Is Balsam Hill Going Out Of Business 2024?

Is Balsam Hill Going Out Of Business? You might be wondering since there are rumors everywhere about the business shutting down.

With the holiday season just around the corner, you might be planning to shop for a good quality Christmas Tree. And how can one not consider Balsam Hill when it comes to buying the most exceptional Christmas tree and decor items?

But can you shop from them? Are they closing down, really? Let’s find out!

Is Balsam Hill Going Out Of Business

About Balsam Hill

Balsam Hill is the leading provider of high-quality, realistic artificial Christmas trees located in Northern California.

The company specializes not only in selling artificial Christmas trees but also Christmas decor and home decor items to both individuals and companies.

Ever since Balsam Hill’s inception in 2006, the brand has been crafting artificial Christmas trees that look so lifelike that they can easily fool an untrained eye.

In just a few years of its founding, Balsam Hill grew so much that in 2012, the company reported revenue of a whopping $34.7 million. And this was when the company was only running online.

In 2013, the next year, Balsam Hill opened its first offline store in Burlingame, California.

Along with this, the company has been in some amazing partnerships and collaborations with ScentSicles for a global Christmas Tree decoration event and the #CelebritiesforSmiles campaign.

Given such a good history, it is obvious that people get shocked when they hear rumors about Balsam Hill Going Out Of Business. Keep on reading to find out the truth!

Why Is The Company Named Balsam Hill?

Why Is The Company Named Balsam Hill

Words have power, so the name Balsam Hill is not a random name that the company chose for this distinguished brand.

So the word “Balsam” is Latin and refers to a resinous substance that is found on trees. For centuries, this sap-like material has been considered a symbol of rejuvenation and healing.

The word’s etymology can further be traced back to Latin, Arabic, Aramaic, and Hebrew, often signifying “perfume” or “spice.”

The brand name can also be linked with “Balm of Gilead,” which is a healing compound made from the resin of the balsam tree.

By adopting the name Balsam Hill, the company shows its attachment to nature and a connection with authenticity, which is reflected in all its products.

Is Balsam Hill Going Out Of Business?

Recently, there has been an online frenzy because Balsam Hill is rumored to be going out of business. However, that is not the case at all, and Balsam Hill is not going out of business.

In 2020, Balsam Hill faced a bit of a challenge due to Covid-19 and even filed for bankruptcy. However, it was able to bounce back with new funding. Today, Balsam Hill is still active and doing well.

If you come across any news that says that Balsam Hill is going out of business, then you should disregard it.

What Makes Balsam Hill So Popular?

It’s not just Balsam’s craftsmanship that sets them apart from their competitors; it’s also their unique approach. Unlike its competitors, Balsam Hill manufactures and creates its own trees.

So when a customer purchases a tree from Balsam Hill, they know that the tree has been created with immaculate precision and attention to detail. And that the tree is designed for durability and high quality.

And this is what sets Balsam Hill apart from their competitors and makes them so popular.

Is Balsam Hill Facing Any Financial Challenge Currently?

Is Balsam Hill Facing Any Financial Challenge Currently

As mentioned earlier, Balsam Hill did face a major financial setback in 2020 due to COVID-19 but was able to bounce back as they obtained the needed funding.

The revenue and profitability of Balsam Hill have not been made public; hence we do not know for sure what is its exact financial status. However, it does seem like the company is doing good as of 2024.

Will Balsam Hill Go Out Of Business In The Future?

Balsam Hill always stays ahead when it comes to adapting to changes and new trends.

This thing can be seen in both their designs and work ethic.

For example, as people are becoming more conscious about the environment, Balsam is trying to incorporate and include eco-friendly materials in its products.

Additionally, they are very customer-centric and try to take constant customer feedback for improvement.

We believe this, and their continuous adaptation of innovation, will ensure that they do not go out of business in the near future.

Who Are The Competitors of Balsam Hill?

Balsam Hill is mainly known for its lifelike artificial Christmas trees and decor items. Here’s a list of some other companies or competitors of Balsam Hill:

  • King of Christmas
  • Christmas Tree Shops
  • Christmas Central
  • TreeTime
  • Artificial Christmas Tree
  • National Tree Company

Wrap Up

Balsam Hill is a popular choice among customers because of its unmatched craftsmanship and exceptional product quality.

The company filed for bankruptcy due to COVID-19, which might have made you wonder- Is Balsam Hill Going Out Of Business?

Thankfully, Balsam Hill has recovered now, so you can shop for Christmas Trees this season from them online.


Who owns Balsam Hill?

Balsam brands, a privately owned company, owns Balsam Hill.

Where are Balsam trees manufactured?

Balsam trees manufactures all their trees in California. Their prototypes are, however developed in their Research and Development (R&D) center in China.

Is Balsam Hill Flip tree worth it?

Yes, although Balsam Hill Flip Trees can be quite expensive as compared to other artificial trees. However, their durability, quality, and ease of installation make them worth the money.

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