Is Jaclyn Cosmetics Closing 2024?

Jaclyn Hill, the face of Jaclyn Cosmetics, shared a concerning post this month that is making people wonder, Is Jaclyn Cosmetics Closing in 2024?

After being in business for less than five years, influencer Jaclyn Hill’s makeup brand is in the news for shutting down. So, what really happened with the brand?

Keep on reading to find out about the disastrous debut of Jaclyn Cosmetics and the events that led to its consequent fall.

Is Jaclyn Cosmetics Closing

About Jaclyn Cosmetics

Jaclyn Cosmetics is a beauty brand that was founded by Jaclyn Hill, a famous influencer with over 8.8 million followers on Instagram and 5.53 million subscribers on YouTube.

Jaclyn, who was always obsessed with beauty, perfected her signature smoky eyes and nude lip makeup look and created Jaclyn Cosmetics for every boss babe out there.

This company is also a part of Forma brands, which hold many other companies under its flagship, including Morphe, Bad Habit, Playa Beauty, etc.

However, as ambitious as the tie was, Jaclyn’s dreams of running a cosmetic brand soon all came crashing down.

What is Going on With Jaclyn Cosmetics?

What is Going on With Jaclyn Cosmetics

In early May 2019, shortly after Jaclyn Cosmetics was launched, customers started backlashing as they complained about receiving hairy and lumpy lipsticks and other products.

Although these customers were refunded, the disastrous debut left a lasting negative impression on customers. The company shortly made a press release stating:

“The brand said in June 2019, “We are distressed to learn that a small percentage of our customers have received lipstick with quality issues related to the texture and the look-and-feel of the lipsticks. We would like to reassure customers that while it is unacceptable for these quality issues to have occurred, there are no safety concerns related to the lipsticks.”

“We want to provide assurances to customers who may have heard that our products are old or contain mold — this is false.”

After this shocking incident, Jaclyn Cosmetics halted production and relaunched the company three months later.

Is Jaclyn Cosmetics Closing 2024?

Yes, Jaclyn Cosmetics is all set to close down officially by 31st January 2024, and all the products are being sold for 50% off, which customers can place orders for until the stock lasts.

The influencer also closed down her apparel and jewelry brands, Koze and Jaclyn Roxanne, in August 2023, after which rumors about Jaclyn Cosmetics started circling.

In January 2024, however, Jaclyn herself confirmed the closure news by sharing an Instagram Post that stated:

“There has been plenty of talk, but what I will say is the brand has been such an important chapter in my book and one I will always cherish, but I am ready to close. I want to thank each and every one of you for the support and love you have shown me. You let this girl dream, and that is what I did. I still have those dreams, but to properly pursue them, I am going to need time and patience to do so.”

Why Is Jaclyn Cosmetics Closing?

Why Is Jaclyn Cosmetics Closing

Forma Brands is the parent company of Jaclyn Cosmetics, which underwent a turbulent time in 2022. Forma Brands was known for acquiring and collaborating with high-profile influencers such as Jeffery Star and James Star, among others.

However, in 2023, Forma Brands filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy when its sales failed to meet expectations and debt kept mounting.

Following this, Forma Brands also lost the license of R.e.m. Beauty, Ariana Grande’s brand, which she bought off for $15 million in the same month.

Even Morphe, which came under Forma Brands, decided to “cease all commercial activity related to Jeffree Star and affiliated products. And broke ties with Charles as well, who was accused of sending sexually explicit messages to minors.

Since Forma Brands relied heavily on influencers and their brands, the broken relationships deeply affected the company’s sales and debt.

However, in March 2023, Forma Brands was acquired by Jefferies Finance and Cerberus Capital Management in exchange for $690 million in debt relief. After the acquisition, the company’s president stated in an interview that moving on, their focus would be on “product-first, not “influencer-first.”

Wrap Up

Hill isn’t the only influencer who has had a hard time translating social media presence to running a brand with success. Manuel Gutierrez’s brand, Lunar Beauty, has also faced a similar fate under the parent company Sephora.

Such incidents tell us that success in a particular thing does not guarantee success in all other endeavors. We hope after reading this article, all your questions regarding Jaclyn Cosmetics Closing have been answered.


Can I Still Buy Jaclyn Cosmetics?

Jaclyn cosmetics are being sold for 50% off, so you can buy their makeup products by January 2024 or until the stock lasts.

Is Jaclyn cosmetics owned by Morphe?

Yes, the parent company of Jaclyn was Morphe, and influencer Jaclyn hill led the brand. However, Jaclyn cosmetics is dissolving as of 31 January 2024.

What happened to Morphe?

Morphe filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but in March 2023, it was thrown a lifeboat when Jefferies Finance and Cerberus Capital Management acquired it for $690 million.

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