Is Carvana Going Out Of Business 2024?

Carvana experienced a massive drop in August 2021, falling 90% from an all-time high of $360.98. The stock continued to descend rapidly in December 2022. So, does this mean the end of Carvana? Is Carvana going out of business 2024?

Is Carvana Going Out Of Business 2023

Once a flourishing company has now made the headlines of the news channels for its decline. But what happened to Carvana that it is now counted in the list of struggling companies.

Let’s get started to understand what’s happening with Carvana, how it will impact its customers and is there any chance for the company to survive.

About Carvana And How It Started

Carvana is an online company that sells cars on its various online platforms. It was founded by Ernest Garcia III, Ryan Keeton, and Ben Houston in 2012.

The company is best known for its multi-story glass tower car vending machine. It offers a full-fledged online platform where customers can browse, select, and purchase a vehicle with only a few clicks.

And the car is delivered to the doorsteps of the customers or retrieved from their ‘car vending machine’. The first fully automated coin-operated version of a car vending machine was opened in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2015.

Is Carvana Going Out Of Business 2024?

A straightforward answer to this question is-No, Carvana is not going out of business.

Carvana experienced a massive drop in its stock prices. In 2022, the shares of the company fell by 94%.

The figures are like this:

  • The company lost $7,400 on each unit it sold.
  • The gross profit per vehicle fell to $2,219, less than half to what it was in the previous year.
  • The firm burned $1.8 billion in cash and had only $434 million in cash at the end of 2022.
  • The debts of firm amounted to $7 billion which included leases, too.

The firm said in Feb 2023 that 2022 was a unique year for Carvana.

It further added that it was a difficult year from a short-term perspective. It was the first year we stepped back on the key metrics after eight consecutive years of annual enhancement.

However, the company changed its picture in 2023. The stock of the company rocketed 183% as a result of meme stock traders embracing a falling company.

So, despite the combination of massive layoffs, declining revenue, and debts, the company displayed resilience and attempted to recover from a turbulent time.

Will Carvana Face Bankruptcy?

Since the company’s stocks fell tremendously in 2022, the bankruptcy of Carvana was a heated topic. However, the company pulled itself from the ditch of bankruptcy and is currently attempting to recover through a cost-cutting initiative. 

Moreover, the company recently announced that their earnings for Q2 in 2023 will surpass their previous estimates. This announcement soared the stocks of the company by 56%.

Why Is Carvana Going Of Business?

Although there is no official statement from the company regarding it’s shutdown, there are a few factors that are pointing in that direction for the company.

1. Supply Chain And Inventory Challenges

Carvana has struggled to acquire adequate inventory for supply at reasonable prices. This limited inventory has largely impacted the sales of the company and made it challenging for the company to meet customer demand.

2. Rising Interest Rates

As the Federal Reserve hiked the interest rate, the higher monthly payments for the customers limited their buying power ultimately impacting the demand of Carvana. It also made it difficult to finance more expensive used cars.

3. Operational And Logistic Difficulties

Despite having a unique business model, Carvana has faced difficulties in expanding its operations nationwide due its poor customer care service and delayed car registrations.

This resulted in customer complaints, lawsuits and regulatory scrutiny.

4. Cash Burns And Losses

Limited supply of inventory, operational expenses and unprofitable sales led Carvana to swing to a loss of $506 million in Q2 2022, burning billions in cash. This cash burn has raised the fears of bankruptcy for the company.

What Are The Reasons Carvana Might Survive?

What Are The Reasons Carvana Might Survive

There are also a few signs that Carvana might survive.

1. Large Cash Reserves And Assets

Despite the burn of $1.8 billion in cash, Carvana still has plenty in cash reserves and assets. So, it can strategically use the cash to increase the additional capital is required.

2. Unique E-commerce Model

Carvana is an online seller of used cars and used car vending machines, which is a unique e-commerce model in itself. Also, it is differentiated and appealing to many customers it is executed correctly.

3. Demand For Used Cars

The demand for used cars after the pandemic remains elevated, especially for the online sales model of Carvana. By using this demand with the right strategy, Caravan can spring back to the time when it experienced rapid growth.

4. Potential For Optimization

Carvana has the potential to optimize its operations, cut costs, and restore its profitability across its business.

What Will Happen To The Carvana Customers If The Company Went Out Of Business?

If Carvana ever liquidate its store then it will significantly impact the prices of used cars. This is because the companies like Carvana or Carmax has large inventory and the sudden sale can bring the prices down while flooding the used car market.

Therefore, bankruptcy can have positive consequences for people looking to buy used vehicles. However, it is not a good idea to wait for the liquidation of Carvana as people are still skeptical about what the future holds for the company. 

Is It Safe To Buy Stocks Of Carvana?

Is It Safe To Buy Stocks Of Carvana

While Carvana recently has a surge in its stock prices but it is still difficult to say whether it is a good or a bad time to invest in the company.

Many analysts are very cautious of Carvana stocks and many are relying on short selling the stocks of the company.

This decision of the analysts is partially baes don the fact that Carvana has $250 of loan payment due in Q4 of 2023, the quarter in which they had their worst sales.

Hence, it is challenging to determine the safety of investing in the stocks of Carvana.


While Carvana has been struggling since the pandemic, it is tough to get a straightforward answer to-Is Carvana going out of business 2024.

This is because the company experienced a massive fall in its stock prices in 2021, but currently, the situation has improved for the company. Still, some analysts are still skeptical about the future of Carvana.

Moreover, there are various signs which show that the company will sail through the thunderstorm and survive in the market.

So, overall there is no official statement from the company for its bankruptcy or shut down.


How many vending machines does Carvana operates?

Carvana currently operates over 30 vending machines in the U.S.

Did Bill Gates buy Carvana?

Yes, Bill Gates bought 520 thousand shares of Carvana worth $21.8 billion. This was a notable addition to his investment portfolio in Q2 2022.

Is Carvana operating at a loss?

The company recorded a $24 million loss during the first quarter of 2023. The shares of Carvana are down 88% over the past 12 months but up 56% so far.

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