How Much Does A Pizza Hut Franchise Owner Make?

Are you looking for a Pizza Hut franchisee but first, you want to know how much does a Pizza Hut owner make or a franchise owner makes?

Then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the facts related to Pizza Hut and other details like its profitability, investment, training, support, and so on. So, let’s begin.

How Much Does A Pizza Hut Franchise Owner Make
How Much Does A Pizza Hut Franchise Owner Make

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is known for its delicious Pizzas. In 1958, Frank and Dan Carney founded Pizza Hut. For opening their first restaurant, they didn’t have enough capital to spend, so they borrowed $600 from their mother and invested it.

And in just two years, they started offering their franchising. Then in 1960, Pizza Hut opened its first franchise store in Topeka, Kansas, and now it has more than 17,842 locations across the world.

Pizza Hut offers franchise opportunities to those entrepreneurs who have experience in business management or the fast-food industry.

But they also said that they preferred an experienced person, which means a non-experienced person is also eligible.

However, the process of buying this franchise is rigorous and long. After finishing the buying process, they will provide you with benefits like financial assistance, training, marketing support, and territory protection.

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How Much Does A Pizza Franchise Owner Make?

As per records, Pizza Hut generates around $3.5 Billion through its sales.

An individual Pizza Hut franchise owner can make approximately $714,000 through its sales, in which the profit margin is around 3-7%. So, the profit of each franchise store will be around $100,000 after cutting expenses and fees. 

How Much Does A Pizza Hut Employee Earn?

Pizza Hut employees’ hourly rate ranges from $6.81 to $13.07 an hour. However, employees’ hourly rate varies depending on their work position and capacity.

Pizza Hut pays its employees an average of $9.94 an hour. An employee of Pizza Hut with the job title- of Assistant manager can earn an average of $13.94 an hour, while other employees, like a server, can earn an average rate of $6.75 an hour.

Pizza Hut’s hourly rate is lower as compared to average industry employees’ hourly rates. And the highest paying Job at Pizza Hut is General Manager, who makes around $86,599 per year. 

What Is Pizza Hut Known For?

Pizza Hut is mainly known for its delicious pizzas. But mostly, it is known for its pan pizza. Moreover, it has a wide selection of specialty pizza and other cuisines, which are the following: 

  • Chicken Alfredo Pasta. 
  • Detroit Style Pizza. 
  • Pepperoni Pan Pizza. 
  • Personal Pan Cheese Pizza (whole).
  • Cinnabon Mini Rolls. 
  • Hand-Tossed Cheese Pizza.
  • Cheese Pan Pizza. 
  • Hand-Tossed Pepperoni Pizza
  • Breadsticks
  • Honey BBQ Boneless Wing

Pizza Hut is the First Restaurant that delivers pizza to space. Yes, a Russian astronaut received his pie via a resupply rocket while onboard the International Space Station.  

Pros & Cons Of Pizza Hut Franchise

Pros Of Pizza Hut Franchise

  • Provide training
  • Offer financial assistance
  • Creative menu option
  • Global presence
  • Most demanding niche
  • Highly profitable
  • Territory protection

Cons Of Pizza Hut Franchise

  • Strict vetting process
  • High-cost investment
  • Internal and external competition
  • A bad credit report denies your financial assistance
  • Range of expenses

Is Pizza Hut Franchise Profitable?

There are different aspects that define the profitability of Pizza Hut. Nowadays, pizza is highly demandable in the market.

Every 1/3 person wants to eat pizza, and Pizza Hut has been serving a variety of pizzas for over seven decades.

They made their name in the pizza industry and came under the list of top pizza-serving restaurants. It has a global presence, and the brand is recognized as the most trusted brand.

All these factors indirectly increase sales; 90% of the customers choose the company which has more outlets and is recognized as a good brand.

Moreover, the cost of investment is always proportional to the profit of the company, and Pizza Hut requires a high-cost investment of around $297,000 – $2,109,000, which shows that the profit potential is a bit high.

However, some resources show that the sales declined 4% last year. But still, a Pizza Hut franchise owner can earn a profit of $100,000 annually which is more than an average industry franchise profit. 

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Wrap Up

As we discussed above, Pizza Hut is a fast-food restaurant that is known for its pizza. It offers franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs.

The ideal candidate for Pizza Hut Franchise is who has experience in business management or the fast-food industry.

However anyone can apply to buy this franchise, but an experienced person is always preferable.

The policies of the Pizza Hut franchisee are not rigid, but the process of interview is. To buy a franchise, you need to pass a rigorous and long interview process.

The interview process can take around one year because Yum! Brand personally review your application. But if you clear the interview, then you have a chance to grow your career with this lucrative franchise.

The profit potential of Pizza Hut is very high. However, you also have to invest a large amount of capital, and they provide financial assistance to all new franchisees, but franchisees have to meet certain conditions; otherwise, they will deny the financial assistance.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Pizza Hut franchises are there?

Pizza Hut has more than 17,842 outlets around the world. 

What is the annual revenue of the Pizza Hut Franchise?

An individual Pizza Hut franchise owner makes approximately $100,000 annually. 

How much does it cost to buy a Pizza Hut franchisee?

An initial investment required to open a Pizza Hut franchise is $297,000 – $2,109,000

What Is the Lowest Salary at Pizza Hut?

Delivery Driver is the lowest paying job at Pizza Hut, with a salary of $32,312 annually. 

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