Halal Guys Franchise

Halal Guys is known for its specialized platters and sandwiches loaded with chicken.

If you are looking for a Halal Guys franchisee, you are at the right place; here, we have provided the data to help you open a Halal Guys franchise.

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Halal Guys Franchise
Halal Guys Franchise

About Halal Guys

The Halal Guys, a halal and Middle Eastern-style restaurant in New York City, specializes in platters and sandwiches loaded with chicken, gyro, or falafel.

The Halal Guys are the first American Halal food chain in the fast-casual / QSR market, using only the finest quality, proprietary products and our fan-favorite secret recipes.

“One of New York City’s longest-running and most well-known food-cart businesses,” according to the New York Times.

The franchise opportunity is for a quick-service restaurant called “The Halal Guys,” which specializes in selling signature meats and sauces over rice and other popular American Halal food items for dine-in and take-out.

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History Of Halal Guys

In 1990, a food cart in Manhattan launched the Halal Guys fast-casual restaurant brand.

Since then, it has grown to approximately 300 locations across the United States, Canada, and Asia.

They began selling chicken over rice in 1992, and it quickly became their signature dish. 

Outside of North America, you may now find sites worldwide, including Canada, Australia, and Saudi Arabia, to name a few!

People wanted more than just a taste of this new style of halal food, so they decided to expand into restaurants where you could receive as much or as little as you like for your meal.

Halal Guys Franchise Model

Initial Investment$231,600-$834,000  
Initial Franchise-Fee$40,000
Royalty Fee  6%  
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets94

Requirements For Franchisees

The Halal Guys are looking for franchisees to create significant multi-unit franchise territories and focus on great operations and customer service.

Franchisees must have extensive business experience as well as the required financial requirements. The Halal Guys brand is a true passion for the ideal candidate.

Financial Requirements

Minimum Order Quantity of 5-10 Units,$1 million in liquid assets, and a total net worth of $2 million

Support For Franchisees

Franchisees of The Halal Guys benefit from extensive training and support systems to improve company value and operational efficiency. The following services are provided to franchisees:

  • The use of a well-known brand name and trademarks.
  • Branding and marketing are two different things.
  • Access to exclusive recipes (including sauces) and menu creation.
  • Site selection in real estate
  • Build-out and building of a store
  • Franchisees, supervisors, and staff all receive training.
  • Support for operations and project management
  • Selection of vendors and equipment
  • Consulting services for businesses
  • Pre-opening and grand-opening assistance

Halal Guys Comparison

CompanyHalal GuysEl Pollo Loco
Founded In19901980
Initial Investment$231,600-$834,000  $782K – $2.1M
Total Outlets94450
Annual Revenue$8 Million$96.4 Million 

Frequently Asked Questions  

How many countries are host to halal guys?

Franchise rules apply in 14 nations and 15 states in the United States.

Are you able to order Halal food?

The Halal Guys accepts online orders for Halal meals.

How many Halal Guys locations are there?

There are currently 94 Halal Guys restaurants around the world, with over 400 more planned.

Who Is The Halal Guys Owner?

Ahmed Abouelenein is the CEO of the company.

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