Inspect-It 1st Franchise

Inspect-It 1st is recognized as one of the best inspection services, and if you want to diversify your portfolio, then Inspect-It 1st Franchise is one of the great opportunities for you.

In this article, we will discuss everything related to the Inspect-It 1st Franchise, like its profit, franchise fee, investment, and other expenses. So, let’s begin. 

Inspect-It 1st Franchise
Inspect-It 1st Franchise

About Inspect-It 1st 

Inspect-It 1st is the Nation Premier property that provides services to real estate agents and home and building inspection services.

In 1991, Inspect-it 1st was founded, and in 2003, it started offering its franchises.

Inspect-It is part of the Merrymeeting Group family of franchised brands, and currently, it has more than 29 locations and more than 25 years of experience in providing home inspection services.

Their high-quality and thorough inspection reports, training, experience, and level of care are unmatched.

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Franchise Model Inspect-It 1st 

Initial-Investment$32,400 to $43,400
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets29

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Training & Support Of Inspect-It 1st 

Inspect-It 1st offers a training program to new franchisees. The training program includes training in marketing, technical, operations, and everything required to run a home inspection business.

The tenure of the training period is more than two weeks and is held in the classroom.

In this program, they give you filed instruction methodologies to manage the business.

Once franchisees complete the training program, they enter their coaching and franchisee Mentor programs. 

Ideal Candidate For Inspect-It 1st 

As we discussed above, Inspect-It 1st provides training to all the new franchisees. So, it doesn’t require any kind of prior experience.

To buy their Franchise, you just need to be active and productive in work and should have an interest in running the home inspection business.

Anyone who has the money to invest in this Franchise can buy Inspect-It.

Because Inspect-It 1st is a part of Merrymeeting group, which is known as an international leader in franchising, they know how to support franchise partners and hence, are only looking for hard-working, self-motivated businessmen. 

Advantages Of Inspect-It 1st 

  • A strong knowledge base and phone support for inspection are available online.
  • Monthly calls from franchisee committees. 
  • Flexible business model
  • Attractive, progressive, and aggressive marketing tools
  • Strong SEO and online social programs
  • One of the largest territories in the industry

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How Much Does Inspect-It 1st Franchise Make?

There are different aspects that define profitability. The first factor of profitability is the size of the investment.

Investment always plays a vital role in generating a decent amount of revenue.

In the case of an Inspect-It 1st franchise, there is the possibility that even less investment can generate revenue because the market of home inspection is spread widely, and also the Inspect-It 1st also has earned goodwill in the market through its service. So, all the aspect of the Franchise shows green flags.

Inspect-It 1st Comparison

CompanyInspect-It 1stAmerican Leak Detection
Founded In19911987
Initial Investment$32,400 to $43,400$76,755-$259,550
Total Outlets29175
Annual Revenue$28 million$8.8 Million


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to own an Inspect-It 1st Franchise?

Opening an Inspect-It 1st franchise requires an initial investment of $32,400 to $43,400 and a minimum of $20,000 in liquid cash.

How many Inspect-It 1st franchises are there?

There are more than 29 Inspect-It 1st franchise locations in North America. 

Does Inspect-It 1st franchise offer a venture discount?

Yes, Inspect-It 1st offers a 10% off on the franchise fee as a venture discount.

Is Inspect-It 1st a franchise?

Yes, Inspect-It 1st is a Nation’s Premier Property Inspection Franchise.

How much does an Inspect-It 1st franchise cost?

Starting an Inspect-It 1st franchise requires an initial investment of $32,400 to $43,400, with a franchise fee of $24,900.

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