise opportunity. The stores are all owned and operated by the corporation.

A stockbroker or any other financial institution that provides brokerage services can buy or sell GameStop common stock.

GameStop Alternative

CompanyUrban AirKOA 
Founded In20111992
Initial Investment$2,992,600-$7,460,145$26,750-$4,462,925  
Total Outlet200500
Annual Revenue$468 Billion$344 Million

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a complete refund from GameStop?

Yes! According to GameStop’s return policy, within thirty days of a new purchase, including a receipt, you can get a complete refund, including your gaming consoles.

Why is it that I can't cancel my GameStop order?

You can cancel your pre-order online as long as you do so before your card is debited.

Is there a GameStop franchise?

GameStop is unique because it does not use franchisees and instead leases each location directly.

Who owns the most shares of GameStop?

The Vanguard Group, Inc. is a private investment firm based in New York City.

Is it wise to invest in GameStop?

Despite being down 70% from its highs, GameStop remains a high-risk option for investors due to its negative profit margins and declining revenue.

Does GameStop offer franchises?

No, GameStop doesn’t offer Franchises. All the stores of GameStop are owned and operated by the company.

How much does a GameStop franchise cost?

GameStop is a self-owned company, and it doesn’t offer franchise opportunities. Therefore, no information is available related to the franchise cost of GameStop.

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