Is Being A Landlord Profitable 2024?

If you have ever pondered upon being a landlord, then you should know that being a landlord may seem like an easy job, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. But Is being a landlord profitable 2024? We bet this is your next question in line.

Is Being A Landlord Profitable

According to the reports of the Internal Revenue Service, approximately 10.6 million Americans earn income from their rental properties. In 2018, it was reported that, on average, individual landlords reported $34,217 in rental income.

So, if this business of real estate looks like your ideal match then keep on reading this article. In this article, we’ve collected information on the advantages of being a landlord, the challenges faced by them, and most importantly the average salary of a landlord.

What Are The Advantages Of Being A Landlord?

This business of real estate comes with a lot of money if it is down properly. So, let’s discuss the perks that come with being a landlord:

1. Guaranteed Monthly Income

Many people hate the notion of working a 9 to 5, and that’s where leasing your rental property comes in the frame. It is a passive income where you invest your money and then let the money stream to you.

Also, being a landlord guarantees a stream of income monthly. It gives you an opportunity to earn passive income even more than the investments made in the stocks or certificates of banks.

2. Higher Returns For Short-Term Rentals

The pricing for short-term rentals is more flexible and tends to have higher returns as compared to long-term rentals. One thing to remember about short-term rentals is that it also includes ancillary cost and other operating costs.

Additionally, high seasons in the short-term rental tend to give higher investments and thus lead to higher sales.

3. High Return On Investment

Real estate businesses such as owning a cemetery or residential property etc. is are big business, and you can see higher returns on investment once you enter the field. It is the safest way to grow your wealth.

On average, you can expect a 7% return on investment or even more. Moreover, when you mortgage the property, you are making a monthly financial commitment that will go on for years, but the money is still going toward a long-term investment.

4. Long-term Profitability

In the real estate industry, the properties are always revalued over time. Also, if the real estate market is growing, then you will have the potential to earn more income by selling your rental property.

However, if you do not want to sell it, then you can always increase the rent before renewing the lease. Remember, the more features a house has for potential tenants, the higher the rental price can be.

5. Tax Deduction Benefits

Tax deduction benefits also come along with all the other benefits mentioned above. As a landlord, you can deduct every cost, such as:

  • Interest on mortgage
  • Depreciation
  • Repairs that are done on the property and
  • Insurance premiums

What Are The Challenges Faced By A Landlord?

What Are The Challenges Faced By A Landlord

Here are a few challenges that every landlord faces:

1. Start-up Costs

There are many books written on finding the best property to rent out, and this is simply because it is a very crucial step for a landlord. If you buy an expensive property, then you’ll end up never making money. Also, the newer the property is, the more expensive it will be.

However, if you get a good bargain, then it is a problem, too, as older properties may be cheaper, but they come with the cost of maintaining them.

2. Maintenance Cost

Another challenge that a landlord faces is the maintenance costs. As we discussed, the newer the property is, the more expensive it is. But at the same time, if you go for an old property, then you’ll have to keep them up to date.

However, in addition to the initial renovations, you’ll also make ongoing repairs such as:

  • Roof leaks
  • Plumbing
  • Fires
  • Water damage and
  • Safety code requirements

3. Tenants

The next issue that a lot of landlords face is firstly to find the right tenant. However, there are many rental listing sites that provide a fast and inexpensive way to find your prospective tenant.

But the challenge starts when the tenant doesn’t pay the rent on time or doesn’t pay the rent at all. A tenant will also cause issues like:

  • Property damage
  • Noise complaints and
  • Other rules violations

All these issues can lead to lower the value of your rental property and might force you into a legal situation.

What Are The Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Landlord?

There’s no doubt that being a landlord comes with a full box of responsibility and a lot of money if you do it right. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before becoming a landlord.

1. Start With One Property

If you are a beginner in the market, then we recommend starting by purchasing and managing only one property. This will give you an idea of how to manage and refine your management before diving into managing multiple properties.

Additionally, you’ll get in-depth knowledge about the industry and what services you need to hire in order to maintain the property.

2. Attention To Lease

You must pay attention to your lease as this document lists all the responsibilities of both parties, i.e., the landlord and the tenant. Therefore, a lease agreement must be drafted with utmost care and attention.

Here are a few clauses that you must include in your lease agreement:

  • The clause stating when and how the rent will be paid
  • Clauses defining who will pay for heating/electricity etc.
  • The length of the tenancy
  • How much security deposit is required
  • If pets are allowed on the property or not
  • Provision that will warranty on early termination of the contract

3. Protect Yourself With The Landlord’s Insurance

This is the biggest mistake a landlord makes. No matter how rigorous your screening test is, an evil tenant will slip in through your screening test and later bite out of your rental property.

So, protecting yourself with a landlord’s insurance will be like bullet bulletproof vest, and as a landlord, you should make sure that your rental properties are fully covered at the beginning.

4. Choose A Suited Moment To Buy

Being a landlord, you should also choose the right moment to buy the property. Analyze the economic condition of your state. If you are buying a rental property when the market is decreasing, then it will be difficult to recoup the investment, let alone gain revenue.

You must also pay attention to interest rates. As at the times of higher interest rates it becomes tough to get mortgages. So, a promising condition to buy a rental property is during a low-rate interest period.

5 Signs You Are Not Fit For Being A Landlord

5 Signs You Are Not Fit For Being A Landlord

Being a landlord can help you make a passive income; however, there are some people who just don’t have the right temperament to become a landlord. Through these following points, check whether you are the perfect match to become a landlord:

1. You Get Emotionally Attached To People

This is a common problem when it comes to rental property. Sometimes, the landlords get so attached to their tenants that when the tenant refuses to pay the rent, the landlord can’t stomach it.

So, if you are one of them, then becoming a landlord is just not right for you.

2. The Non-Performing Assets

Let’s say one of your tenants has refused to pay the rent, and on top of that, they are not going to leave the property without a tough fight. So now you have the non-performing assets with the mortgage, taxes, insurance, repairs, and other costs that you have to pay when you don’t have any incoming money.

3. You Love To Decorate

If you are a master in decorating, then you’re probably thinking about decorating the rental house with expensive tiles and a Wilf stove. In a rental business, the decoration should be light and inexpensive.

So, if you are pricing yourself in the rental market, then you’ll end up having the prettiest vacant rental property.

4. You Don’t Like To Break Your Sleep

Another key element that indicates that you are not fit for being a landlord is you are a heavy sleeper. A renter can call you any time of the day or night about the broken water pipe.

So, if you don’t have 247 Handyman, then you are the 247 Handyman, which means that it will be a nightmare if you don’t like to be disturbed in your sleep.

5. You Are Not A Fan Of Technicalities

As a landlord, you need to be familiar with every law and the rights of the tenant in the area of your rental property.

So, if you don’t know the rules and follow them fastidiously, then your tenant can sue you and might be allowed to live in your property rent free.

What Are The Biggest Mistakes Landlords Do That Minimize The Profit?

No one in the world enters a business with the intention of losing money, but what if we tell you that there might be ways that you are doing so without even realizing it? Yes, below are some mistakes that landlords make that kill their profits:

Is Being A Landlord Profitable 2024?

Yes, being a landlord is profitable if you do things right. In 2022, the average value for rentals was $365,313. According to the reports, based on the annual income of the landlord in 2018, which was $34,217, it is also found that the profit margin in this industry is up to 30.4%

Additionally, the real median household income is just $62,000; however, landlords bring in $97,000 annually through all of their income sources.

So, just imagine the money you’ll be floating in when you get started with being a landlord.

How To Become A Landlord?

So, being a landlord is indeed profitable but how to become one? Below are the steps to become a successful landlord:

1. Buy A Rental Property

First things first, to become a landlord you first need a rental property. Now, this doesn’t mean that any property will do; you need to purchase the right property in the right neighborhood.

Also, if you buy an expensive property, then it will take you time to make a profit. However, if you go for a fixer-upper, then it is also a problem as you might not have enough capital for the repairs.

2. Property Insurance

The next step is to insure the property. However, the coverage you need to inspire the property depends on the size of it.

Also, there isn’t a single type of insurance that you need to cover but multiple types. However, comprehensive landlord insurance may cover the following:

  1. Property Damage: This includes protection against fire and smoke, lighting, earthquakes, thefts, hail, snow and ice, falling objects, etc.
  2. Lost Rental Income: If your property becomes uninhabitable, this insurance provides you with temporary reimbursement.
  3. Liability Protection: This is insurance that covers the medical and legal costs if a tenant or a visitor gets injured due to a maintenance issue in your rental property.

3. Follow The State Guidelines

This step is a must to follow. As a landlord, you need to follow federal, state, and local regulations. You need to understand all the rules and regulations that will help protect you and your rental property.

Fair Housing Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act are the most major federal laws for landlords. These acts prohibit housing discrimination and dictate how a landlord uses a tenant’s credit history for the screening process.

4. Learn To Market Your Property

You’ll also need to learn how to market your property, as every vacant unit is a lost income. There are several ways through which you can market the property, such as social media platforms, by word of mouth, and by putting up ‘For Rent’ signs.

So, you want the listing to reach as many buyers as possible. Your listings should include:

  • Security deposit amount
  • Rental price
  • Lease Terms
  • Bedroom and Bathroom counts
  • Square footage
  • If pets are allowed or not
  • Special amenities

5. Prepare To Manage Tenants

You’ll need to manage your tenants once the units start filing. As a landlord, you’ll be responsible for:

  1. Screening Tenant: Believe us, there are some disturbing tenants in the world that will put your property at risk. So start with screening the tenants rigorously, including credit checks, criminal background checks, and eviction history.
  2. Lease Agreement: Your lease agreement should include everything required by the state and should be kept updated. Also, you need to draft a lease agreement for each and every tenant from beginning to end.
  3. Collecting Rent: Collecting rent includes setting due dates, establishing norms for late fees, and dealing with unpaid rent.
  4. Evictions: If a tenant fails to pay the rent, then you need to follow proper local regulations for how to handle evictions.

For managing the tenant or the rental property, you can also hire a property manager to handle the day-to-day activities. A property manager can set up, collect rent, handle maintenance requests and complaints, and also fill out the units on your behalf.

How To Pay Mortgage For Rental Property?

What Is The Average Landlord’s Salary By State In the U.S.?

Below is a table representing the average annual salary of a landlord by state in the U.S.:

StateAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
New York$95,655$7,971$1,839$45.99
New Jersey$85,914$7,159$1,652$41.30
North Dakota$85,521$7,126$1,644$41.12
New Hampshire$85,430$7,119$1,642$41.07
New Mexico$81,367$6,780$1,564$39.12
South Dakota$80,827$6,735$1,554$38.86
Rhode Island$79,281$6,606$1,524$38.12
South Carolina$73,655$6,137$1,416$35.41
North Carolina$72,135$6,011$1,387$34.68
West Virginia$67,661$5,638$1,301$32.53


Real Estate is a very lucrative market; however, when it comes to being a landlord it can be quite challenging. Being a landlord provides the perfect plan for retirement years.

But you also need to focus on the conditions of being a landlord before wondering about ‘Is Being A Landlord Profitable 2024?’. If you are a landlord already, then don’t forget to check all the mistakes mentioned above that you might be doing that are killing your profit.


How much profits do landlords make?

The amount of profit depends on the situation, like the economy, but on average, the aim should be to earn at least 10% profit after all the expenses and taxes.

Where do landlords make the most money?

According to Cision, San Jose, California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Riverside are the top 5 metro areas where landlords make the most money.

How much rent should I charge?

To calculate the rent that you should charge, take the expected rental income and multiply it by 12. Then, divide the outcome by the property’s purchase price or the current market value and multiply it by 100 to get the percentage.

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