How Much Does A Papa John’s Franchise Owner Make?

Curious to know how much a Papa John’s franchise owner makes? Well, you are at the right place.

Here, we are going to discuss all facts related to the Papa John’s franchise and its profitability and whether buying this franchise is worth it or not. So, let’s get started.

How Much Does A Papa John's Franchise Owner Make
How Much Does A Papa John’s Franchise Owner Make?

What Is A Papa John’s?

Papa John’s is the third largest pizza chain in the world and is known for its extra-large pizza.

It offers various pizzas with the company’s signature sauce and toppings, and their sauce is made from vine-ripened tomato, which tastes very delicious.

In 1984, Papa John’s was founded, and in just one year, it expanded to more than 500 stores.

Currently, Papa John’s has more than 5,199 outlets worldwide, and out of these, 4,456 franchises are operating domestically in the USA.

Papa John’s offers retail restaurant franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs who are willing to serve the customers and require a candidate with prior experience in retail management and a willingness to work hard.

Moreover, the candidates must know business professionals with management.

They also provide training periods and all kinds of other support that franchisees require to run the business.

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How Much Does A Papa John’s Franchise Owner Make?

As per records, Papa John’s can generate approximately $294.5 million through its annual sales.

An individual Papa John’s franchise owner can make an average of $58,600 annually, which is 3% less than the national average for all Franchise Owners.

However, there are possibilities that franchise owners can mak8e more than it depends on some conditions like unit location, business techniques, and so on. 

What Is Papa John’s Known For?

Papa John’s is known for its large size pizza, and they make pizza with a special signature sauce.

The special sauce of Papa John’s has a sweet and tangy flavor which is made from vine tomatoes .They always use fresh and natural ingredients.

Their priority is “Quality is at the core.” Moreover, Papa John’s is #1 in customer satisfaction and product quality among all National Pizza chains as per the American Customer Satisfaction Index. It is one of the best places for the foodies who love pizza.

The most popular items on the menu of Papa John’s as per foodies are; 

  • Pepperoni Pizza. 
  • Cheese Pizza. 
  • Garden Fresh Pizza. 
  • BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza. 
  • The Works Pizza. 
  • Cheesesticks. 
  • Pizza Sauce. 
  • The Meats Pizza

Pro & Cons Of Papa John’s Franchise

Pros Of Papa John’s Franchise

  • Biggest brand
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • International presence
  • Always use natural ingredients 
  • Delicious signature sauce

Cons Of Papa John’s Franchise

  • Highest cots-investment
  • 23% of franchisees failed to pay SBA franchise loans
  • Competitive pizza industry
  • Low employment workforce
  • Limited menu

Is Papa John’s Franchise Profitable?

As per the profit rule, if you are earning a little more than what you have invested, then that is profit.

If we follow this rule, then Papa John’s franchise doesn’t’ has the potential to earn a high profit. However, not all the units have the same condition.

Some units are doing well and earning a decent amount of profit, but not all units have the same potential. The profit of Papa John’s varies on location.

If you want to open a Papa John’s franchise, then you need to find a perfect location.

And a perfect location is known as where we found largely crowded and shouldn’t have many competitions in the surrounding area that serve pizza.

Overall, Papa John’s franchise has the potential to make a decent amount of profit, but it depends on you and how you can handle the business operation and select the locations. 

Wrap Up

As we’ve discussed above, Papa John’s offers retail restaurants franchise to entrepreneurs with the above-mentioned condition.

Subsequently, they require prior experience in retail management and high-cost investment.

However, they didn’t say that they never sell their franchise to entrepreneurs who don’t have experience in retail management. But, they always prefer experienced candidates. Moreover, the policy of these franchises is very flexible.

After buying the franchise, they provide support and training to new franchises to run and grow their business.

But they have only one condition- that anyhow you have to provide the best customer service. To conclude, Papa john’s is a good franchise opportunity.

If you could manage a retail restaurant, then it can make a decent amount of profit.

However, there are some downsides too, but we can ignore that downside because it does not affect the profit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the annual revenue of Papa John's Franchise?

An individual Papa John’s franchise owner makes approximately $58,600 annually. 

How much does it cost to buy a Papa John's franchise?

An initial investment required to open a Papa John’s Franchise is $130,120 – $844,420. 

How many Papa John's franchises are there?

Papa John’s has more than 5,199 outlets around the world. 

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