Is Atlas Earth Profitable?

Ever since Metaverse came into the limelight, a lot of games and apps have emerged, benefiting from the current buzz.

One such popular app is Atlas Earth, a gaming platform that allows users to earn money. But is Atlas Earth profitable?

Purchasing virtual properties has become possible with virtual reality games like Atlas Earth. What seemed outlandish a few years ago is now our reach.

But what is the credibility of such games and apps? Is Atlas Earth even legit?
Keep reading to find out!

Is Atlas Earth Profitable

Atlas Earth In a Nutshell

Atlas Earth is one of the few online games where you can buy, sell and rent virtual real estate.

Essentially, Atlas Earth looks like a real-world virtual representation that takes place in the metaverse and is like a combination of Monopoly and PokemonGo.

The app allows users to buy virtual lands in the size of 900 square feet at a time. As you buy more plots, you can increase your ranking and even become a mayor, governor, or president.

Atlas Earth mirrors the real world, so if you move around in real life, then you can discover new plots and even see if anybody around you owns the plot.

Keep reading to find out how Atlas Earth works and how you can make money from it!

How Does Atlas Earth Work?

How Does Atlas Earth Work

Atlas Earth was created by NextNav, and the primary motive behind the development of this game was to capitalize on the buzz around Metaverse.

For the past four years, the company has been integrating digital and real-life interactions by allowing users to experience augmented reality in a 3D format that they can experience by walking around in their area.

So this game basically splits the entire United States into 30ft x 30ft parcels or plots starting at $5 each, allowing the user to reach ranks of:

  • Major – Owns the most number of lands in the city. 
  • Governor – Owns the most number of lands in the state.
  • President – Owns the most number of lands in the U.S.A.

In this game, you can buy legendary pieces of land, such as the Statue of Liberty, and even become a tycoon by climbing up the leaderboard.

Additionally, you can buy your neighbor’s property and see what other plots are available.

Later on, you can sell or flip your virtual property for a higher price or simply rent it out and earn real money from it.

How Much Rent Does Atlas Earth Pays?

Atlas Earth pays rent in USD for running ads, whereas a standard land pays you $.0000000015 per second for 365 days whether you are online or not.

By leveling up your passport or you investing more money, you can increase your earnings by 30 times.

How Does Atlas Earth Make Money?

The gaming platform Atlas Earth makes money by selling you the game’s currency called “Atlas Bucks” for $5 per 100 bucks.

So with one hundred Atlas Bucks, you can purchase a parcel of land, and as you buy more Atlas Bucks, it gets cheaper.

Another way by which Atlas Earth makes money is through advertising.

Atlas Earth has a large advertising network, and it generates revenue by allowing AD Networks to display ads to its users.

So the more ads the user watch, the more money Atlas Earth makes from it. Even the users get a part of this money or “rent” earned by Atlas Earth from these ads.

How Does Users Make Money From Atlas Earth?

Atlas Earth has a cashback system where they reward the user with a portion with a part of their advertising income in the form of rent per second.

So when the user spends money within the game and watches ads, Atlas Earth sets aside a portion of its ad revenue for the user and pays them in real USD currency.

Features of Atlas Earth

Here are the most common features of Atlas Earth:

  • Hold 900 square feet of land based on real-world location.
  • Earn free parcels as you progress.
  • After reaching 250,000 parcels, achieve a bag.
  • Withdraw money via PayPal.
  • Get more profits by holding land for longer periods.
  • Expand your virtual real estate market by utilizing rental income.

How Much Money Can You Really Make From Atlas Earth?

To find out how much money you can really make from Atlas Earth, let us look at this calculation:

First of all, when you purchase a plot of land, you can unlock one out of the four rarities that pay you a different amount of rent per second:

  • Common – $.0000000011 per second
  • Rare – $.0000000016 per second
  • Epic – $.0000000022 per second
  • Legendary – $.0000000044 per second

So let’s take an example:

Suppose you have a common plot of land paying you $.0000000011 per second. Then in a minute, you will earn $0.00000066, and in an hour, you will make $0.00000396.

So if you invest $100, you will be able to purchase 25 parcels from it.

These 25 lands will pay you:

$0.00000396 an hour x 25 parcels = $0.000099 an hour and,

$0.000099 an hour x 24 hours = $0.002376 per day.

Now if you do one BOOST, then your earnings would be:

1 BOOST = the amount you’re earning + %1500

$0.002376 x %1500 = $0.03564

So with one BOOST and 25 parcels, you are only getting $0.03564 a day.

With 4 BOOSTS, you can increase your earning to:

$0.03564 x 4 BOOSTS per day = $0.133056 per day.

13 cents x 100 days = $13.

13 cents x 356 days = $47.45 per year from 25 parcels.

Make a note that $47.45 is the lowest return that you will get by investing $100 in a year. By investing more, you can increase your earnings on Atlas Earth. 

Is Atlas Earth Profitable?

As you can see from the calculation above, by investing $100 you can earn a minimum of $47.45 in a year from Atlas Earth. So can you earn money from Atlas Earth? Yes!

But is Atlas Earth profitable? We don’t think so. By investing a $100 dollars for a year you get to earn only $47.45.

The amount in terms of percentage may seem good enough to you but remember you earn this money by watching ads and each ad has a duration of 20-45 seconds.

The amount of time you will be required to invest to earn this money doesn’t seem worth it to us.

Is Atlas Earth a Scam?

No, Atlas Earth is not a scam, and it definitely pays you for renting out your virtual property or if you decide to sell or switch your property.

Metaverse, real estate investing, is a fairly new concept, and it is obvious that people to doubt its worthiness. But the real question is whether it is future-proof or will go flop like many other trends.

There is a 50-50 chance that this app would skyrocket or maybe not.

If you are using Atlas Earth for investment purposes, then it is not the best or the safest option, nor is it that profitable. However, if you use it only for enjoyment, then by all means, go ahead.

Wrap Up

Atlas Earth is a somewhat unique concept game based on the concept of Metaverse.

Is Atlas Earth profitable? Not really, given the amount of time that is required to make money from it

However, if you want to explore Atlas Earth and want to have a unique gaming experience, then you can check it out by all means.


How does Atlas Earth payout money?

Players using Atlas Earth have the option to withdraw or reinvest their money. Those interested in withdrawing their money can do so via PayPal.

However, the user needs to have a minimum of $5 to withdraw their money.

Is Atlas Earth legit?

Yes, Atlas Earth is a legit gaming platform that allows you to rent, buy or sell virtual plots and earn money from them.

However, it is not the ideal platform for investing purposes as it is in its early stage of development.

How many players are there on Atlas Earth?

Atlas Earth has 1,000,000 registered users in the United States and sells one parcel of land every six seconds daily.

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