Is FlightHub Legit?

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see people get scammed getting attracted by appealing deals in the market. You might have also came across the lower prices of FlighHub and must be in a predicament as to whether to book the flight through FlightHub or not. Is FlightHub legit?

Is FlightHub Legit

So before you get ready to book your flight through FlightHub, let’s first understand FlightHub and if it is safe to book flights through it.

What Is FlightHub?

FlightHub is an online travel agency that offers a wide range of services such as flight booking, hotel reservations, and car rentals.

It is owned by Montreal-based FlightHub Group, formerly known as Momentum Ventures.

The aim of the company is to provide affordable travel options and ensure a seamless booking experience for its users.

FlightHub claims to help travelers find the best deals and discounts on flights worldwide through their user-friendly interface and extensive search options.

Is FlightHub Legit?

Yes, FlightHub is a legit online travel agency, and it has been in the industry for 11 years. However, booking through FlightHub is a lot riskier in comparison to booking directly with the airline.

Although problems can also occur when you have booked with the airline, but the chances are still very low compared to booking with FlightHub. It is similar to other online booking platforms like Traveluro which also offers booking flights at affordable prices. However, this also raises a question among people of- is Traveluro legit?

How Does FlightHub Work?

How Does FlightHub Work

FlightHub is a third-party booking platform. It connects you with the airline or hotel it lists on its site and collects money from you.

When you make a reservation with the hotel or the airline, then it is FlightHub who is handling your booking and not the airline or the hotel.

In simple words, FlightHub acts as the middleman between you and the service provider.

This also means that if something goes wrong with the travel service provider, you have to contact FlightHub first, who will reach out to the service provider and communicate the response to you.

What Are The Benefits Of Booking Through FlightHub?

What Are The Benefits Of Booking Through FlightHub

Other than offering lower prices to its users, FlightHub has a variety of benefits that are listed below:

1. Flight Search And Comparison

FlightHub makes it easier for its customers to find affordable options by allowing users to compare prices across multiple airlines.

It also offers flexible search options, including one-way, multi-city flights, and round-trip.

2. 24/7 Customer Support

FlightHub claims to provide 24/7 assistance to its customers. It aims to provide reliable and prompt customer service, whether it’s last-minute cancellations or booking a flight.

3. Hotel And Car Rental Services

FlightHub also provides the service of making hotel reservations and booking car rentals, allowing its users to find accommodation according to their budget and preferences.

And the car rental services enable the travelers to book a conveyance for their trip without nay hassle.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Booking Through FlightHub?

What Are The Drawbacks Of Booking Through FlightHub

FlightHub is well known for providing lower prices to its users, but booking through it is very risky, and there are some drawbacks, too, which the customers often find while booking through FlightHub.

1. It Cancels the Flight On its Own Without Informing You

Customers have faced this issue where the FlightHub itself cancels the tickets without informing them.

The customers who don’t bother to check at the last minute end up going to the airport for nothing. And as the tickets are booked from a third party, the airlines are also not liable to help the customer.

2. Misleading Information

Customers have also faced misleading information on booking through FlightHub.

For instance, it shows their customers that they require only a visa and a passport of the country they are going to travel to.

When, in fact, they need transit visas for the countries they will pass during the journey before reaching their final destination. Therefore, the customers often stop at the airports in the middle of their journey.

3. Incomplete Booking Reservation

Another major drawback of FlightHub is that they give their customers a receipt stating that their booking has been made with the airline, but in reality, they don’t confirm the booking with the airline.

Upon their arrival at the airport, the customers are told that the booking has never been made by their name.

Why Are Flights Cheaper On 3rd Party Sites?

A third-party booking means that you are letting someone else do the booking on your behalf. These booking websites are much cheaper than booking directly.

This is simply because Online travel agencies and third-party booking websites purchase the tickets in bulk or negotiate special rates with the airline.

Despite the fact that they offer great airfare deals, they also come with less travel protection.

Is It Safe To Book Flight Directly Or Through FlightHub?

Is It Safe To Book Flight Directly Or Through FlightHub

Booking through FlightHub or booking a flight directly depends on your comfort, as FlightHub may offer attractive deals, but they also come with certain risks and issues.

According to the experts, it is better to book flights directly and by any third-party booking websites.

This is because:

  • If something odd happens to your booking, you can’t rely on the poor customer service of FlightHub.
  • It should be noted that FlightHub has no control over the services of the airline it lists on the site. So, if any misbehavior happens from the airline staff, FlightHub doesn’t guarantee to help you.
  • By booking directly with the airline, you cut off the headache and complex process between FlightHub and the respective airline.

Investigation On FlightHub

In 2021, the Competition Bureau conducted an investigation on FlightHub and penalized them $5 million.

As a part of this investigation, the Competition Bureau reviewed thousands of consumer complaints to find out that FlightHub made millions in revenue by charging hidden fees from its customers. They also misled them about the cost and terms associated with a range of services that include:

1. Terms And Fees Of Seat Selection

FlightHub told the customers that they could reserve the seats by selecting the specific seat they wanted on a seat map, but the company never secured the seats for its customers.

They actively concealed the fees from their customers for seat selection.

2. The Price Of The Flight

The company misled its customers by promoting false prices on its websites and later increased the prices as the customer selected the flight.

3. Travel Credit For Future Flights

FlightHub gave the impression that their customers could cancel the flights in return for credit on any future flight. But in reality, these ‘travel credits’ were subject to restrictions and additional costs.

In some cases, when the customer cancels the flight, agreeing to the travel credit conditions, the amount he/she paid later decreases.

4. Terms And Fees Of Flight Cancellation And Rebooking

FlighHub assured its customers they could cancel and book the flight at no cost when, in fact, they were charged additional fees.

All this led to the seizing of the documents of FlightHub and the removal of any online reviews of their services that were posted by or on behalf of the company.

Ratings & Reviews Of FlightHub

Ratings & Reviews Of FlightHub

These are customer reviews collected by Trustpilot and as you can see FlightHub has only a 1.2 rating from a total of 77 customers.

This simply shows that booking through FlightHub is so unreliable. But still, you can book the tickets through FlightHub if you are tight on budget, and FlightHub provides cheap tickets.


Is FlightHub Legit?

The answer to this question is Yes; FlightHub is a legit website through which you get cheaper flights, car rentals, and hotel reservation services.

They have unique features that allow their users to compare the prices across different airlines and book the flight at affordable prices. It also offers 24/7 customer service to its users.

However, you should be aware of the problems the users of FlightHub are facing lately, such as misleading information on their websites, incomplete reservations, and many more.

So, when booking with FlightHub, do your research and then decide whether to book through a third-party platform or not.


How do I know if my flight booking is legit?

Go on the airline’s website, put in your PNR and your surname, and you should be able to see the tickets. Make sure the tickets have been issued.

Is it good to book through FlightHub?

Many customers are generally satisfied with the services of FlightHub, and the company also has good ratings. However, there are other customers too who have faced some major problems by booking through FlightHub. So, it is recommended to do your research before booking the flight.

Is FlightHub a US based company?

No, FlightHub is Canada’s fastest-growing online travel company. It is based in Montreal.

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