Is Farming Profitable 2024?

Do you know that the United States produces 40% of the world’s crops using 20% of the land? And there are 2 million farms in the U.S., out of which 98% are family-owned and operated. So, if this raises the question- “Is Farming Profitable?” then you have landed on the right page.

Is Farming Profitable

According to Agriculture Statistics, 25% of agriculture products valued at $100 billion are exported from the United States. However, to know how much profit the farmland in the United States generates and how much money goes into the pockets of farmers, keep reading the article.

In this article, we have collected all the information that will help you understand the profitability of farming.

3 Ways To Increase The Profitability Of Your Farm

3 Ways To Increase The Profitability Of Your Farm

There’s no doubt that rising input costs are putting more pressure on growers’ profit forcing the grower to think differently on how to run the operations.

Therefore, here are some strategies to help growers make their operations more profitable:

1. Know Your Cost

The very first thing to do in determining the profit is to know the cost per bushel. The process of nailing down all the costs per bushel will bring all other costs into the limelight.

You must also look beyond the typical costs, which include machinery maintenance and the extra money you’ll be paying for machinery when there’s inflation

2. Increase Resiliency

Many growers depend on fertilizers to grow their crops; however, by decreasing your dependency on chemicals, you can also decrease the big impact of the supply chain on your crops.

Most often, the increased prices of nitrogen have a lot of growers worries. But by incorporating cover crops in your operation, you’ll have more plant-available nitrogen for your cash crops. This will decrease your resiliency in the chemicals.

Moreover, extreme weather can also have an adverse effect on the operation and the soil. For this, you can use cover crops, reduce tillage, and improve the soil structure.

3. Focus On The Health Of Soil

The best to increase the profitability of your farming business is to look at the health of the soil. It will not only help you avoid costly situations like compaction but will also help you address the pest, weather, weed, and disaster pressure.

You can also incorporate practices like cover crops and reducing the tillage to increase the potential to sequester carbon in the soil.

What Are The Types Of Farming?

Is Farming Profitable?

According to the reports of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the profitability of farms plummeted by $42 billion in 2023 to $141 billion. This resulted in a 23% income drop compared to the year prior.

In the most recent years, farm production expenses are expected to increase while the farm income will decrease. This phenomenon has put some farmers in a spot where they are trying to make ends meet while also servicing their debt.

The most recent data analysis by the USDA reported that only 40.5% of the US land is involved in agriculture which is around 915 million acres. The total farmland is valued at $2 trillion dollars.

However, Purdue agriculture economists predict that the agricultural sector in the US is set to grow in 2024 with modest GDP growth, low employment, decreasing inflation, and lowering interest rates. The gross production value in the Agriculture market is projected to amount to US$303.70bn in 2024.

Therefore, it can be said that the future of farming looks positive in 2024.

US Farm Income Declined In 2023

US Farm Income
YearIncome (In Billions)
2008$78 billion
2009$62 billion
2010$77 billion
2011$114 billion
2012$96 billion
2013$124 billion
2014$92 billion
2015$82 billion
2016$62 billion
2017$75 billion
2018$81 billion
2019$79 billion
2020$94 billion
2021$140 billion
2022$183 billion
2023$141 billion

How To Start A Farm?

How Much Does A Farmer Make Annually In The United States?

As of 2024, the average hourly rate of a farmer in the United States is $21.24 an hour. The wages are as high as $42.79 and as low as $5.29.

The average salary of a farmer in the United States is $46,703. The salary typically ranges between $40,467 and $60,226.

However, the average pay of the farmers varies greatly, which shows the many opportunities for increased pay based on skills, location, and experience. But still, the question- how much do farm owners make is important to consider while investing your hard earned money into the business.

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities For Farmer Jobs

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly Pay
San Francisco, CA$56,925$4,743$1,094
San Jose, CA$54,709$4,559$1,052
Vallejo, CA$53,546$4,462$1,029
Oakland, CA$53,520$4,460$1,029
Hayward, CA$53,429$4,452$1,027
Antioch, CA$53,335$4,444$1,025
Seattle, WA$53,121$4,426$1,021
Lebanon, NH$53,098$4,424$1,021
Everett, WA$52,856$4,404$1,016
Mission Viejo, CA$52,498$4,374$1,009

What Is The Future Of Farmland Market?

What Is The Future Of Farmland Market

The top buyer, China, remains hungry for larger soybean volumes, but the unprofitable hog production and the shortcoming consumer demand for pork during the peak Lunar New Year celebration are raising some doubts about China’s ability to repeat last year’s record-breaking soybean import 2023/2024.

This simply creates opportunities for U.S. exporters. The peak US corn season begins to ramp up in February and lasts through the beginning of summer.

The only guarantee that US exporters have of sizeable corn export from China is if Brazil’s soybean delays the Brazilian corn production and yields as the US begins its planting season.


The history of profit in farming is what makes many new farmers worried. Only 41% of small farms in the United States make a profit each year, and over 50% of American farmers have been losing money since 2013.

However, according to the reports of 2024, the farming business has a positive outlook in the year. This means that you can see growth in the industry.

Moreover, before investing your money in the business, consider everything related to the farm business, such as the cost to start the farm, how much you will earn, and if you need prior experience of farming or not.

We hope this article has provided the information on ” Is Farming Profitable 2024?” and helped you determine the profitability of the industry. If not farming, then you can also consider owning an orchard or even starting your shrimp farm.


Does farming make alot of money?

In 2022, the median income from farming was reported at $178,692 for households operating commercial farms.

What is the easiest thing to farm?

If you are a first-timer, then loose-leaf is typically the most simple thing to start your journey with. You can produce a large quantity without needing large land.

Are there any millionaire farmers?

Yes, the Resnick family has a fortune of $42 billion, which mainly comes from growing pistachios and almonds on their 64,100-acre farm in California’s Central Valley.

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