How Much Does Automatic Car Wash Cost?

One of the things that you have to do frequently when you own a car is to wash your car, but most of the time, you will not have the time or energy to do it yourself.

There are automatic car washes to help you with this issue and get you sorted in minutes without much trouble. But then you ask yourself how much an automatic car wash costs and if it’s worth the cost.

There are various car washes, so each type of car wash has a different way of working. One of those types is the automatic car wash.

An automatic car wash is a type of car wash that typically uses big brushes and high-pressure jets to clean the car with soap and water on a conveyor.

Automatic car wash is generally one of the cheapest options because it doesn’t require a lot of effort and manual work.

It is a quick process and gets your car cleaned in minutes, but it doesn’t touch the inside of the car. Since there is also no human hand, there might be spots that could be left out.

If you are wondering about the cost of an automatic car wash and whether it’s worth it, this article will explain the costs of automatic car washes.

How Much Does Automatic Car Wash Cost
How Much Does Automatic Car Wash Cost?

Average Cost of Automatic Car Wash

The cost of an automatic car wash depends on different things, and they could fluctuate based on the car wash’s services.

On average, a single automatic car wash cost could be anywhere between $10 to $25.

On the lower end spectrum of the prices, it generally includes the most basic wash and free vacuum.

The higher the prices get, it includes more things. On the higher-end spectrum, you could expect things like waxing, ceramic coating, tire shine, and vacuuming. Each range’s prices are different on certain factors, as well.

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Factors that Affect the Cost of Automatic Car Wash

Factors that Affect the Cost of Automatic Car Wash

As we mentioned previously, automatic car wash costs are not the same everywhere, and there are factors that affect these costs.

What are these factors, and is it feasible to choose your automatic car wash depending on these factors?

Vehicle Size

Though it’s not the biggest issue with automatic car washes, in some cars like SUVs or other off-road big cars, there might be another washing space.

If there is, this wash will be bigger in size and require more products and space. These washes will be more expensive than the smaller ones.

Additional Services

Automatic car washes have the option to add extra items to their car wash procedures, like coating, shine, and other premium products.

If an automatic car wash offers these products, their prices might be higher. If they are adding these as an add-on, you can add or remove some of the stuff to change the price. 


Not every location has the same type of cost, customer base, and income level. Based on where the automatic car wash is, their prices will vary.

An automatic car wash in the downtown of a busy and expensive city like Los Angeles will be much more expensive than a small-town one.

Products Used

Every type of product has different levels of quality, and the prices also change based on their quality.

Depending on what kind of products the automatic car wash uses and how quality they are, their prices will vary.

If they are using top-notch products, you can expect higher charges both in the base cost and in add-on services.

Comparison of Car Wash Costs

There are various types of car washes, offering different types of services and different levels of cleaning.

Automatic car wash is one of those car wash types, and it’s actually one of the cheapest options available. Here is a breakdown of all car wash type’s costs:

TypeAverage Price
Automatic Car Wash$10-$20
Touchless Car Wash$10-$30
Hand Car Wash$20-$30
Full-Service Car Wash$50-$125
Mobile Car Wash$30-$325
Self-Service Car Wash$7-$15

Tips to Save Money on Automatic Car Wash

Tips to Save Money on Automatic Car Wash

Even though the price tag on automatic car washes is not really much, saving money is always beneficial to everyone.

Additionally, you should seek strategies to reduce the cost of your regular automated vehicle wash.

You should adhere to the following advice:

  • Look for loyalty packages: Some car washes might offer discounts or promotions to frequent visitors to their car wash. For example, some car washes might give you an extra free car wash after ten car washes as part of their loyalty package.
  • Monthly subscriptions: There might be a monthly subscription opportunity to get unlimited car washes. This means that you pay a fixed fee each month, usually somewhere between $15 to $30, and get unlimited car washes.
  • Car washes with gas stations: Gas stations that have a car wash could offer discounts on their car washes when you purchase gas from them. You can combine this with the car wash’s loyalty programs if they have it and get extra discounts.
  • Coupons: If your car wash doesn’t have any of the above, which is possible, then you could look for coupons that they share on social media, on their website, or anywhere else. These coupons generally get you some sort of discount.

Is Automatic Car Wash Expensive?

Is Automatic Car Wash Expensive

If you are trying to choose an economical and repetitive way of cleaning your car every month and not worry about what to go for, you might think an automatic car wash is a good choice.

That is true as automatic car wash is not really expensive, and compared to other car wash types, it’s even relatively cheap.

That’s why we can say that automatic car wash is not expensive for most people.

However, the important thing here is your budget and how much you can afford to spend on a car wash.

If your budget is less than $10 per wash, then an automatic car wash could be expensive for you, and the only option would be a self-service car wash. Consider your budget first for your personal choices.

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Which Car Wash Is Better?

Which Car Wash Is Better

When you are deciding which car wash to use for your car, the only determination might not be the price, even though it takes a big percentage.

Determining which car wash is better for your car depends on several things, such as your car’s size, type, and how detailed of a wash you want.

For example, some car washes only clean the outside, such as the automatic car wash, and don’t touch the inside or clean the deep spots on the outside.

On the other hand, some car washes, such as full-service car washes, clean everywhere, including the inside. So even though they are fundamentally car washes, they serve very different purposes.

Of course, the more service you get, the more expensive the car wash will be. However, your goal should be to find the one that is both the most efficient and most budget-friendly altogether.

We think an automatic car wash is quite good because it’s fast, efficient, cleans well, and is quite cheap, but depending on your budget or goals, another car wash could be a better fit for you.


To conclude, the average national cost for an automatic car wash is between $10 to $20.

Depending on the location, quality of the products, size of the vehicle, and the additional services you get, the prices could vary quite a lot.

For example, they might be above the average price range if they are in an expensive neighborhood in an expensive state.

On top of it, if they are using the highest quality products, they will probably charge you more than the average.

Looking at the market prices of other car washes, such as full-service car washes, which have an average price of $50 to $125, automatic car washes are quite cheap.

Determining which one suits you the best is totally up to you because your budget and needs are different than others.

However, automatic car wash is quite cheap and offers a good service compared to its price.


Is an Automatic Car Wash the best option for car wash?

Most of the time, people opt for this car wash because it’s one of the cheapest options and doesn’t take much time. It’s quick, efficient, and cheap, so it’s one of the best options.

Are there cheaper options than an automatic car wash?

Yes, a self-service car wash’s average price is lower than an automatic car wash which is about $7 to $15.

However, self-service car washes are car washes where you do all the work and clean your own car.

What is the average cost for an automatic car wash?

The national average cost for a single automatic car wash is between $10 to $20. Depending on your location and the size of the car wash, this could be slightly higher than these averages.

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