In-N-Out Secret Menu 2024

In-N-Out is a quite famous American fast food restaurant chain with most of its branches in California and Southwest of the United States. They were founded in 1948 and quickly grew in popularity, and they now have about 380 locations across several states, with a heavy focus on California, where they were founded.

In-N-Out Secret Menu

An urban myth about In-N-Out’s menu is that there is a secret menu outside of their traditional menu. You might wonder if it’s real and, if it is, what this secret menu is all about. This article will answer common questions about In-N-Out’s secret menu, what’s in it, how you can order it, and other frequent questions.

In N Out Secret Menu 2024

Secret Menu Burgers

Burger TypeDescription
Animal StyleRegular patty with fried mustard, grilled onions, pickles, and extra Thousand Island spread on top.
3×3Three beef patties and three slices of American cheese.
4×4Four beef patties and four cheese slices.
Flying DutchmanBun-less burger with two patties and two cheese slices.
Protein StyleLow-carb option wrapped in a lettuce bun.
Onion BunWhole grilled onions instead of a regular bun.
Tomato BunTomato slices replace the bun.
Grilled CheeseTwo slices of melted American cheese between toasted burger buns.
Pup PattyA plain beef patty for dogs.

Secret Menu Fries

Fries TypeDescription
Animal StyleFries with fried mustard, grilled onions, extra spread, and melted cheese.
Cheese FriesFries covered in melty American cheese.
Roadkill FriesCombo of animal fries and a Flying Dutchman (two burger patties and two cheese slices) with fries.
Well-DoneExtra crispy fries, almost crunchy.
LightFries cooked for a softer texture.
Lemon PepperRegular fries seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon juice for added flavor.

Secret Menu Drinks

Drink TypeDescription
Neapolitan ShakeAll three shake flavors (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry) combined.
Black and White ShakeSwirled chocolate and vanilla shakes.
Root Beer FloatHalf root beer soda and half vanilla shake.
Arnold PalmerSweet tea and lemonade combo.
Lemon-UpPink lemonade mixed with 7Up soda.

Secret Menu Extras

BunCustomize your bun with ‘light toast’, ‘extra toast’, or ‘no toast’.
OnionsChoose from raw chopped, grilled, whole raw, or whole grilled onions as toppings.
Chopped ChilisAdd sliced banana peppers for a little heat.
PicklesAnother tasty topping option.
Cold CheeseAdd a slice of American cheese without melting it.
Cut-in-HalfSplit a burger among kids easily.

What Is Gorilla Style At In And Out?

What Is Gorilla Style At In And Out

Gorilla Style is actually a myth that started on the internet, so there is no direct “Gorilla Style” burger on the menu.

However, you can still create something on your own by combining different orders. Order a burger and animal-style fries and add the fries to the middle of the burger, and you’ll get a Gorilla Style burger.

What Are Roadkill Fries At In-N-Out?

What Are Roadkill Fries At In-N-Out

Roadkill Fries are animal-style fries that also have burger crumbles on top of it as an extra. If your In-N-Out is not familiar with the Roadkill Fries name, you can order animal fries and Scooby Snack together, and you can crumble the meat on top yourself.

What Is A Scooby Snack At In and Out?

Scooby Snack comes from the Scooby Doo Cartoon, and In-N-Out also used this name on its menu. Scooby Snack is just one beef burger patty without anything else.

What Is a Flying Dutchman On The In-N-Out Menu?

A Flying Dutchman on the In-N-Out menu is two beef patties sandwich between two American cheese slices. The plain Flying Dutchman is this, but you can ask for extra toppings or dressings if you want.

What is in a Double-Double In-N-Out Animal Style?

What is in a Double-Double In-N-Out Animal Style

Double-Double Animal Style In-N-Out Burger is a burger with 2 beef patties that are fried in mustard, caramelized onion, cheese, and a special sauce that is a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise. It also has all the other ingredients of a regular burger.

Is In-N-Out Secret Sauce Gluten Free?

Yes, according to In-N-Out, their secret spread recipe is gluten-free. But there might be cross-contamination on the spread they use on their burgers. You could ask for a fresh spread if you have a gluten allergy.

Does In-N-Out Burger Have A Secret Menu?

Yes, they have a secret menu, but it’s not like a real secret menu. You can just ask for special burgers that are generally not written on their menu. The items on the secret menu generally allow you to add a different kick to your order and make it a little different. You can get those items by ordering them separately, as well.

Is In-N-Out Secret Sauce Thousand Island?

Is In-N-Out Secret Sauce Thousand Island

No, In-N-Out’s Thousand Island dressing is a separate sauce from the recipe of In-N-Out’s secret sauce. Although they are quite similar in how they are made, there are just a few differences here and there between these two sauces.

Does In-N-Out Have A Chicken Sandwich On Their Secret Menu?

No, In-N-Out’s secret menu does not have a chicken sandwich. All the items on their secret menu are made with beef patty. However, there are two items, Protein Style and Animal Style, that allow you to choose the burger of your choice. You can choose a chicken burger for these items and get a chicken sandwich like this with the addition of secret menu ingredients.

What Time Does In-N-Out Serve Their Secret Menu?

There is no set time when In-N-Out serve their secret menu. You can order it anytime the stores are open. All you have to do is to know which secret menu item you want. Their secret menu is like their traditional menu. It’s always there for people to order.

What Is In-N-Out Secret Sauce?

What Is In-N-Out Secret Sauce

In-N-Out’s secret sauce is mayonnaise, ketchup, white vinegar, sugar, and sweet pickle relish. Its ingredients are similar to the Thousand Island dressing, but it’s less sturdy, and it’s a combination of sweet and tangy tastes. They use this sauce in their burgers, fries, and pickles.

How To Order In-N-Out Secret Menu?

How To Order In-N-Out Secret Menu

Ordering In-N-Out’s secret menu is not really a hurdle as you do it just like you are ordering a standard item. Here’s how you can order something from the secret menu.

  • First, choose what secret menu item you want to order. Make sure to choose it beforehand, as these items are not listed on their menu.
  • Then, go to the In-N-Out in your neighborhood,
  • If you chose Double Meat, all you have to do is ask for a Double Meat burger,
  • If you want additions, extra dressings, or remove something, say it in this step when you are ordering it,
  • Then you will get your order once it’s ready.


What Is a triple-double at In-N-Out?

In-N-Out doesn’t directly have a triple-double burger, but you can ask for it separately. They have double-double or triple-triple, which is a combination of two or three beef patties and two or three layers of cheese on top of the patties. With triple-double, you can get either three beef patties and two layers of cheese or two patties and three layers of cheese.

What Is the In-N-Out burger with no bun?

There are two secret menu items that come without a bun. One is Scooby Snack, which is only a burger patty, and the other is the Protein Style. Protein Style changes the bun with hand-leafed lettuce.

What Is the protein style at In-N-Out?

Protein style is a burger without the bun but with lettuce. You can get any burger you choose, but it comes with hand-leafed lettuce instead of a hamburger bun. You can also change the lettuce to tomato and get a tomato-wrapped burger.

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