Is Owning An Orchard Profitable 2024?

Have you been to an orchard and been fascinated by the beauty and delicious fruits? Well, we agree fruit trees are fascinating; they give you delicious produce, and they also look good. However, is owning an orchard profitable 2024? this might be the question you got after visiting the mesmerizing orchard.

Is Owning An Orchard Profitable

To give you an overview, the orchard industry in the United States was worth $22.6 billion in 2023, and more than 79,169 fruits and nut farming businesses are operating in the United States.

However, before collecting your equipment and starting digging, it is important to do some research on the industry.

So, let’s start the guide to find out the profitability of owning an orchard, how to start one and some profitable fruits you can grow in your orchard.

How To Start An Orchard?

What Are The Things To Consider In Orchard Designing?

Here are a few things that you need to consider when designing your orchard:

  1. Plant the trees on the upper side of the 4-8% slope on rolling or elevated land.
  2. Start with the site assessment.
  3. The first can also damage the trees, so avoid low-lying areas.
  4. Avoid planting on top of the hill, as excessive winds can also damage them.
  5. For the roots to grow and water drainage, prepare the soil at least 3-feet aerated loam.
  6. Space the trees in a way where the tree height is 1/2 row spacing plus 3 feet.
  7. Make sure that the trees get 6-8 hours of sunlight per day.
  8. Plant grasses that will help you to prevent voles, broadleaf weeds and soil-borne diseases.

These guidelines for plantation can be followed for home orchards, pie tree orchards, and little tree orchards.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Fruit Orchard?

The typical cost to start an orchard business ranges from $100,000 to $200,000 or even more. Here is a break up of all the costs necessary for starting your orchard:

Startup CostBallpark RangeAverage
Setting Up business name and corporation $100-$500$300
Insurance $100-$500$300
Business License and permits $100-$300$200
Land down payment $30,000-$130,000$80,000
Trees to plant$20,000-$50,000$35,000
Farm Equipment$20,000-$30,000$25,000
Labor budget for planting $25,000-$50,000$37,500
Total$95,800- $262,300$179,050

This is an average cost to start any orchard. However, the amount can differ according to the location and the types of trees you are planting.

For example, for starting an apple orchard, the total cost is $256,000- $980,000.

What Are The Necessary Resources To Start An Orchard Farm?

What Are The Necessary Resources To Start An Orchard Farm

The resources to start an orchard might be limited to your location. However, here are the necessary resources that you need to start the orchard:

1. Land

Land is the very first thing that you will need to start the orchard. While the costs of the land vary depending on your location, you can also use to get the price in your area.

According to the latest statistics, the cost of buying a farm in the U.S. is from $2,000 to $12,000 per acre. So, the average cost of farmland in the U.S. is $3,160 per acre.

2. Water

Water is the very essential element you rplants will need. If you are planning to grow an apple orchard, then it will need more water as compared to other types of plants.

Therefore, the water supply will depend on the type of plant you are growing. Also, remember not to overwater them as it will result in the rotting of roots.

3. Time

An orchard business is really a time-consuming business. As you are growing fruit trees which take 4-8 years to bear fruits.

So, make sure you are well prepared for the wait. Orchard business is not some get-rich scheme.

4. Knowledge

Starting your orchard business doesn’t require any degree, but it sure requires you to have knowledge. So, read books, attend workshops, and gain knowledge through online sources.

Some of the things that you need to understand are:

  • Types of trees and other fruitful trees
  • Soil conditions
  • Climate conditions
  • The orchard spacing
  • The business aspect

What Are The Most Profitable Trees To Grow In Your Orchard?

Like profitable trees to grow, there are also profitable fruits that you can grow. The best fruit types for your orchard depend on the locations, climate, and market demand. However, some popular choices are as under:

Is Owning An Orchard Profitable 2024?


According to the Modor Intelligence, the orchard industry is expected to grow from $12.02 billion in 2023 to $14.98 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 4.50%.

Therefore, owning an orchard is indeed profitable, but the distance between planting the trees and the plants getting mature is very long. So, you must remember not to quit your daily job and make a living till the plants become mature and yield profit.

You’ll also want to buy virus-test fruit trees 2-3 years before you plant them. This is because it gives the root the time to mature before you plant them in the local soil.

How Much Does An Orchard Business Owner Make?

Yielding profit from an orchard business takes many years, say 4-8 years. So it is a business with high profit but a lot of patience.

However, if you are planning to plant a dwarf tree, then it takes only 2 years to grow. So, the profit that you will earn will completely depend on the size, type of tree and how many trees you are planting.

We have done some calculations by assuming that you can charge about $40 bushel of fruits and a profit margin of 20%.

So, when you start the harvest, you will produce 20,000 bushels a year; this will bring the total revenue to $800,000. Now, at a 20% profit margin, your profit share will equal to $160,000.

Moreover, if you expand your orchard and produce $30,000 bushels a year, your total revenue will amount to $1,200,000. And at a 20% profit margin, you will get $240,000.

However, this revenue and profit also vary depending on the types of fruit trees you are growing. Here is some example of fruit trees and the salary of the owner:

The Salary Of Apple Orchard Owner

The Salary Of Apple Orchard Owner

According to the industry data, the average revenue of an apple orchard owner ranges from $50,000 to $500,000. If you look at the profit margin, then the net profit margin ranges from 10% to 20%.

However, the profitability of the apple orchard depends on the climate, soil condition, market demand, and competition.

The best climate condition to start an apple orchard is in Washington, Oregon and New York. These states have suitable climatic conditions for apple cultivation.

The Salary Of Pecan Orchard Owner

The Salary Of Pecan Orchard Owner

According to the industry reports, the average annual revenue of pecan orchard business in the U.S. ranges from $100,000 to $500,000. The average net profit in the U.S. typically ranges from 15% to 30%.

However, it is to be noted that these figures are average, and the actual figures of revenue and profit might vary depending on the individual and the size of the farm.

The Salary Of Olive Orchard Business Owner

The Salary Of Olive Orchard Business Owner

The average income of an olive orchard owner in the United States depends on factors such as location, market demand, and size of the orchard. However, to give an estimate of the average salary of an olive orchard owner in the U.S. ranges from $50,000 to $150,000.

One more important aspect to consider when calculating the profit that an olive orchard business owner earns is the profit margin. So, the typical profit margin for an olive business owner ranges between 20% to 40%.

Moreover, if you are calculating the revenue on a per-acre basis, then on average, an acre of love orchard can generate $4,000 to $10,000 in revenue.

How Much Does An Orchard Worker Earn?

How Much Does An Orchard Worker Earn

The salary of an orchard worker highly depends on the location, education, and experience. However, on average, the salary of an orchard worker in the United States is $27,052.

The average hourly rate for an orchard worker is $13.01 per hour. This salary also ranges between $21,000 and $34,000 yearly.

The highest-paying states for orchard workers are Maine, Lowa, and Kansas. On the other hand, the lowest average orchard worker salary states are Oklahoma, Arkansas, and South Carolina.

What Are The Highest Paying States For An Orchard Worker?

StateAverage SalaryHourly Rate

Other Important Things To Consider To Start The Orchard Business

Other Important Things To Consider To Start The Orchard Business

1. Licensing And Legal Requirements

Starting your orchard business also requires you to get the necessary licenses and permits. Orchard business needs to meet certain requirements, including:

  • Business Formation
  • Getting an EIN from the IRS
  • Getting a state/local business license
  • Workman Comp
  • Unemployment Insurance

2. Funding The Orchard Business

Funding your orchard business is like funding any other business. The primary ways to fund your business are:

  • Personal funds
  • Loan from family and friends
  • Business Loans
  • Grants for starting an apple orchard from USDA

3. Hiring Employees

There are a ton of things to do on the farm, such as fertilizing, planting, harvesting, etc. And believe us, you may think of saving some money by doing all this by yourself, but it will take a toll on your physical health.

For this reason, it is vital to hire skilled employees who understand what the job is about. You can hire them from Indeed or Facebook, or any other job-hunting platforms.

4. Marketing

The last step is to market your produce and the business. For this, you need to identify your ideal market, find the best way to reach them, and market to them.

An orchard will have different types of target audiences, such as consumers, grocery stores, restaurants, distributors, and other businesses. These can be reached through different channels, such as social media platforms.

You can also create a website where you can reach the target audience and they can reach to your business.


Before starting any business, it is vital to think about its profitability. So, when thinking about starting the mesmerizing orchard business, “Is owning an orchard profitable 2024?” should cross your mind.

That is why this article provides you with every necessary information that you need to start your own orchard along with its profitability. However, one thing that is noteworthy is that fruit trees take time to grow, which is 4-8 years, and along with patience, you also need an alternate source of living until the trees mature.

Therefore, remember not to quit your daily job and give your all to this orchard business to make it fruitful. Also, if not owning an orchard, you can also think about owning a beekeeping business.


Is it important to have prior farming experience before starting the orchard?

While having prior farming experience will be beneficial for your orchard business, it is not mandatory.

You can educate yourself with books, online resources, and bookshops and still be a profitable orchard owner. You need the knowledge and a strong commitment to your orchard business.

How long does it take to start yielding profit?

The time for an orchard to start yielding profit depends on the fruit type and the tree’s age. Typically it takes anywhere from 2 to five years or more for most fruit trees to grow fruits and yield a profit.

What is an Integrated Pest Management? Is it important for an orchard?

The Integrated Pest Management is an eco-friendly approach to pest control. It relies on natural predators and beneficial insects.

By enforcing IPM techniques, you are maintaining a balanced ecosystem in your orchard and reducing the pest outbreak.

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