How Much Does a Laundromat Owner Make?

If you are thinking about opening a laundromat or planning a business plan to start your operations, you might wonder how much you can expect to make.

The Laundromat business market has a size of over $5 billion, and you can take a piece of this massive pie with your business.

Learning about the average income of a laundromat isn’t easy because the numbers vary quite a lot depending on many factors.

However, we can easily get an estimate of the possible number by seeing the most frequent income numbers.

This article will cover all the details surrounding the income of a laundromat and how much you can realistically expect to make.

How Much Does a Laundromat Make

Average Income of a Laundromat

Determining how much a laundromat makes is not really easy because there are different types of laundromats and many other factors.

But there are some average numbers shared on the internet by several associations.

According to Coin Laundry Association, the average annual revenue for a laundromat is around $300,000. The profits are about $142,000.

On top of it, the same report suggests that 95% of laundromats live past the first five years in business. This is way higher than the average survival rate of many businesses.

This means it’s easier to succeed with a laundromat and achieve these average profit numbers. 

Average Profit Margin

The profit margin of a laundromat depends on the machines, how much they spend per turn, and how much product or kind of product you use. 

Also, the type of services you offer could affect this. For example, if it’s a self-service laundry, then the product will not matter because the customer will use its own.

However, on average, for every type of laundromat, you can expect to have $4.50 revenue per turn and per machine. 

This number equals about 33% profit margin, so almost one-third of the price the customer pays.

Monthly Average Income

Judging by the numbers we provided above, the average income for laundromats is anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000.

To exactly calculate the monthly income of laundromats, you need to know different variables.

These variables include the number of machines, the exact profit margin, and their utilization rate. Here’s a small table with examples:

CategoryOpen DaysWasher/Dryer UnitsMaximum Revenue/month/unitUtilizationMonthly Revenue
Small Laundromat3040$600100%$24,000
Medium Laundromat3070$600100%$42,000
Large Laundromat30100$600100%$60,000

Average Money Laundromat Employees Earn

Laundromats have different job roles, from the service person making sure everything is ok to customer service representatives for bigger laundromats.

That’s why the salaries could vary a lot. The average salary at a laundromat is about $7.27 per hour. This number is generally for customer service representatives.

On the higher end, cleaners at laundromats earn about $17 per hour on average. 

If you are experienced or have been working for longer times at the laundromat, you could earn higher than these average numbers. It also depends on your location and the average salaries in your location.

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Factors Affecting Laundromat Income

Factors Affecting Laundromat Income

Your laundromat’s income and your income as a laundromat owner depend on several key factors.

You have to pay attention to these factors because if you can economize on these things without losing your quality overall, you could increase your profit margin and total income.


Depending on where you open your store, your number or type of customers could drastically change.

You should focus on opening up your store in a densely populated area, ideally, an area where access is easy and close to universities or dorms.

It also affects your rent and property taxes, so be careful when making this decision.


If your laundromat is bigger than the average, you are going to require more employees, more equipment, and potentially more customers to close the gap in the extra cost.

The bigger your store, the bigger the risk will be in keeping your income levels, but it could also help you have higher income if you can have customers coming in.

Amenities and Services

At a laundromat, you have the option to offer more than one service and amenities. By offering extra services, you can attract more customers and increase your revenue at the same time.

These services could include dry cleaning, folding, ironing, pick-up delivery, and other similar services.


Marketing is one of the most essential things for a business to increase its brand awareness and attract customers.

However, marketing comes with its costs, and depending on how much you want to spend, it will be one of the cost drivers and will affect your income.

Quality of the Equipment

If you choose to buy quality equipment at the beginning of opening your store, the maintenance cost will potentially be lower and less frequent.

Old and not quality machines tend to break up more often, and their maintenance costs are generally higher.

How Much Does a Laundromat Cost to Open?

On average, it costs about between $200,000 to $1 million to open a laundromat from scratch.

Any kind of startup cost is included in this cost, such as the mortgage payment for the building, permits, marketing, and similar costs. Here is a breakdown of expected costs:

Equipment & Supplies$20,300-$450,000
Licenses & Permits$500-$1,000

These costs are mostly one-time and are not recurring. However, they do affect how much you will pay in fixed costs later on.

For example, the property you choose will have recurring costs such as the rent or maybe the mortgage payment if you purchase it. That’s why it’s best to be careful about these decisions.

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Tips to Maximize Laundromat Income

Tips to Maximize Laundromat Income

You can always have more room to increase your laundromat’s income. You just need to know what are the points that you play around with and what you can change. Here are some tips.

  • Use technology to protect your customer’s items and attract more customers via different platforms.¬∑        
  • Create loyalty or referral programs to have a loyal customer base and attract new ones through loyal customers.
  • Make sure to have high-efficiency washers and dryers, and focus on lowering your overhead costs to increase your profit margin.

Try to choose your location strategically, generally in neighborhoods with old buildings or around dorms and universities where the number of washers is low.

What Permits Do I Need to Open a Laundromat?

Every business needs a variety of permits to operate, and laundromats are no exception.

As a business that deals with the health needs of its customers, you need to be careful about your permits.

The exact type and number of permits you need varies greatly on your location, but some are generally frequent in each state.

  • Health permit: You generally get this through your state’s or county’s health department
  • Water Pollution Control Permit: Not every state requires this, but it’s quite frequent. Contact your town or state to ask about its necessity.
  • Sales Tax Permit: If you are going to sell extra services or products, you must get this permit.


A laundromat business might seem outdated, considering that most households have washers and dryers in this day and age.

However, the laundromat market is over $5 billion in the United States, which means there is still a significant market, but you have to be extremely strategic with your location choice. An average laundromat makes about $142,000 in annual revenue.

Depending on your location, size of the store, number of employees, equipment, and other factors, this could be way above or below this number.

On top of it, almost 95% of all laundromats live past the five-year mark after their foundation.

This shows that running and being successful with a laundromat is way easier than most businesses.

If you are thinking of opening a laundromat, it might be a good idea, and it could be very lucrative.


Does every laundromat make a profit?

No, there are laundromats that do not make any profit and go bankrupt. It depends on how well you manage the business, your costs, and other important economic factors.

The most important thing is to take care of the total expenses and the recurring costs that will incur after you open the store.

Is it possible to lose money in a laundromat business?

Yes, a laundromat is a business just like any other. This means that your laundromat requires efficient management to keep your customers happy and make a profit. If you can’t do this, you will lose money.

How long does it take to recoup my investment?

There are two factors to consider about this. The first one is how much you spend or will you spend on building your laundromat. The second is the expected average income from your store.

For example, if you spent $100,000 on building your laundromat and your monthly income is $10,000, then it will take ten months to recoup your investment.


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