HOTWORX Franchise 

A HOTWORX is a novel approach to building a sauna and using it for fitness.

HOTWORX has transformed the fitness world by giving the finest hot exercise experience with their unique infrared training sauna.

By providing easy and inexpensive exposure to a 24 Hour Infrared Training Centre that helps members reach their fitness goals, the HOTWORX franchise business model presents an excellent chance for entrepreneurs to realize their career objectives.

HOTWORX Franchise 
HOTWORX Franchise


HOTWORX is a virtual exercise application that allows users to reap the advantages of infrared heat absorption while performing a 30-minute static workout or a 15-minute High-Intensity Interval Training session.

They devised this infrared sauna training regimen for people who want to remove toxins from their body while also increasing flexibility, balance, tone, and burning many calories.

So, whether you’re looking to complete your gym workout or want to improve your spa routine, this innovation could become a major part of your wellness program in the future. The outcomes will astound you.

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History Of HOTWORX

HOTWORX debuted the now-patented infrared training sauna for plyometric training in 2015 at a franchise exposition in New York City after a year of development.

This was a watershed point in the evolution of fitness technology. During the first time, infrared energy might be used to supplement hot yoga. STEPHEN P. SMITH founded planet Beach and HOTWOR.

Since April 1996, he has been the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Company of Directors.

HOTWORX Franchise Model

Total investment$188,070 to $351,885
Franchise fee$19,950
Royalty fee$550/mo
IndustryFitness studio
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets210 Uints

Training & Support Of HOTWORX Franchise

By becoming a HOTWORX franchisee, you will be able to benefit from our intellectual property while lowering your risk.

HOTWORX’s founders have over 20 years of experience in franchising and membership-based business models.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel because the processes are already in place.

As we come together to accomplish success, you will also gain a reasonable degree of companionship.

Once you’ve been given a HOTWORX studio franchise, you’ll receive the same level of personal attention and support that you’ve come to expect from us.

Burn Off App

A custom smartphone app tracks and logs the total number of calories burned during each HOTWORX workout.

Members of the HOTWORX studio are encouraged to participate in the 90-Day Burn Off Competition and the yearly World Burn Off Championship.

HOTWORX franchisees gain from the Burn Off App’s favorable influence on subscription renewal and memberships retention.

HOTWORX Comparison

CompanyHOTWORX Jazzercise
Founded In20141962
Initial Investment$188,070 to $351,885$3,700
Total Outlet2108,460
Annual Revenue$341,000$100 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

What are members' favorite aspects of HOTWORX?

Members appreciate the 24-hour availability and 30-minute/15-minute sessions, accommodating their hectic schedules. Virtual instructors make the most of their time and can burn a lot of calories.

Is it possible to lose weight with HOTWORX?

Three HIIT sessions per week for 15 minutes each can make a significant improvement in your body weight. Users can record their exercise calorie expenditure through its burn-off app, and one-hour post-burn HOTWORX encourages a rolling 90-day challenge.

When did HOTWORX Studio first open its doors to franchisees?


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