Is Bellator Going Out Of Business 2024?

Bellator MMA is an American mixed martial arts promotion founded in 2008. It was the second largest in the United States and one of the largest combat sports promotions in the world. But shockingly, the predicament: ‘Is Bellator going out of business 2024 or is it just another rumor?’ has saddened many of its fans.

Is Bellator Going Out Of Business

This is probably the biggest news of the century for MMA fans, and if you are one of them, then keep reading this article to get informed about whether Bellator is going out of business or not.

Is Bellator Going Out Of Business 2024?

Yes, Bellator is going out of business but will operate under a different brand. Paramount, the company that had majority stake in Bellator, has sought to exit the combat sports business.

Last month, Paramount announced that it is set to shut down Showtime Sports too. This move means that Paramount is out of the combat sports business.

With that being said, Bellator is not going in vain but is acquired by the Professional Fighter’s League. The PFL did not disclose the financial terms to the media, but the previous reports show that the value of Bellator is around $500 million.

In this context, PFL Chairman Donn Davis told the press that today, the MMA market has changed. PFL is now a global powerhouse in MMA.

He further added that the acquisition of Bellator came with fighter assets and the ability to be the co-leader at MMA.

This is because Bellator held a roster of over 200, whereas the PFL roster is less than half of that. The fighter rosters of Bellator include:

  • Vadim Nemkov,
  • Johnny Eblen,
  • Yaroslav Amosov,
  • Jason Jackson,
  • Aron Pico,
  • Patchy Mix, and
  • AJ Mckee, who are all elite fighters.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund aided the deal by investing $100 million into PFL.

PFL will operate Bellator as a separate brand and use it for its one-off events. It was also announced that PFL will launch the ‘Bellator International Champions Series’ in 2024.

Bellator has now become a part of one of the five live fight franchises of the PFL, which includes:

  • PFL League Season
  • PFL PPV Super Fights
  • Bellator
  • PFL Challenger Series and
  • PFL International Leagues

What Happened To Bellator?

In 2014, Bellator was under the leadership of Scott Coker. In that year, Coker shifted from tournament-based and focused on building stars as Bellator president.

He started working on building close relationships with executives from Viacomm. But soon, those executives either left the company or were let go. Later, Coker didn’t incorporate himself with new executives, which impacted Bellator negatively.

Moreover, the infamous Covid also contributed to the downfall of Bellator. And now that the Bellator has been acquired by PFL, the history is repeating itself.

As in 2011, when UFC’s parent company, Zuffa LLC. acquired Coker’s Strikethrough, it ran it as a separate brand. This changed the fortune of UFC, and the same is happening with the Professional Fighters League.

However, only two years later, Strikethrough was dissolved, and all fighter contracts were terminated or absorbed into UFC.

List Of Bellator MMA Fighters: Recent Signings

DivisionNameMMA Record
Light HeavyweightLaurynas Urbonavicius14-1
Women’s FlyweightKarina Rodriguez 10-4
Women’s FlyweightPollana Botelho9-5
LightweightJora Ayvazyan14-1
Featherweight Jonas Biharinho11-2-1
Women’s FlyweightVeronika Borisova5-0
Women’s FlyweightAysia Cortez0-0

Who Are The Current Champions Of Bellator?

Here is a list of current champions of Bellator:

Champions: Men

Division ChampionSinceDefenses
HeavyweightRyan BaderJan 26, 20193
Light HeavyweightVadim NemkovAug 21, 20205
MiddleweightJohnny EblenJun 24, 20222
LightweightUsman NurmagomedovNov 18, 20220
FeatherweightPatricio PitbullApr 15, 20221
BantamweightPatchy MixNov 17, 20231
WelterweightJason JacksonNov 17, 20230

Champions: Women

Division ChampionSinceDefenses
Cris CyborgLiz CarmoucheJan 25, 20205
Women’s FeatherweightCris CybrogApr 22, 20223


So, Is Bellator going out of business 2024? The truth is that the parent company of Bellator, Paramount, has planned to leave the combat industry. This has worried many managers and fans about the future of Bellator.

There are surely so many more questions and little to no answers. But one thing is for sure: if Bellator is going out of business, then it is a blow throughout the MMA industry.


Does Bellator makes profit?

Under the management of Scott Coker, the growth of Bellator has seen a drastic turn. The promotions saw a 20% growth or more in revenue every year.

What rosters does PFL has?

Professional Fighters League has fighters such as Brendan Loughnane, Tyler Diamond, Chris Wade and more.

Does Wiz Khalifa own PFL?

Wiz Khalifa is one of the world’s top recording artists and has placed his financial backing into Professional Fighters League as a part of its ownership groups.

Do PFL fighters make money?

Fighters compete for a $1 million prize if they make it to the finals and win it.

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