Is Dollar General Going Out Of Business 2024?

From poor work conditions and safety violations to criticism regarding labor issues, Dollar General has been grappling with a lot. And if you are slightly aware of what’s happening, then you might have wondered: Is Dollar General going out of business?

Dollar General has been one of the biggest names in the industry, and such slip-offs were never expected out of it.

So, what lies ahead of Dollar General? Will it cease operating or turn the tables around in its favor? Let’s find out!

Is Dollar General Going Out Of Business

Dollar General Overview

Dollar General is a leading American discount retailer that was founded by J.L. Turner and his son Cal Turner on June 1, 1955, in Springfield, Ky.

The duo founded the store with the simple concept that no item in the store would cost more than $1. Naturally, the idea became a huge success, and some of the other stores they owned were quickly converted to Dollar General.

By 1957, Dollar General expanded to 29 stores, and their annual sales reached $5 million and kept on growing from there on. Today, Dollar General has become very successful and has over 19,000 stores in 47 states.

But having said that, Dollar General has been facing plenty of issues for the past few years, which is raising questions about whether Dollar General is going out of business. Keep on reading to find out.

Dollar General is Facing Many Challenges

Dollar General is Facing Many Challenges

The reason why people are raising questions like: Is Dollar General going out of business because of a series of challenges that the company has been struggling with.

Safety Violations

One of the biggest challenges that Dollar General is dealing with is safety violations that have already slammed the company with hefty fines and temporary store closures.

These violations range from hazardous levels of clutter to blocked fire exits. This has also raised concerns among customers and has tarnished the image of the company.

Poor Labor Practices & Work Conditions

Dollar General has been facing lawsuits for poor work conditions and unfair labor practices.

A recent lawsuit alleged that the company asked employees for inappropriate medical history and even ruled out disabled candidates from their screening process. This claim was supported by 498 people.

Additionally, the company has also faced allegations of inadequate staffing, limited advancement opportunities, and employee benefits.

Changing Consumer Behaviour

Apart from internal problems, Dollar General has also been facing external issues. The rising inflation is affecting the purchasing power of consumers and forcing them to cut back on non-essential expenses. The rise in e-commerce is also affecting offline sales.

“One of the key reasons for this is because Dollar General’s core customers are feeling the acute pressure of the cost-of-living-crisis,” Neil Saunders, managing director and retail analyst at GlobalData said.

“This has been exacerbated by cuts in SNAP payments as temporary pandemic benefits came to an end. As a result, lower-income shoppers are cutting back on non-consumable and indulgent purchases from the chain in a bid to save money,” he said. “Unfortunately, this dynamic will not change any time soon as, if anything, finances will tighten over the second half of the year.”

Dollar General Has Closed Down Multiple Locations

Dollar General closed plenty of stores in 2022 and 2023 as complaints came pouring in about unsafe conditions at the stores due to overstock merchandise clogging the aisles.

The issue dates back to November 2022, when customers first started complaining about this, which led to the closure of a Dollar General store in Gretna, Virginia.

Fire marshals noted several violations and gave the following statement:

“There were carts full of stock to be put onto the shelves, partially blocking the aisles. Also, it lacked sufficient clearance between the height of the stock and the ceiling. The heating system was inoperable and the electric panels blocked,” Christopher Key, director of public safety for Pittsylvania County.

Then in December, another location in Mondovi, Wisconsin, closed down due to failing follow-up fire safety inspection.

Consequently, in 2023, two more locations in North Carolina county were closed down due to safety violations.

At least six Dollar General locations were closed down temporarily in the last two years, but they have been reopened now.

Is Dollar General Going Out of Business?

Is Dollar general closing

The popular discount retailer Dollar General has been facing a lot of financial and brand image issues; however, that does not mean that Dollar General is going out of business.

The company still has over 19,000 stores that are up and running, and there is concrete evidence that could suggest that the company might shut down.

Having said that, Dollar General needs to do a lot of damage control and fix its stained image and finances.

Financial Performance of Dollar General

Despite facing so many challenges, Dollar General is persevering through these tough times. The company’s net sales for the last quarter of 2023 increased by 2.4% to $9.7 Billion.

However, their operating profit decreased by 41.1% to $433.5 Million.

The company shared the following statement after reviewing their financial result for last quarter:

“While we are not satisfied with our financial results for the third quarter, including a significant headwind from inventory shrink, we are pleased with the momentum in some of the underlying sales trends, including positive customer traffic, as well as market share gains in both dollars and units. We continue to believe our model is relevant in all economic cycles, and we are working diligently to further enhance our unique combination of value and convenience.”

Dollar General is All Set to Improve Its Performance

After receiving a major setback due to many challenges, Dollar General is set to make key changes to improve its image and financial performance. This is what the company is planning to do next:

Slowing the pace of new store openings

In response to the rising inflation and current consumer behavior, the company has decided to slow down new store openings.

This move will allow the company to focus on exiting stores and making necessary changes to improve performance there.

Reducing inventory

Overflowing inventory has been a major cause of problems for Dollar General. So, the company has decided to reduce its inventory levels to avoid overcrowding and improve efficiency.

By streamlining inventory management, Dollar General can greatly improve its overall performance.

Increasing Staffing

To improve customers’ overall shopping experience, Dollar General plans to increase staffing at storefronts.

By having sufficient staff, the stores will be able to address customer concerns promptly.

Removing underperforming Items

To optimize the product offerings, Dollar General will review underperforming items on the shelves and remove them.

This will also help with the issue of over-hoarding and blocking shelves and aisles.

What is the Future of Dollar General?

Despite so many issues, Dollar General’s customer base remains huge. This is because the company caters to both low-income and high-income groups.

However, Dollar General faces intense competition from stores like Walmart. The company will be able to get in good health if it manages to implement all the changes it has planned.

Wrap Up

Looking at the past incidences with Dollar General, it kind of made sense for people to wonder: Is Dollar General going out of business?

However, despite so many troubles, the company is in good health.

The company’s net sales have increased in the last quarter of 2023, and the new changes that Dollar General is all set to implement show that the company might reach profitability in 2024. If you are thinking of owning a Dollar General Franchise, then we hope this article has helped you in making the decision.


What is Dollar General's pOpshelf?

To cater to customers who want a more upscale experience, Dollar General is set to open a number of stores under the name pOpshelf. And these stores are meant to cater to more suburban and wealthier customers.

Why is Dollar General struggling?

By store count, Dollar General is the fastest-growing retailer. However, for the past year, the company’s sales have slowed down, its reputation has stained, and stock prices have plummeted.

What is Dollar General Controversy?

According to several lawsuits from customers and state government, Dollar General was accused of overcharging customers for several products. The matter has now been settled with the states, but customers still have problems with it.

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