Indo American Montessori Preschool Franchise

“Education is a fundamental tool you can use to transform the world,” Nelson Mandela once said.

His words ring true as they see scientific innovators taking the world by storm. Indo American Montessori Preschool Franchise is based on this teaching.

About Indo American Montessori Preschool Franchise

Any child has the right and privilege to receive a quality philosophy, which will lead to a brighter future.

The education earned during a person’s formative and pre-school years is the most critical period of their lives.

With their unique program and vast experience, the Indo American Montessori preschool franchise will benefit.

Indo American Montessori Preschool is a one-of-a-kind playschool model and educational approach.

Indo American Preschool is a preschool brand that believes in a prosperous and safe future for all children, and they understand that children play a crucial role in the world’s progress toward that goal.

In India, they have over 35 preschools (states include Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, and others).

As a result, they ensure that their surroundings and the air they breathe are healthy.

Plants that clean the air that the children breathe are placed around the school campus and inside the classrooms.

Indo American Montessori Preschool Franchise
Indo American Montessori Preschool Franchise

Indo American Montessori Preschool Franchise

Area Requirement1800 sq. ft.
InvestmentRs. 12 lakhs
Agreement Period5 years 

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The Curriculum of Indo American Montessori Preschool

Their curriculum is classified into three age groups, each with its own curriculum:

El Vivero: The youngest of the bunch, this level was created with children as young as two and three years old in mind. The playschool will have all of the required amenities to ensure the success of the children.

El Chico: As a result of the promotion from El Vivero, the bar for children aged 3 and 4 years has been raised. Classes will be upgraded in terms of length and curriculum.

El Kinder: The advanced stage of El Kinder, built for children aged 4 and 5, is the senior-most level. A syllabus that caters to the development of children will be created.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the Indo American Montessori franchise successful?


What is the agreement renewal period of Indo American Montessori Preschool franchise?

5 years.

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