How To Cancel F45 Membership And Why Is F45 So Expensive?

F45 is a global fitness community which has expanded over the past few years. It specializes in a 45 minute high-intensity workout but we agree there are times when you want to cancel the membership of F45 due to various reasons. So, how to cancel F45 membership and why is F45 so expensive?

How  To Cancel F45  Membership     And  Why Is  It  So Expensive

Let’s begin our guide to understand the process of cancelling the membership of F45 and what makes it different from other gyms in your area.

About F45

F45 has a long and rich history of innovation, growth, and success. It was founded in 2013 in Australia, F45 was the creation of two fitness enthusiast named Rob Deutsch and Adam Gilchrist.

It is an international fitness training phenomenon. In just a few years, F45 has grown into one of the world’s largest and most innovative group exercise studios.

As of today, F45 has over 3300 studios across 67 countries worldwide, becoming one of the most popular fitness franchises available.

They have a unique approach to exercise that encourages clients to reach their fitness goals through high-intensity functional training.

The exercises at F45 includes a mix of weight lifting, cardio, plyometric exercises, and more. With over 5000 exercises and team challenges that change daily, there’s something for everyone at F45. The workouts are designed for maximum results in minimal time.

And with an ever-growing list of celebrity investors, including David Beckham and Mark Wahlberg, it’s no wonder why F45 Studios have become such a hit.

What Is The F45 Challenge?

What Is The F45 Challenge

The F45 challenge is an eight week challenge with the aim of encouraging people to adopt healthier lifestyles.

The F45 challenge is divided into 4 phases:

  • Spring Training (10 days)
  • Regular Season (10 days)
  • Championship Rounds (10 days)
  • World Series (15 days)

To enter the challenge you have to pay a fees of $250 in which you’ll get unlimited access to the local F45 training gym and the challenge app which contains thousands of healthy recipes and home workouts.

At the end of the challenge, you’ll receive a two body scans which will measure your weight, lean body mass, body fat percentage, and hydration levels.

What Are The Policies Of F45?

What Are The Policies Of F45

Covid-19 Policy

Due to Covid-19 and lockdown, F45 introduced some policies and continued to follow it. You might find a box drawn out on the floor and equipment you might need for the day. So, you rotate between movements but never leave your box.

Some classes or even locations might allow to rotate stations, but then you need to quickly wipe your equipment before the other person uses it.

Policy Of Weights And Chalk

Chalk is not allowed at F45 as heavy weight exercises are not practiced at F45. However, if you are used to do pull-ups using chalk, then you can use gymnastic grips.

Also, as F45 doesn’t have bumper plates, you are not to drop weights.

Guest Policy

There is no universal policy for guest at F45. But if you want to bring any family member or member with you then you must cosult the staff or the manager regarding any rules.

Pet Policy

Since, F45 is not a traditional gym, it allows you to bring your dog to the gym. However, you must consult the staff or the manager regarding the policy because F45 studios operate independently and have different policies.

What Are The Amenities In F45?

AmenityAvailable at F45
24-hour accessNo
Basketball courtNo
Cardio cinema roomNo
Group fitness classesYes (each studio runs group training
classes at specified times)
Locker roomsNo (some locations have gender-specific changing
rooms and cubbies for your belongings)
Massage chairsNo
Red light therapyNo
ShowersOnly at some locations
Smoothie barsNo
Women’s only areaNo
Yoga StudioNo

How Much Does F45 Membership Cost?

Type of MembershipPrice
10-Class Pass$200 – $270
20-Class Pass$400 – $540
Trial Week$15 – $30

Who Can Be Benefitted From F45 Training?

Who Can Be Benefitted From F45 Training

F45 is known for its encouraging and positive environment. However, it is not the perfect option for you if your goals are related to physique.

F45 Caters To

  • People who enjoy training in a group
  • People who want to lose weight
  • Individuals who enjoy HIIT-style workouts
  • The people who enjoy the high-intensity nature of Crossfit workouts but are looking for a break from gymnastics and barbell movements.

F45 Doesn’t Caters To

  • Individuals looking for one-on-one training
  • Powerlifters
  • Bodybuilders

How To Cancel F45 Membership And Why Is It So Expensive?

Here is a step-by-step process you can follow to cancel the F45 membership:

1. Review The Contract

The very first thing to do is to review the terms of your contract and carefully read the cancellation policy, notice period required, and cancellation fee.

In case you have lost your copy of the contract, you can contact your local F45 studio and ask for one.

2. In-Person Visit

If possible, the next step you can do is to visit your local F45 studio and consult with the staff or manager about your decision about cancellation.

They can provide you with the necessary forms and guide and other information which might be helpful.

3. Written Request

If you have a busy schedule and can’t visit the F45 studio, then write a detailed cancellation letter or an email. The letter or email should have your membership number, full name, reasons for cancellation, and your request’s effective date.

If you are sending a letter, make sure you have a delivery receipt, and if you are sending an email, you must have a certified mail receipt.

4. Follow-Up

After you have submitted your request for cancellation, make sure to follow-up with the studio. This will ensure that they have received your request and are working on it.

Also, ask for a written confirmation of your cancellation request for your records.

The answer to why F45 is so expensive lies in its efficient programs. F45 is known for its unique, and fun training concept.

It involves a mix of circuit and HIIT-style workouts. It also offers modifications for beginners and advanced routines for those who have enough experience. The trainers at F45 goes through an extensive training to lead the workout sessions.

F45 is an efficient program that is worth joining as in just 45-minutes you can burn up to 750 calories. This program is for anyone who is looking for a high-intensity workout in less time.

So, F45 might be an expensive program, but it also provides many benefits, especially if you are a busy person.

How To Cancel F45 Class?

If you want to cancel the F45 class, then follow these simple steps:

Go to the website of F45 and log in to your F45 account. If you have installed the app, you can directly go to the F45 app.

Select the class you want to cancel and tap on the cancel button to cancel the class.

Note: If you cancel your class less than 34 hours before it is started, then you might have to pay a cancellation fee of $10. This fee might vary from location to location.

Points To Consider When Cancelling F45 Membership

If you have planned to cancel the membership of F45, then there are a few prerequisites that you must review before canceling the membership.

1. Cancellation Fee

At F45, you have a term contract, so if you plan to cancel the membership halfway through the contract, then you’ll have to bear the cancellation fees.

The cancellation fees vary on the basis of the membership program you opted for. For instance, if you have a term contract, then you have to pay at least 50% of your remaining balance or a cancellation fee of flat $150.

In the case of a month-to-month membership, you’ll need to pay the remainder amount of the month.

2. Notice Period

Many F45 locations might want you to provide them with a notice period of about 30 days before canceling the membership.

Therefore, make sure you account for the notice period before canceling your membership at F45.

3. Automatic Payments

Another crucial point to review is automatic payments from your bank account. Make sure to cancel any automatic payments initiated from your bank account to pay F45 membership.

Is F45 Membership Transferrable?

Yes, you can transfer your membership from person to person, but you might be required to pay a transfer fee that is $55. Again this policy and charges vary on the basis of location.

F45 membership cannot be transferred to another location as each of the studios is independently owned and operated

Does F45 offer Franchising?

Yes, you can own the world’s largest and most innovative group of exercise studios. There are a few requirements of the company that you need to review carefully.

The major requirement to own an F45 franchise is an initial investment of $313-$485 and a one-time franchise fee of $50,000. However, there are also a few other conditions that the company requires its franchisees to satisfy.

If you have a passion for fitness and community-building, then the F45 franchise is the perfect option for you!

What Are The Pros And Cons Of F45?

F45 is a popular gym that has a huge cult following, but that doesn’t make it a perfect gym. Like everything in this world has its advantages and disadvantage so does F45.

Pros Of F45

1. Friendly Community

F45 has a very positive and friendly community. It’s a great option for someone looking to be a part of a group.

2. Classes Are Short

At F45, you can get a complete workout in under an hour. So, if you have a busy schedule the F45 is ideal for you.

3. Trainers

Trainers at F45 offer complete support to each member of the class. They also adjust the exercises and equipment to cater to the needs of every individual.

Cons Of F45

1. No Barbells Or Plates

F45 is not your ideal place if you want to become as strong as possible by lifting heavy weights or doing bodybuilding.

2. The Warm-Ups Are Short

Your body needs warm-up to prep itself for the heavy movements, but at F45, the warm-ups are usually only two to three minutes long, which is not adequate to prepare the body for coming exercises.

3. The Expensive Membership Fee

The membership fees at F45 can be quite steep. However, this may vary based on the location, but it is still quite expensive as compared to other gyms.

Comparison Of F45, Orangetheory, and Crossfit

F45 is very similar to OrangeTheory and Crossfit, but there are a few key differences that are given in the table below:

Gym  Single ClassWeekly Class SubscriptionMonthly Class SubscriptionClass TypesBenefits
F45$30/class$60$200Cardio, Resistance, Hybrid, & Recovery-Short Class Times

-Variety of classes
CrossFit$20/classN/A$160/monthStrength Conditioning-Community Focused

-Nutrition assistance
OrangeTheory$28/classN/A$69/month (basic)Rowing, Cardio, Strength Training-Scientific backing


What Are The Alternatives To F45 Training?

1. Equinox


Equinox is known for its group classes. It is a luxury gym that will cost you the same as an F45 membership.

This gym also provides heavy weightlifting and access to much more equipment. Equinox is also suitable if you are looking to do some bodybuilding. It also has some great amenities and spa services.

2. Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness gym is like an adult playground which has basketball courts, rock-climbing walls, racquetball courts, outdoor swimming pools, and tennis courts.

They offer a variety of group classes, of which Alpha Strength classes and Alpha Conditioning are very similar to F45 classes. But again, if you are enjoying F45 but missing heavy barbell work, LifeTime Fitness is your go-to option.

3. Gold’s Gym

Gold's Gym

This gym has a variety of resistance machines and free weights. It is recommended if you are looking to build strength and gain muscles.

It also offers group classes if you want to work out in groups. The most important thing is that the membership price of Gold’s Gym is more than half the price of the F45 membership.


Cancelling your F45 membership requires a few number of steps which you must follow to ensure a smooth process. However, you can also talk to the staff or the manager at F45 studio who will assist you on the process and make your experience more better.

Moreover, it’s a fact that F45 programs are expensive so if the program doesn’t fit in your budget then you can also look for the above-mentioned alternatives.

Hope we answered all your queries related to how to cancel F45 membership and why is it so expensive.


Can my child workout at F45?

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to work-out in the gym, and children who are above 16 or 17 need a certificate of approval from their parents or their legal guardian.

Does F45 offers a free trial?

F45 does offer a free trial. According to the website of F45, you can avail a 7-day free trial at any single location. You just need to go to their website and activate the free trial. Some locations might charge you a fees while some will not.

Is there a dress code in F45?

There is no strict dress code to work out in F45. You just need to put on appropriate apparel with good shoes that are fit for both cardio and strength training.

What App Does F45 uses?

F45 uses the Mindbody platform, but they also have a Functional 45 training app from which you can plan and schedule your classes.

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