23 Highest Paying Teen Jobs

Are you looking for ways to earn extra as a teenager? If yes, then you’re in luck! Because here, you’ll explore the 23 highest paying teen jobs that you can do as a side hustle or even turn into a career. 

23 Highest Paying Teen Jobs

Whether you’re saving up for college or just want to have some spending money, these opportunities could be perfect for you. 

Join us and delve into the world of teen employment and discover exciting job options that offer great pay and valuable experience!

23 Highest Paying Teen Jobs

1. Babysitter 


Babysitting is a popular job for teens where you take care of children while their parents are not around. 

This job can involve playing with kids, preparing meals for them, and putting them to bed. 

Babysitters usually earn a good hourly wage. Hence, it’s a great option for teens who are looking to earn some extra money.

2. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Being a dog walker or pet sitter involves taking good care of pets when their owners are busy or away. 

This job isn’t as easy as it looks because it may include tasks such as walking dogs, feeding them, and giving them attention. 

However, it’s a fun way for teens to earn money while spending some time with those furry friends.

3. Tutor


A tutor is someone who helps students with their studies outside of school. They can teach various subjects like math, science, or languages. 

Tutors often work one-on-one with students to help them understand difficult concepts or to prepare for tests. It’s not just a job but also a chance for teens to deepen their understanding of a subject and develop their teaching skills. 

4. Lawn Care/Landscaping

Lawn Care/Landscaping

Lawn care and landscaping involve taking care of gardens, lawns, and outdoor spaces. This job includes tasks like mowing lawns, trimming bushes, planting flowers, and keeping outdoor areas neat and tidy. 

It’s a great option for teens who want to be around nature and enjoy working outdoors. The biggest benefit of doing this job is that it can pay well, especially if you’re good at making yards look beautiful and well-maintained.

5. Retail Associate

Retail Associate

Retail associates are people who work in a store. They help customers in finding what they need and making sure the store looks nice. 

They might also stock shelves, ring up purchases at the cash register, or help customers pick out clothes or other items. It’s a good job for teens who like interacting with people and are good at being helpful and friendly. 

6. Lifeguard


A lifeguard helps keep people safe at swimming pools, beaches, or water parks. They watch over swimmers to make sure everyone is okay and follow safety rules. 

Lifeguards are trained to rescue people if they get into trouble in the water. It’s a fantastic job for teens who are strong and enjoy being around water.

7. Restaurant Server/Host

Restaurant Server/Host

A restaurant server helps customers have a good dining experience. Servers take orders, bring food and drinks to tables, and make sure guests are happy with their orders. 

Similarly, hosts greet customers when they arrive, show them to their tables, and sometimes take reservations. So, if you like to be around the people, then this is a good job for you.

8. Camp Counselor

Camp Counselor

If you love to be around kids and enjoy spending time outdoors, then you can be a good camp counselor. This is a job where you will get to help kids at summer camps and organize activities. 

They might lead games, help with crafts, or supervise swimming and hiking. Camp counselors are responsible for making sure everyone has fun and stays safe. 

9. Freelance Writer/Content Creator

Freelance Writer/Content Creator

A freelance writer or content creator is someone who creates articles, blogs, or other written content for websites, magazines, or businesses. They might write about a variety of topics like travel, food, fashion, or technology. 

Freelancers can work from home and often have flexible schedules. It’s a great job for teens who love writing and have good grammar and creativity skills. 

10. Swim Instructor

Swim Instructor

A swim instructor is someone who teaches people how to swim. They help beginners learn basic swimming techniques and improve the skills of those who already know how to swim. 

Swim instructors work at pools, beaches, or even private residences, guiding individuals or groups through swimming lessons. 

They ensure everyone stays safe in the water while having fun and gaining confidence. This job can be perfect for you as a teen because it will give you several opportunities to help others and learn more while earning well.

11. Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver

A delivery driver drives a vehicle, like a car or a bike, to get the items, such as food or packages, to people’s homes or businesses. They are responsible for making sure the items are delivered safely and on time. 

They might work for companies like restaurants or online shopping services. This job can be a good choice for teens who like driving and want to earn money. 

12. Photography Assistant

Photography Assistant

A photography assistant helps a photographer with their work. They might carry equipment, set up lights, or even help with editing photos on a computer. 

They may also help make sure everything runs smoothly during the photoshoot.

So, if you are someone who loves taking good pictures and wants to build a career in it, then you can be a photography assistant. Like this, you will earn good and enhance your skills for your future.

13. Fitness Instructor

Fitness Instructor

A fitness instructor helps people exercise and stay healthy. They lead classes or work one-on-one with clients, showing them how to do different exercises and making sure they do them safely. 

Fitness instructors might teach activities like yoga, aerobics, or weightlifting. They encourage people to reach their fitness goals and stay motivated during the process.

If you are a fitness enthusiast and a teenager who wants to earn extra money, then you can pursue this field. You can also build your career in this.

14. Event Staff

Event Staff

Event staff are the people who help make events run smoothly. They do things like setting up tables and chairs, serving food and drinks, and cleaning up afterward. 

Event staff might work at all sorts of events, like weddings, parties, or conferences. They make sure that everything looks nice and guests have a good time.

This job can be great for teens who like working with others and don’t mind being on their feet for a while. 

15. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

A social media manager helps businesses or individuals to build their online presence. They create and schedule posts, respond to messages and comments, and come up with strategies to grow followers. 

Social media managers might work with platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. They help businesses connect with their customers and promote their products or services online. 

16. Car Wash Attendant

Car Wash Attendant

A car wash attendant is someone who helps clean cars. They might work at a car wash facility or even offer mobile services. Car wash attendants use water, soap, and brushes to scrub the cars clean, and they might also vacuum the interiors and polish the windows. 

This job can be perfect for a teen who likes working outdoors and doesn’t mind getting a little wet or soapy.

17. Tour Guide

Tour Guide

A tour guide is someone who shows people around different places and tells them interesting facts and stories. They might lead tours in museums, historical sites, or even in cities. 

Tour guides make sure that the visitors know all the important facts, history, and culture of the place they’re visiting.

This job can be perfect for teens who enjoy talking to others, like to gain knowledge about places and have a passion for learning about new places. 

18. Music Instructor

Music Instructor

The job of a music instructor is fun for teens who love singing or playing instruments. This is one of the best hobbies to earn cash online because while being in this job, you will teach people how to play musical instruments or how to sing. 

You might work with students one-on-one or in groups, helping them learn the basics and improve their skills over time. 

Music instructors might teach instruments like the piano, guitar, violin, or even vocals. They make learning music fun by using games, exercises, and songs. 

19. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer creates visually appealing designs using computer software. They make things like logos, posters, or website layouts. 

Graphic designers communicate their ideas visually by choosing good colors, fonts, and images. This helps in making their designs look appealing and effective.

This job can be perfect for teens who are artistic and enjoy working with computers. 

20. Computer Programmer

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer uses programming languages like Python or Java to create software, apps, or websites. They solve problems and make things work smoothly by writing codes.

They might work on projects alone or as part of a team. This job can be perfect for teens who like solving puzzles and have an interest in computers and technology. 

21. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant helps with tasks remotely, usually from their computer. They might answer emails, schedule appointments, or manage social media accounts for businesses or individuals. 

They use tools like email, messaging apps, and online calendars to stay organized and get things done effectively.

If you are a multitasking teenager who is good at working on computers, then this job is perfect for you.

22. Language Translator

Language Translator

A language translator is someone who helps people understand languages they don’t speak. They translate written texts or spoken words from one language to another. 

Translators need to be fluent in at least two languages and have a good understanding of cultural nuances. They might work with documents, websites, or even in-person conversations. 

23. Personal Assistant

A personal assistant might schedule appointments, answer emails, or organize files. They often work closely with their employers to make their lives easier and more organized. 

They might also handle personal tasks like shopping or booking travel arrangements. This job can be perfect for teens who are organized, responsible, and good at multitasking. 

23 Highest Paying Teen Jobs | Wrapping Up

The “23 Highest Paying Teen Jobs” offer a wide and diverse range of opportunities for young job seekers to earn good while gaining valuable skills and experience. 

Whether it’s tutoring, freelancing, or working in traditional roles like retail or hospitality, teens have ample options to explore and excel in the workforce. 

These jobs not only provide financial benefits but also lay the groundwork for future career paths, fostering growth and development in various fields.

23 Highest Paying Teen Jobs | FAQs

What are some of the highest-paying teen jobs available?

Some of the highest-paying teen jobs include positions such as software developer, social media manager, and language translator, among others. These roles offer competitive wages and opportunities for skill development.

Are there any opportunities for teens to work remotely in high-paying jobs?

Yes, there are several remote opportunities available for teens, such as virtual assistant, graphic designer, and freelance writer. These roles allow teens to work from the comfort of their own homes while earning a decent income.

How can teens find these high-paying job opportunities?

Teens can find high-paying job opportunities through online job boards, networking with professionals in their desired field, or by reaching out directly to companies that offer such positions. Additionally, career counseling services and job fairs can also be helpful resources.

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