10 Best Home Inspection Franchise

When it comes to home inspection franchises, there are a few that stand out among the rest.

These 10 franchises provide all the tools and support you need to grow your business successfully.

From marketing materials and training to online resources and support from corporate staff, these franchises will help you get up and running quickly and easily.

So if you’re looking for a proven way to scale your home inspection business, one of these franchises is worth considering.

10 Best Home Inspection Franchise
10 Best Home Inspection Franchise

The home inspector’s work is to examine your house and give a written report. You can buy a home inspection franchise if you are willing to work as a home inspector.

Several companies are offering home inspection franchises in a particular condition.

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the 10 Best Home Inspection Franchise

1. Pillar To Post Home Inspectors Franchise

Pillar To Post Home Inspector Franchise
Founded In1994
Initial Investment$44,285 – $54,435
Franchise Fee$28,500
Total Units552

Pillar to Post is the leading home inspection company. They have 25 years of home inspection experience and more than 550 franchise locations nationwide.

They offer state-of-the-art technology, unmatched marketing, and networking support.

Pillar to Post is North America’s fastest-growing and largest franchise for in-home inspection. There is no technical experience required to own a franchise.

They provide a training program to franchisees. The training program includes industry-leading training and start-up programs that get franchises trained and licensed, making them capable of earning money sooner.

An initial investment required to open a Pillar to Post Franchise is $44,285 – $54,435. However, apart from the investment, one needs to have clients to survive in any business. Consider reading how to get home inspection leads.

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2. HouseMaster Franchise

HouseMaster Franchise
HouseMaster Franchise
Founded In1979
Initial Investment$61,100 – $107,650
Franchise Fee$42,500
Total Units272

A HouseMaster is a home inspection company that focuses on customer satisfaction.

They boast a high customer satisfaction and retention rate, which leads to plenty of repeat business for franchisees.

An initial investment to open HouseMaster Franchise is $61.100-$107,650 and requires a franchise fee of $42,500.

HouseMaster provides an initial training program that includes operations, finance, accounting, innovation, information and technology, sales and marketing, and technical training to manage day-to-day activities.

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3. The Inspection Boys Franchise

The Inspection Boys Franchise
The Inspection Boys Franchise
Founded InN/A
Total Investment$45,000 to $65,000
Franchise Fee$40,000
Total Units7

The Inspection Boys has developed a system to make life easy for you.

Many companies can do home inspections, and anyone can hire home inspectors, but a successful home inspection business is much more than that.

The Inspection boy offers a franchise that will change the factor in shaping your success. They provide ongoing support to their home inspector to open a new franchise.

Moreover, they provide numerous support before opening the franchise, like pre-sale inspection, air quality inspection, mold test, etc.

Subsequently, they provide training to new franchisees, which includes orientation and business setup.

Opening the Inspection Boys franchise requires an initial investment of $45,000-$55,000, and additionally, you’ll pay $40,000 in fees to get started.

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4. AmeriSpec Inspection Franchise

AmeriSpec Inspection Franchise
Founded In1998
Initial Investment$53,600-$72,300
Franchise Fee$24,900
Total Units175

The AmeriSpec Inspection franchise is a vital business opportunity for investors. They have over 30 years of experience and perform more than 80,000 inspections annually.

There are more than 175 locations of AmeriSpec Inspection operated in North America.

The company has established a robust system, technical skills, and customer service for franchisees.

Moreover, they provide marketing and operational support to its new Franchisees. An initial investment required to open a franchise is $53,600-$72,300.

Additionally, there is a franchise fee of $24,900 for the franchisees to get ownership of their territory.

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5. National Property Inspections Franchise

Founded In1987
Initial Investment$43,200 to $47,000
Franchise Fee$34,900
Total Units228

National property inspections offer home and commercial property services.

It is the only property inspection franchisor to offer commercial inspection training and truly exclusive territories with no catches or hidden fees.

And the NPI also boasts a higher-than-average rating when it comes to franchise stratifications in several areas.

They employ a high volume of support staff to ensure every new franchise gets the assistance they need to succeed.

They also provide an initial training program that includes on-the-job training, classroom training, and ongoing support.

An initial investment to open a franchise is $43,200 to $47,000 and requires $34,900 as a franchise fee.

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6. WIN Home Inspection Franchise

WIN Home Inspection Franchise
WIN Home Inspection Franchise
Founded In1993
Initial Investment$30,125-$41,900
Franchise Fee$17,175-$22,900
Total Units240

WIN Home Inspection has grown to more than 240 locations nationwide. It is the trusted national home inspection franchise with the lowest franchise fee.

They are one of the most recognized home inspection franchises with numerous awards and accolades, including Entrepreneur Top 500 franchises, America’s Best Franchises: Best of the Best, Entrepreneur Best Low-Cost Franchises, and so on.

They also provide a comprehensive training program, marketing support, and a nurturing community for its franchise owners.

And the best thing is no previous experience is required! WIN Home Inspection welcomes those candidates pivoting from other industries, including military, real estate tours, construction, engineers, and corporate.

The initial investment required to open a WIN Home Inspection Franchise is approximately $30,125 to $41,900 and $35,000 as liquidity.

WIN Home Inspection touts its franchise opportunity as highly rated and low cost.

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7. Inspect-IT 1st Franchise

Inspect-IT 1st Franchise
Founded In1991
Initial Investment$32,400 to $43,400
Franchise Fee$24,900
Total Units29

Inspect-It 1st offers comprehensive franchise opportunities. It is recognized as one of the best property inspection services.

A candidate who is interested in opening a franchise doesn’t require any experience; you can easily apply for the franchise because they offer unparalleled training and technical and marketing programs for their franchisees.

The training program includes classroom training, hands-on field instruction on inspection of methodologies, business operations, etc.

The tenure of the training period is two weeks, and once franchisees complete the training period, they enter their Coaching and Franchisee Mentor Program.

An initial investment to open a franchise is $32,400 to $43,400 and requires $24,900 as a franchise fee.

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8. American Leak Detection Franchise

American Leak Detection Franchise
American Leak Detection Franchise
Founded In1974
Initial Investment$76,755 to $259,550
Franchise Fee$15,675-$20,900 
Total Units175

American Leak Detection is one of the largest leak detention companies which provides services of non-destructive detection of hidden leaks and repair with proprietary methods and technology.

Moreover, they offer services for municipalities and commercial properties to help franchisees diversify their portfolio.

They provide a training program and exclusive territories for franchisees willing to invest in their company.

The initial investment to open a franchise is $76,755 to $259,550. Moreover requires a $29,500 to $120,000 as a franchise fee.

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9. TruBlue Total House Care Franchise

TruBlue Total House Care Franchise
TruBlue Total House Care Franchise
Founded In2011
Initial Investment$59,650 to $86,000
Franchise Fee$39,500 
Total Units50

TruBlue has a different franchise system as compared to other home inspection companies.

It is the trusted name in senior house care and the only name in total house care. It is specialized in house care for both inside and outside of the home.

One of their most significant services is senior safety inspections, and these target markets also tend to offer reasonably profitable services.

The fee of owning a franchise is $39,500 for your first territory. And an initial investment requires to open a TruBlue franchise is $59,650 to $86,000.

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10. The BrickKicker Home Inspection Franchise

The BrickKicker Home Inspection Franchise
The BrickKicker Home Inspection Franchise
Founded In1987
Initial Investment$16,750 to $45,615
Franchise Fee$27,000
Total Units42

The BrickKicker has a proven program that is designed to provide its franchisees the ability to mimic what is working in one location and employ it in new operations.

They also provide a comprehensive training program to new franchisees to help manage business operations.

There are many exclusive territories and franchisees available throughout the U.S. to get your first location choice.

An initial investment required to open a BrickKicker franchise is $16,750 to $45,615 and requires $27,000 as a franchise fee. 

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How to Choose The Best Home Inspection Franchise?

When choosing a home inspection franchise, there are several factors to consider. Here’s a closer look at each of them:

1. Reputation

A home inspection franchise should have a good reputation in the industry and among its customers. Do your research into the company’s track record before making any decisions. Ensuring that they are appropriately licensed and insured for their services is also essential.

2. Experience

Make sure the franchise you choose has plenty of experience in providing quality home inspections. Ask if they offer on-site training or continuing education opportunities for their inspectors so that they can stay up-to-date on best practices and current technological advancements in the field.

3. Services

Each home inspection franchise will offer different services, so ensure you understand precisely what they provide and how much it will cost. Additionally, check that the company offers additional services like mold testing or radon gas testing to ensure a comprehensive inspection of your property.

4. Cost

Different franchises will charge different rates for their services, so be sure to compare pricing between multiple options before making a decision. Ask about any hidden fees or additional costs associated with each service to decide which home inspection franchise is best for you.

5. Customer Service

Make sure your home inspection franchise has excellent customer service policies and procedures. This includes having knowledgeable staff available to answer questions and guide users on the inspection process.

By following these steps, you can be sure that you have chosen the best home inspection franchise for your needs. Taking the time to research each option carefully will help ensure that you get a thorough and accurate property assessment.


To conclude, we can say that a home inspection franchise is worth buying. But, before investing in any company, there are many things to consider.

We will suggest you read all the information carefully and, most importantly, read the FDD (franchise disclosure document) that will help you to understand the company strategy and goals for the future.

And the last thing is don’t go over budget because it will be difficult for you to manage the investment and fee.

I hope you like reading this article.

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Frequently Asked Question

Do you need a Home Inspection License to owe a franchise?

You can own the franchise without a license, but the person who is working as a home inspector requires a license in certain states.

All the states have different rules and conditions, depending on your state.

These licenses are issued by specific states using standardized exams and certification programs.

Who is the best home inspection company?

The best home inspection company is National Home Inspection. 

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