How Much Does A Jimmy John’s Owner Make?

Are you looking for the Jimmy John’s franchise but first, you want to know how much does a Jimmy John’s franchise owner makes?

If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Jimmy John’s Franchise. So let’s get started.

How Much Does A Jimmy John's Owner Make
How Much Does A Jimmy John’s Owner Make?

What Is Jimmy John’s?

Jimmy John’s is known for its sandwiches. The chain was founded in 1983 by Jimmy John.

It is one of the fastest-growing franchises in America and has more than 2,700 units across the states.

And the best part of the Jimmy John’s franchise is that it doesn’t require any prior experience.

All the candidates are eligible to buy this franchise. They just want a prospective individual who has ambitions for multi-unit development and wants to grow above and beyond.

Moreover, they also give support and training to new franchisees and also offer venture discounts.

Jimmy John’s provides support in the area of construction, marketing, operations, real estate, and purchasing and also allows third-party financing.

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How Much Does A Jimmy John’s Franchise Owner Make?

According to data, Jimmy John’s generates approximately $1.2 million through its sales. An individual Jimmy Johns franchise owner makes approximately $280,000 in profit.

An average percentage of net profit is 6.5% which is a good amount of profit earned by any franchise. Also, none of Jimmy John’s franchise owners can make less than $50,000. 

What Is Jimmy John’s Best Known For?

Jimmy John’s makes the most delicious and unique sandwiches and has a variety of them.

Their sandwiches are not only delicious in taste but also of good quality. There are so many options available at Jimmy John’s.

It is difficult to select the best one. So, here we are suggesting a few of the best sandwiches at Jimmy John’s:

  • Jimmy Cubano.
  • Spicy East Coast Italian.
  • The Pepe.
  • Totally Tuna.
  • Turkey Tom.
  • Vito.
  • Big John.
  • Billy Club.

They build their name by serving good quality food with great taste.

Jimmy John’s also serve their sandwich as soon as possible hence they are also known for their fast delivery and healthier option.

They have a goal to serve the fastest sandwiches, and nobody in the market has been able to match their speed without sacrificing the quality.

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Pros & Cons Of Jimmy John’s Franchise

Pros Of Jimmy John’s Franchise

  • Never sacrifice with quality
  • Exponential growth
  • Provide support and training
  • No prior experience required

Cons Of Jimmy John’s Franchise

  • Speed is the biggest challenge for new franchise owner
  • Commodity Cost
  • High investment
  • Multiple fees and charges

Is Jimmy John’s Franchise Profitable?

If we calculate all factors of profitability, then Jimmy John’s is the best franchise to buy in terms of profit.

Basically, an average Jimmy John’s franchise owner can make 6.5% annually, which is a good amount of profit. 

Also, it doesn’t require any huge amount of investment. But there are multiple fees and charges that need to be paid by Franchisees which are deducted from their profit.

But almost all the franchises charge fees to franchisees, so it is not a big deal. Overall, Jimmy John’s is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. It has the potential to make high profitability. 

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Wrap Up

As we discussed above, Jimmy John is a great franchise opportunity, and there is no prior experience required to open this franchise.

Anyone who is willing to invest and has the potential to grow their franchise business can get this franchise.

You also do not require a high cost of investment to start Jimmy john’s franchise, and they also provide third-party financing as well as venture discount for the eligible candidates.

Subsequently, Jimmy John’s franchises have the potential to make a high profit that every investor wants.

But before buying Jimmy John’s franchise, read the franchise disclosure document carefully. It will give you the correct vision.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the annual revenue of Jimmy John's?

An individual Jimmy Johns franchise owner makes approximately a profit of $280,000.

How much does it cost to buy a Jimmy John's franchise?

An initial investment required to open Jimmy John’s Franchise is $313,600 – $556,100.

What is the most popular sandwich at Jimmy John's?

Jimmy Cubano is the most popular sandwich at Jimmy John’s. 

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