Golden Corral Menu Prices 2024

Golden Corral is an American restaurant famous for its all-you-can-eat buffet for lunch, breakfast, and dinner. They have an extensive buffet for these meals.

Golden Corral Menu Prices 2023

They have restaurants mainly in the United States, but they also have some operations in Puerto Rico. In total, they have 43 restaurants and have an annual revenue of close to $200 million.

Golden Corral Franchise is also a very popular franchise restaurant with an established franchise system and a proven franchise system.

You might be curious about their famous buffet, their offerings, and what you can expect at Golden Corral. We will answer some of the frequently asked questions about Golden Corrals’s menu.

Do You Tip At Golden Corral?

The restaurant does not make it obligatory to pay tips at their restaurants. You get your own food, seat yourself, and enjoy the experience yourself.

That’s why the effort from the workers is not as much as other restaurants. However, it is customary to tip between 15 to 20% at restaurants, including Golden Corral.

Are Golden Corral Mashed Potatoes Instant?

According to Golden Corral itself, their mashed potatoes are not instant, and they make it themselves. They don’t use any of the instant pre-prepared mashed potatoes.

Does Golden Corral Weigh Your Food?

Does Golden Corral Weigh Your Food

Yes, Golden Corral has recently changed to a new method where they weigh your food when you get food from their buffet for to-go.

The system is called Buffet To Go, and the premise is quite simple. You load up your plate as much as you can and pay the weight of the plate. The price is typically between $6.99 and $8.99/lb. This system is only for to-go orders.

Does Golden Corral Have An App?

Yes, Golden Corral has a mobile app, available both in the Apple Store for iOS and in the Google Play Store for Android. With the app, you can order delivery, join their reward system, Golden Corral Rewards, and many more.

Does Golden Corral Have Steak Every Day?

Steak is available for all times that the dinner buffet is available. The steak is served at all dinner buffet times, and they are made to order how you like it.

What Company Owns Golden Corral?

Golden Corral Corporation is owned and run by Investors Management Corporation. They have been managing this restaurant and brand since they were founded in 1973.

Does Golden Corral Have Crab Legs?

Does Golden Corral Have Crab Legs

Crab Legs only have crab legs available on Unlimited Crab Legs day on Wednesday nights between 4 PM and closing time.

Outside of this, crab legs are not available in their daily buffet menus, whether for dinner or lunch. Availability of crab leg days might vary depending on the restaurants.

Does Golden Corral Have A Menu?

Golden Corral doesn’t have traditional menus that you can choose from. They don’t offer A la Carte. They have endless buffet menus depending on the time and day of the week. These buffet menus can change, but you can choose whichever you want from the endless buffet.

Does Golden Corral Serve Breakfast Every Day, And Do They Serve Breakfast Today?

Golden Corral serves breakfast every day but until a certain time, which depends on the day and restaurant. But if you go after 7.30 AM every day, they have breakfast for sure between 7.30 AM and 9 AM. Some restaurants close it later than 9 AM, like 11 or even 1 PM.

Does Golden Corral Serve Alcohol?

No, Golden Corral doesn’t serve alcohol. None of their locations have alcohol. They only serve soft drinks without alcohol.

Does Golden Corral Have A Military Discount?

Yes, Golden Corral offers military discounts. Depending on your location and the restaurant, this discount could be anywhere between 10 to 25%.

You need to present your military ID to be eligible for the discounts. Active duty, veterans, and the immediate families of military personnel are all eligible for the discount.

Does Golden Corral Do Anything For Birthdays?

Does Golden Corral Do Anything For Birthdays

You get special birthday offers if you are a member of their Good as Gold Club card. This birthday offer is generally a free buffet and a free drink coupon that you can use anytime you want.

However, you must be a member of their card to get this offer. Otherwise, they don’t offer anything.

Does Golden Corral Have A Senior Discount?

Some Golden Corral locations offer a senior discount, but not all. You need to check with your local Golden Corral to make sure they offer this discount.

Generally, the discount they offer is up to $1 on regular adult buffet entrees. You have to be 60 years old or over to be eligible for the discount.

Does Golden Corral Do Breakfast?

Yes, their buffet starts with breakfast, and it involves omelets, bacon, sausage, buttermilk pancakes, crispy waffles, and cinnamon rolls. They also offer eggs that are cooked to order that you can order at the buffet when you want.

Does Golden Corral Have Wi-Fi?

Whether Golden Corral has Wi-Fi or not depends on the individual restaurant. Some Golden Corral restaurants offer Wi-Fi, but some do not have this option. Ask your local Golden Corral to make sure they have Wi-Fi for visitors.

What Are The Prices At Golden Corral?

What Are The Prices At Golden Corral

Golden Corral has different pricing options based on your age, time of the day, and the day of the week. For adults, breakfast is typically $12.99, and lunch on weekdays and on Saturdays is $11.49.

Adult dinner is $16.99 throughout the week. For children between ages 4 and 8, breakfast and lunch cost $8.99, and for ages between 9 to 12, it is $9.99. Dinners are $10.49 and $11.49, respectively.

You can also get to-go orders, but then you pay per the weight you get. Breakfast and dinner cost $8.99/lb, and lunch is $6.99/lb.

What Does Golden Corral Serve For Breakfast?

During breakfast, their breakfast buffer has an omelet station that is made with onions, peppers, mushrooms, ham, and bacon bits.

They also have hot and cold breakfast selections such as scrambled eggs, bacon, waffles, cinnamon rolls, casseroles, yogurts, juices, donuts, and many others. In addition, they also have desserts.

What Are Golden Corral’s Breakfast Hours?

Breakfast hours and days are different from restaurant to restaurant. In most cases, they start serving breakfast at 7.30 AM daily, but there are some restaurants that only serve breakfast during the weekends.

The breakfast ends at 11 AM sharp for all restaurants. However, the brunch is available between 9.30 AM and 2 PM every day in almost all restaurants.

How Much Is Golden Corral For Adults?

For adults, breakfast is $12.99, which is only open on the weekends. Lunch is $11.49, which is available every day except for Sunday. Dinner is $16.99, no matter the day.

How Much Is Golden Corral Buffet?

The buffet prices depend on the time of the day and the age of the person ordering it. Children, adults, and seniors all have different pricing. Generally, it starts from $8.99 and goes as high as $16.99.

How Much Is Golden Corral Breakfast?

How Much Is Golden Corral Breakfast

Golden Corral breakfast brunch is only available on Saturday and Sunday between the opening hours and until 11 AM. Normal breakfast is available every day. Breakfast costs $12.99 for adults, $8.99 for children aged 4-8, and $9.99 for 9-12 aged children. For seniors, it’s $12.49.

How Much Is Golden Corral On Thanksgiving?

It depends every year based on several factors. Typically, the Thanksgiving buffet costs between $12 to $18 for adults.

Children typically eat for under half the price of the regular price. Depending on the restaurant, there might be discounts for first responders, military members, and seniors.

Why Are Golden Corrals So Expensive?

Whether Golden Corral is expensive or not depends on a person’s budget, and the general consensus about Golden Corral is that they are not so expensive.

It also depends on the location, time of the day, and which meal you go for. Dinner is generally the most expensive meal, and lunch is the cheapest.

What Is The Best Thing To Eat At Golden Corral?

The thing about Golden Corral is that they don’t have a signature meal. That’s why the best thing to eat at their restaurants generally depends on which meal you go to and what you like. They have a wide variety of foods.

According to the online reviews, their most tasty foods are golden delicious shrimp, sweet corn pudding, and fried fish.

Is Golden Corral Healthy?

Golden Corral has a variety of food, from healthy meals like pasta, steak sirloin, chicken, salad, and fruits to unhealthy desserts and meals like fried foods, puddings, and cheesecakes. So they offer both sides of the world, and choosing healthy meals is up to you.


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