HOTWORX Membership Pricing 2024

You may have heard about detoxification, weight loss, pain reduction, etc., through sauna, but What is HOTWORX? What are HOTWORX prices?

With everything developing in every field, this fitness studio also decided to innovate fitness for fitness enthusiasts.

Let’s move on to understand what is HOTWORX and how it innovated fitness.




HOTWORX is an exercise program that is instructed virtually.

It is created for users to experience the benefits of infrared heat absorption through a 30-minute isometric workout or through a 15-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

When the exercise is done inside their patented sauna, infrared heat penetrates your body, causing it to sweat.

This further leads to detoxification by physically removing toxins from your organs.

Their patented sauna combines heat, infrared, and exercise- this is what they call 3D Training.

What Are The HOTWORX Prices 2024?

Now that you know the benefits of the HOTWORX infrared workout, let’s move on to understanding what Hotworx prices are.

HOTWORX provides 2 plans namely

Membership PlanSweat Everywhere Unlimited UseSweat Here Phase 2
Unlimited SessionsYesYes
24 Hour AccessYesYes
FX Zone AccessYesYes
Access to Any LocationYesDiscounted
HOTWORX at HomeYesNo
Diet TraxYesNo
90 Days CommitmentYesYes
Enrollment Fees$15.00$15.00
Monthly Dues$79.00$49.00

How much does Hotworx Charge Per Month?

Hotworx charges just $49 and $79.00 per month for their memberships, making it an affordable option compared to other small-scale fitness studios.

Additionally, Hotworx frequently offers sign-up promotions that further enhance the value for prospective members.

Does Hotworx Offer Student Discounts?

Yes, Hotworx offers discounted rates for healthcare workers, military personnel, teachers, and students.

These discounts provide an opportunity for these individuals to join the burn-off movement at Hotworx while enjoying special pricing tailored to their professions or student status.

How Does HOTWORX Work?

HOTWORX provides a unique way of exercising in its patented sauna.

These saunas hold not more than 3 people at a time, and the classes start by getting instructions through a TV that is inside the sauna.

The most interesting thing about HOTWORX is that their studio is open 24/7.

Other than their studio, it also has a small weight room where they have all sorts of equipment like kettlebells, TRX bands, a small rig, dumbbells, and medicine balls, and also a personal trainer if you want.

How HOTWORX Started?

How HOTWORX Started-Stephen P. Smith

The beginning of HOTWORX started with a vision of Stephen P. Smith, an experienced health club industry veteran.

He wanted to innovate fitness for workout junkies and introduced the concept of infrared workouts in 2001.

Then in the year 2014, Mr. Smith invented a new infrared fitness sauna which then in 2017 led to the opening of an infrared fitness studio that will be open 24/7.

As the years rolled by, HOTWORX also got evolved by introducing various exercises, from hot yoga to hot cycle exercise.

What Are The Exercises In HOTWORX?

The HOTWORX have 2 workouts that are both done virtually in their patented sauna.

1. Isometric Workouts

Isometric Workouts

The first one is the isometric workouts that are done for 30 minutes and include 3 people per session.

Isometric workouts include:

  • Hot ISO- Isometric Compressions Postures
  • Athletic-style hot yoga
  • Hot traditional pilates
  • Advanced series of isometric postures- Hot warrior
  • Hot core workout- focusing on hips, abs, and lower back.
  • Hot buns that focus on the glutes.
  • Hot bands
  • Hot Barre None- A unique ballet workout without barre

2. High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intentsity Interval Training or HIIT are workouts that are done for only 15 minutes and include 2-3 members per session.

HIIT workouts include:

  • Hot cycle- A cycling workout with choreographed intensity intervals.
  • Hot thunder through patented thunder row machine
  • Hot blast- Its a strength, endurance, cardio HIIT for total body

What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Workouts?


1. Availability

The virtual instructor is always ready to work out. So, if you are a person with a busy schedule, then going to HOTWORX is your best option for fitness.

2. Expert Advice

Along with being available for your 24/7, a virtual instructor also acts like your personal trainer.

It not only instructs you but also corrects any exercise you are doing in the wrong way.

3. A Workout That Works For You

With a virtual instructor, you can choose a workout that suits you. They have a defined program for you.

What Is The Impact Of Infrared Workout?

The Impact Of Infrared Workout

Many people get skeptical about whether doing an infrared workout will benefit them or will affect them in a negative way.

Listed down are a few benefits of doing infrared training:

1. Improved Cardiac Function

Doing infrared workouts on a daily basis improves endothelial function.

This function is related to the health of inner blood vessels. It also makes your heart pump faster, improving cardiovascular health and endurance.

2. Reducing Stress

Excessive stress can result in increased blood pressure, inflammation, and other risk factors that can have detrimental effects on your heart’s health.

The infrared workout provides relaxing and stress-relieving effects to improve the condition of your heart.

3. Muscle Recovery

Infrared training is known for its incredible muscle recovery effect.

It provides heat to the body, which in turn increases the blood flow to the muscles resulting in faster muscle recovery.

4. Immunity Booster

During infrared training, you are working in a heated environment that kills bacteria and viruses in your body.

Also, this training, coupled with detoxification, works to boost your immunity.

5. Burning Calories

When you work out, your body burns calories, but when working out in infrared training, your body works even harder to cool down, which results in improved metabolism and an increased rate of calorie burn.

If you’re considering joining a Hotworx gym, it’s important to be aware of the Hotworx franchise information, which could significantly impact your decision-making process.

Is Hotworx A Gimmick?

Hotworx is not considered a gimmick. It is a fitness concept that combines infrared heat with exercise to provide various benefits such as increased calorie burn, detoxification, improved flexibility, and enhanced cardiovascular conditioning.

Hotworx has gained popularity and positive reviews from many individuals who have experienced the benefits of their workouts.


Being a person with a super busy schedule and maintaining your health and body is not possible side by side.

However, maintaining your body and health should be your priority. With HOTWORX which is open 24/7, this goal can be made achievable.

HOTWORX is a combination of the benefits of infrared training and the power of exercises that work to make your workout more fun.

It is a new innovative way to work out with a plethora of benefits. So if you are thinking to start a fitness regime the HOTWORX is worth checking out.

And now that you know the HOTWORX prices it is more easy to estimate your budget accordingly and start your infrared training.


How many times should workout in HOTWORX?

You can work out anywhere from 3-5 HOTWORX sessions each week.

In how many sessions of HOTWORX can a person reduce weight?

It would need only 4 HOTWORX sessions. A person burns 250-450 calories during a 30-minute infrared workout.

Is HOTWORX worth the hype?

Yes, it’s absolutely worth it. The HOTWORX sessions are pre-recorded and fun to work out.

They also have a small weight room where you can perform your regular physical exercises.

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