Gulp Juice India Franchise

Gulp Juice India Franchise can increase collective health in the world by enhancing individual health. 

About Gulp Juice India

From the IT engineer to the GULP founder (based on Bhopal) He didn’t want to finish in IT so an engineer who thought something else would be an entrepreneur.

A juice outlet that was a combination of tradition and modesty – a premium outlet – was provided to Rohit Singh (CEO).

It did well. But something was still missing, he felt. Something has been unfinished. He always thought deep down about how juicing might be improved?

How can I improve it? He got to know the cold-pressed process one wonderful day (November 2016). After a long study on this. Woohoo! This was an enlightenment moment.

This is how the gulp cold pressure juice was born in a month from one person to twelve members. It is more vital to give vision but to give shape.

He came to know about Space in his town after going through a long thought process. Which helped to make people well, and which helped to further go.

For every support, thank you to Space. Take part with them in this global health marathon.

In about 1.5 months it grew from one founder to 50 subscriptions. Nothing can stop them from the future of gulp juice.

Gulp Juice India Franchise
Gulp Juice India Franchise

Gulp Juice India Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 9 lakhs
Area Required300 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 4 lakhs
ModelStand Alone

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Features of Gulp Juice India

  • Every sip of any Gulp juice is like biting a fruit in your mouth with its natural flavor. 
  • Each of the fruits is the source of the greatest quality concentrate pulp direct from the orchards. 
  • Gulp offers a handy solution for a healthy and balanced life.
  • The goodness of the fruit remains as high as possible before it becomes their bottles and your taste buds. In every single bottle of Swallow juice, flavor and nutrition are gathered together as pulp in all gulp!
  • These electrolyte-packed Gulp Juices are extracted from fresh fruit with a range of healthy and nutritious flavors that make life healthy.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the investment of the Gulp Juice India Franchise?

The investment of the Gulp Juice India Franchise is Rs. 9 lakhs.

What is the model of the Gulp Juice India Franchise?

The model of the Gulp Juice India Franchise is Stand Alone.

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