How Much Does An Auntie Anne’s Franchise Owner Make?

Are you looking for Auntie Anne’s Franchise but first, do you want to check the profit potential of the company? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Here, we are going to discuss how much does an Auntie Anne’s Franchise owner make and other facts that define the profitability of Auntie Anne’s Franchise. So, keep reading till the end.

How Much Does An Auntie Anne’s Franchise Owner Make
How Much Does An Auntie Anne’s Franchise Owner Make?

What Is Auntie Anne’s?

Auntie Anne’s is a hand-baked pretzels shop. In 1988, it was established by Anne F. Beiler and her husband to serve pretzels, dips, and beverages.

In 1991, they started selling their franchise, and currently, it has more than 1935 locations in 25 countries.

Auntie Anne’s offers different types of franchise opportunities: retail shop, concession shop, and co-branded shop.

Auntie Anne’s offers their franchise to those who are willing to learn new things and serve customers with a happy face and has good leadership qualities to manage the day-to-day activities.

Also, they never require any prior experience because they provide the training program and ongoing assistance to all the new franchises.

Moreover, they also offer third-party finance and as well as venture discounts to eligible candidates.

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How Much Does An Auntie Anne’s Franchise Owner Make?

As per records, the average sales of Auntie Anne’s were approximately $500 million in 2020. An individual Auntie Anne franchise can make $66,242 annually.

But these profits vary on the types of franchise stores you own and your franchise locations.

Current statistics show that the profitability of Auntie Anne is increasing to 16%, with an average of $89,749.

Aunt Anne was also ranked second in the Baked Goods category on Entrepreneur’s top Food Franchises.

What Is Auntie Anne’s Known For?

In the beginning, Auntie Anne’s was only known for its lemonade and beverage. But in the past few years, their menu has grown with lots of delicious cuisines.

They have now expanded their menu with pizza, hot dogs, nuggets, and so on. These are the following items for which Auntie Anne’s is known for:

  • Roasted Garlic & Parmesan
  • Pepperoni
  • Jalapeño
  • Raisin
  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • Sour Cream & Onion
  • Sweet Almond

Pros & Cons Of Auntie Anne’s Franchise

Pros Of Auntie Anne’s Franchise

  • Well-known brand
  • Provide training and ongoing assistance 
  • Various franchise package
  • Proven Business Strategy

Cons Of Auntie Anne’s Franchise

  • Multiple fees and charges
  • Training cost 
  • Bit unhealthy

Is Auntie Anne’s A Profitable Franchise?

Well, profitability depends on different factors. Every business has a different strategy and demand.

If we talk about Auntie Anne’s, it is a well-known brand and has created an impact in the market very well.

The annual sales of the Auntie Anne’s is incredible, and they are continuously growing day by day. So, the brand-building of Auntie is on a good level.

On the other hand, it is a high-cost investment. So, there is a good possibility of generating a decent amount of profit.

As per statistics, Auntie Anne’s franchise owner can make $66,242 annually after deducting the fees and charges, which is enough as per the investment they require.

If you compare the data with other franchise companies, then you will find that the cost of investment is very high, but still, it has the potential to make a decent amount of profit. To conclude, Auntie Anne’s has the potential to earn a high profit. 

Wrap Up

As we discussed above, Auntie Annes’ doesn’t have any rigid police related to the franchise. Anyone can be eligible to buy a franchise.

It is the best option for that Entrepreneur who is looking for profitable franchises.

The cost of investment for Auntie Anne’s franchise is not too high or not too low. However, the profitability is high.

So, investing in a franchise that has more potential to earn a profit is always a great option. And there are no major downsides we have seen in the policies.

You can simply apply for the franchise without any prior experience. But before investing in any franchise, we will suggest you read the Franchise Disclosure Document. It will give you the right view of the franchise and its business growth.

Frequently Asked Question

How much profit does Auntie Ann's franchise make?

An individual Auntie Ann’s franchise owner can make around $66,242 as a profit.

How many Auntie Ann's franchises are there?

Auntie Ann’s has more than 1935 units across the U.S.

How much does it cost to own the Auntie Ann's franchise?

An initial investment required to open Auntie Ann’s Franchise is $143,550 to $503,500.

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