How To Become A Franchise Consultant?

The franchising method has been increasing in popularity among new entrepreneurs.

It allows those without experience to have a sense of owning a business without the stress and risk of failure in the first steps.

However, franchising is still not easy, even though it’s less risky and easy to start.

Many new entrepreneurs entering the franchising method need help to figure out things from day one and go to franchise consultants for this.

That’s why the need for franchise consultants is on the rise, but there is no school for this, so if you are thinking of becoming one, it might seem complicated.

It doesn’t have to be because this article will talk about how to become a franchise consultant step-by-step.

How To Become A Franchise Consultant
How To Become A Franchise Consultant?

Put Education First

There is no special degree for franchise consultants. This means you don’t need a degree, but a university degree will help you build credibility in a competitive market.

Having at least a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, marketing, or another relevant field should be your top priority.

You can, of course, have a more thorough education like a master’s or maybe a Ph.D., but that’s not a must.

The main point is to know how things work, and you can advise these new entrepreneurs on every side of the franchise.

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Get Experience In the Industry

Get Experience In the Industry

Perhaps the most important thing in becoming a franchise consultant is getting hands-on experience in franchising because most of the success will come from what you have experienced before since there is no school for this.

You have to get out there and meet people, see different situations, and get a sense of what is what.

The best method to do this is to work with another franchise consultant as some sort of trainee.

It could be like a paid internship, but the main aim should be to be around this consultant as much as you can and learn. It will also be essential to your CV when trying to get clients.

Get Extra Certifications

Because you can’t go to college and study to become a franchise consultant, you have to put in the extra effort.

In addition to getting a degree in a relevant field and getting experience, you must take certifications.

These certifications generally come from classes or workshops you take individually.

These certifications will show people that you have taken the extra step and were under the franchise business influence in detail.

It will also give you many tips and tricks from a professional franchise consultant. Even some states might offer certain certifications for you to take up.

Focus On The Right Skills

Focus On The Right Skills

After getting the most necessary things, you need to focus on the right skills to advance you.

These skills will mostly revolve around the industry or the type of business you have experience with or you like to work with. That’s why focusing on an area might be easier to find the right skills.

You will already have most of the important skills from your education, experience, and certification training, but you should continuously review your skillset.

This is mostly because the franchising business always has new trends, and you must be able to follow them to provide the best solutions.

Additionally, you should focus on your soft skills, like communication, as you will constantly be in communication with people.

Here are some of the skills that you might want to consider focusing on:

  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Acting professional
  • Analytical skills
  • Researching

There could always be more to these, but these are some soft skills that will be useful for any franchise consultant.

Some industries might require some greater or uncommon soft skills that you have to focus on.

Choose Your Route As A Consultant

This is where things get tricky because franchise consultants can work in different forms. Mainly there are two ways that you can work as a franchise consultant.

You can work as an independent advisor or an in-house consultant, which are very different when it comes to relationships with their customers.


Most consultants work as independent consultants, so this is the norm in the franchise consultant culture.

Independent consultants can hop in to help with a certain issue and leave once they resolve the solution, or they work on a contract basis continuously.

Either way, an independent consultant is always talking to potential clients and trying to secure clients. You generally need a good network to succeed as an independent consultant.


In-house consulting is not so popular for franchise consultants because it’s not really frequent for franchise businesses to hire an in-house consultant.

Some franchisors or franchisees will hire a franchise consultant to help develop the business and provide ideas and opinions all the time.

This method means that a franchise consultant is officially working under a contract as an employee under a brand.

Build Up Your Name

Build Up Your Name

The last part is to build a name or a brand for yourself as a franchise consultant. The most popular and successful method of doing this is using referrals from your old clients.

By using these referrals, you can land a new client easier without much trouble, and you will continue to build your name or brand up in the meantime.

The more famous you are in your neighborhood or in the industry, the more work you will get as a successful franchise consultant.

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The Verdict

Franchising is an easier method of entrepreneurship than creating a business from scratch.

There are fewer risks involved, and definitely a better method of learning the entire business industry.

However, handling everything in a franchise might still be complicated, so you might need a franchise consultant.

Franchise consultants help franchisors or franchisees develop their businesses and ensure that they do not make mistakes.

They are mostly more experienced people with far more reach in the franchise business and also in the industry. Becoming a franchise consultant requires a special effort, as it has no school for it.


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