How Much Does an Orangetheory Franchise Owner Make?

Curious to know how much an Orangetheory franchise owner makes? Well, you are at the right place.

Here, we will discuss all things related to the Orangetheory franchise, its profitability, and whether buying this Fitness franchise is worth it or not. So, let’s begin.

How Much Does an Orangetheory Franchise Owner Make
How Much Does an Orangetheory Franchise Owner Make?

What Is Orangetheory?

Orangetheory is an American Fitness studio based in Boca Raton, Florida. The Orangetheory was established in 2009 by Ellen Latham.

They wanted to create a custom-designed workout gym which later became the foundation of Orangetheory’s System.

And in the same year, they started offering franchises, and in only one decade, Orangetheory made a comprehensive market of 1500 units in 25 countries. The business model of the Orangetheory franchise is very flexible.

They never require any prior experience, but they do give preference to those candidates who have experience in management and retailing.

They have some requirements that a candidate must have a net worth of $500,000 and working capital of at least $150,000, and the necessary fund to open a location.

Moreover, there is no financial support from the Orangetheory franchisees, and they never allow third-party financing. So, the candidate has to manage the finance on their own.

There is no other option available. However, they provide comprehensive training programs and support to franchisees and provide advice on location, programming, business plan, and operation, which can be of great help.

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How Much Does an Orangetheory Franchise Owner Make?

As per data, Orangetheory generates around $136.44 Million annually. An individual Orangetheory franchise owner can make around $1 million in revenue. 

However, the revenue might vary based on your location. And also, there is a possibility that some Orangetheory outlets may make more and some might make less owing to the chosen location. Overall, Orangetheory is making a decent amount of profit.

How Much Does An Orangetheory Employee Earn?

Orangetheory employees’ hourly rate ranges from $10.17 to $23.32 per hour. However, employees’ hourly rate varies on position.

An employee of Orangetheory with the job title- of Studio manager can earn an average of $60,282 annually, while other employees, like sales associates, can earn an average rate of $43,956 annually.

What Is Orangetheory Known For?

Orangetheory is a fitness center known for its custom-designed workout gym. They provide many types of fitness programs for you that you can sign up for.

However, they have three special classes Orange 3G, Orange 60, and Orange 45. They also give some benefits like monitoring free heart rate, weight measurement machines, and so on. 

Pros & Cons Of Orangetheory Franchise

Pros Of Orangetheory Franchise

  • Provide training and support
  • Unique approach
  • Recognized brand
  • Fastest growing niche
  • Low fixed expense
  • Highly experienced management team
  • Highly profitable

Cons Of Orangetheory Franchise

  • High royalty-fee
  • Some obligations and restriction
  • All franchisees must meet certain performance level
  • No financing option is available

Is Orangetheory Franchise Profitable?

As per data, Orangetheory franchise owners can easily generate $1 million in revenue annually, which is a decent amount of profit as compared to other franchises.

A fitness center can easily make an average of $20,000 per month after one year of establishment. So, in this term, Orangetheory has good profit potential.

However, this is not enough profit to make you rich. Orangetheory is a growing concept, and the demand for gyms and fitness centers is continuously growing.

So, if you are invested in the fitness industry, it will be more profitable for you in the future. And Orangetheory has also made its name and is recognized as a nationwide brand.

To conclude, Orangetheory is a good franchise to invest in and has good profit potential also.

Wrap Up

As we discussed above, Orangetheory is a fitness center that offers franchise opportunities to a candidate without any prior experience.

The policy of the Orangetheory franchise is very flexible. They have some restrictions and obligations, but that is very common in any business.

However, the only loophole in the Orangetheory franchise is that the requirement for investment is a bit high, and they never provide any kind of financial support.

Even third-party finance option is not available. If a candidate doesn’t have the cost of investment and a good net worth, then he/she may not be able to buy this franchise.

But if you have the capital for investment, then Orangetheory is the best franchise to buy because the profit potential is good.  

Frequently Asked Question

How many Orangetheory franchises are there?

Orangetheory has more than 1500 outlets around the world. 

What is the annual revenue of the Orangetheory Franchise?

An individual Orangetheory franchise owner makes approximately $1 Million annually. 

How much does it cost to buy an Orangetheory franchisee?

An initial investment required to open an Orangetheory franchise is $488,405 – $994,360.

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