Guy Fieri Chicken Guy Franchise

Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy franchise is a fast-food restaurant chain that has become an international sensation.

Founded by celebrity chef and restaurateur Guy Fieri, the franchise features signature fried chicken sandwiches and sides cooked to perfection with the famous “Flavortown” seasoning.

Chicken Guy restaurants are known for their lively atmosphere and friendly service, with locations often sporting bright neon signs with Guy’s signature smiley face logo.

Customers can choose from various chicken sandwiches, including original, spicy, barbecue ranch, or buffalo-style dishes. 

If you have worked in the restaurant industry, have management experience, and are looking to own a business, opening a Guy Fieri Chicken Guy franchise could be a great opportunity.

Read on to learn more about potential costs, franchise requirements, and the application process.

Guy Fieri Chicken Guy Franchise
Guy Fieri Chicken Guy Franchise

About Guy Fieri Chicken Guy Franchise

 Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy franchise is quickly becoming one of the most popular restaurant chains across the country.

Located in iconic locations like Disney Springs and Levis Stadium, this fast-casual eatery offers delicious fried chicken tenders, sandwiches, and sides.

The menu has something for everyone – from classic comfort food like mac’ n’ cheese and fries to more adventurous culinary creations like its signature Nashville Hot Tenders, topped with a spicy blend of herbs and spices.

What sets Chicken Guy apart is its commitment to quality ingredients and freshness.

All of its chicken tenders are made with 100% white meat chicken that’s lightly battered and fried to order. 

As a Chicken Guy franchise, you’ll benefit from the instant recognition and strong brand loyalty of the Fieri name.

Plus, you’ll get to be a part of a growing restaurant chain that’s leading innovation in the fast-casual market.

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Guy Fieri Chicken Guy Franchise History

The story of Chicken Guy began in 2018 when celebrity chef Guy Fieri and Planet Hollywood founder Robert Earl partnered to open the first Chicken Guy restaurant at Disney Springs in Orlando.

The restaurant quickly became a hit among locals and tourists alike, offering delicious fried chicken tenders, sandwiches, and sides in a lively atmosphere.

Since then, the franchise has expanded to 10 locations across the United States.

In addition to its flagship location at Disney Springs, Chicken Guy restaurants can now be found in Sawgrass Mills in Florida, Levis Stadium in California, Winter Park Village in Colorado, and more.

The chain’s popularity can be attributed to its unique approach to fast food – all of its chicken tenders are made with 100% white meat chicken that’s lightly battered and fried to order.

Customers can also choose from an impressive selection of 20 sauces, from sweet honey mustard to savory barbecue ranch dressing.

Franchise Model Table

Initial Investment$817,500–$2,552,500
Franchise Fee$20,000
Royalty Fee6%
Estimated Outlets10

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy Franchise?

Opening a Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy franchise comes with a hefty price tag.

To become an official franchisee of the restaurant, potential franchise owners must pay an initial franchise fee of $20,000.

This fee covers things such as training materials and supplies, set-up costs for the restaurant, licensing fees, and other administrative costs. 

Additionally, Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy charges its franchisees a royalty fee of 6% of their monthly sales and an advertising fee of 4% of their monthly gross sales.

The total estimated initial investment required to open a single unit Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy location ranges from $817,500 to $2,552,500, depending on the location and size of the restaurant.

The majority of the cost associated with opening a Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy comes in the form of real estate, equipment, and furniture costs.

These expenses include items such as dining room tables and chairs, kitchen equipment and appliances, signage, and other essential furnishings related to running a successful restaurant. 

Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy Franchise Requirements

In order to become a franchisee of Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy, there are a few requirements that must be met.

First, prospective franchisees must have experience in restaurant management. This experience can include working in a fast-food chain or managing a single restaurant.

The Franchisees must pay a $50,000 development fee for each Chicken Guy.

Following approval, you must be prepared to pay a $5,000 deposit fee. Franchisees are also expected to lease locations, preferably in large shopping plazas or malls.

Franchisees are required to be directly involved with the operation of their franchise. They must also own a majority stake in the franchise itself in order to be approved as a franchisee.

Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy Training And Support

Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy offers an extensive initial manager training program to help new franchisees get off to a successful start.

The program consists of four weeks of classroom and on-the-job training provided at the flagship location in Orlando, Florida.

The training program includes a total of 18 hours of classroom instruction.

This includes classes on Chicken Guy operations, food safety, and sanitation procedures, customer service principles, and problem-solving.

During this time, students are also provided with manuals about key policies and procedures as well as comprehensive overviews of their individual roles and responsibilities within the restaurant.

Franchisees also receive 128 hours of hands-on training at the Orlando location.

During this time, they will be trained by experienced managers on topics including inventory management, food preparation techniques, marketing strategies, and proper cash handling procedures.

Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy Franchise Terms Of Agreement & Renewal

The Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy franchise terms of agreement and renewal are designed to ensure that both the franchisee and franchisor have a successful and long-lasting relationship.

The initial term of the agreement is 10 years, with the option to renew for either one additional term of 10 years or two terms of 10 years if you sign a Nontraditional Location Addendum.

When it comes to renewing the franchise agreement, there are certain factors that must be taken into consideration.

The first step is for potential franchisees to fill out an Initial Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Once the FDD is approved by both parties, the franchisee must pay a renewal fee of $10,000.

If all requirements are met, and the renewal is accepted by both parties, then an amendment will be added to the original franchise agreement reflecting these changes.

This amendment will outline how long the new terms will last and any other changes made, such as changes in royalty fees or advertising expenses.

Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy Franchise Obligations And Restrictions

In addition to the financial requirements, prospective franchisees must also agree to certain obligations and restrictions as outlined in the FDD.

These include maintaining a professional image for Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy brand, following all local health and safety standards, keeping accurate records of purchases and sales, and submitting reports to corporate on a regular basis.

Franchisees must agree to use the Chicken Guy brand name and logo on all products, advertising, and signage.

They must also adhere to strict standards for quality control and customer service.

The franchise agreement also requires that all Chicken Guy franchisees purchase and use only approved ingredients from the chain’s supply chain.

Finally, potential franchisees must understand their limitations when it comes to expanding or relocating their business.

If a franchisee wishes to open additional locations or move an existing location, they must first obtain written approval from corporate.

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Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy Franchise Financial Assistance

Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy does not offer direct or indirect financial assistance to help with start-up or expansion costs.

However, they do offer financing programs through approved lenders that can be used to purchase franchises, remodel existing locations, or expand the restaurant space.

Franchisees can also consider applying for an SBA loan or other financing options.

Additionally, they can take advantage of the franchisor’s purchasing and distribution programs, which allow them to buy ingredients in bulk at discounted rates and have them delivered directly to their restaurant.

Guy Fieri Chicken Guy Comparison

CompanyGuy Fieri Chicken GuyFirehouse Subs
Year Founded20181994
Franchise Fee$20,000$20,000
Initial Investment$817,500–$2,552,500$412,731
Number of Outlets101210+


Guy Fieri has established himself as an expert in the culinary world, and now he’s bringing his expertise to the franchise world with Chicken Guy.

As a Chicken Guy franchisee, you can be part of a national brand and capitalize on the success of Guy Fieri.

Now that you understand the requirements and restrictions of Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy franchise, you can decide if it’s the right business opportunity for you.

With a strong brand identity and national recognition, owning a Chicken Guy franchise could be the start of an exciting new venture.


Does Chicken Guy Offer Franchising?

Yes, Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy restaurant chain offers franchise opportunities to qualified applicants.

Who Owns Chicken Guy?

Chicken Guy is owned by Guy Fieri, the celebrity chef and restauranteur, and Robert Earl, the founder of Planet Hollywood.

How Many Chicken Guy Locations Are There?

As of 2023, there are 10 Chicken Guy locations across the United States.

Is Opening Chicken Guy Franchise Worth It?

Yes, opening a Chicken Guy franchise can be a great way to start your own business, thanks largely to the brand’s strong name recognition and loyal customer base.

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