H&R Block Franchise

H&R Block offers accurate and affordable income tax preparation and filing services. If you are looking for H&R Block Franchise, then you are at the right place.

You will find all the facts related to Franchise here. We will also assure some beneficial points that will be helpful to you, so let’s begin.

H&R Block Franchise
H&R Block Franchise

About H&R Block

H&R Block is operating a tax return preparation business. One out of every seven Americans has their taxes prepared by H&R blocks.

They have prepared more than 800 million tax returns worldwide. Their tax pros can handle the full spectrum of the tax situation.

They also provide consumer tax software, online tax preparation, and electronic filing from their website. The company, which is situated in Kansas City, also includes payroll and business consulting services.

History Of H&R Block

Henry and Richard, a pair of brothers, founded a company with the names Henry and Richard Bloch in Kansas City.

But after one year, they changed the name from Bloch to Block to avoid the mispronouncing name “Blotch.”

They opened their first Franchise in New York City, which also became a success. After that, H&R Block slowly started expanding all over the USA.

They devoted themselves to preparing tax returns for the “Little Guy” full-time.

In 1969, H&R Block had more than 3,286 offices throughout the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Today, H&R Block has more than 12,000 retail offices worldwide, and the company’s profit margin is around 22.84%.

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H&R Block Franchise Model

Initial Investment$31,557-$157,898
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets 12,000 retail offices

Training Of H&R Block

The new Franchisor must attend the initial training programs held in Kansas City, Missouri, or a virtual option is also available as the Franchisor designates.

The initial training program consists of 35 hours of training and 16 hours of on-job training. In addition, they also offer training related to the preparation of tax returns.

All the employees and the Franchisor require taking annual training on H&R Block’s products and services.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning An H&R Block Franchise?

There are numerous advantages to owning an H&R Block franchise:

  • Experience of more than 55 years
  • The United States Largest Tax Network
  • Financing Options for Small Businesses
  • Strong Support to Assist You in Growing Your Business
  • Industry-leading training and technology
  • Initial Investment Is Minimal
  • Superior Services and Products

Term & Agreement Of H&R Block

The actual length of the initial franchise term is ten years. The term will start on the date when the Franchisor starts and ends on the 10th tax year.

There is no clause of the automatic renewal of the term, but the Franchisor has an option to offer a new franchise.

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Low-Cost Investment Franchise

H&R Block is a low-cost investment franchise. People may think that this no.1 tax business is an expensive franchise.

But in reality, the cost of H&R Block is low, and it is also profitable. The initial investment to start the Franchise is $31,557-$157,898 and a $2,500 franchise fee.

The one-time investment can open the highest profitable Franchise. Compared to other tax franchises, the H&R Block franchise has one of the lowest initial investments.

Moreover, you don’t need to pay any other additional fee for advertisements because it has already gained goodwill in the market.


Is H&R Block a home-based franchise?

No, H&R Block is not a home-based franchise. You will need a proper office to run Franchise.

Where is H&R Block headquarters?

H&R block headquarter in Kansas City, Missouri.

Who is the CEO of H&R Block?

Jeff Jones is the CEO of H&R Block.

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