Is Soap Opera Digest Going Out Of Business 2024?

Millions of fans have grown up devouring the print issue of Soap Opera Digest from cover to cover, and now, nearly after five decades, the company has decided to cease issuing their weekly print editions. If this news made you question- Is Soap Opera Digest going out of business, then hold your horses!

The Soap Opera Digest has been one of the leading magazine companies offering behind-the-scene scoops and exclusive news to fans! But with changing times, over the last few years the company has been seeing a sharp decline in the number of subscribers it once had.

So what does this mean for you? Will you not be able to access Soap Opera Digest anymore? Keep on reading to find out!

Is Soap Opera Digest Going Out Of Business

About Soap Opera Digest

Soap Opera Digest was co-founded by Angela Shapiro and Jerome Shapiro in the year 1975. The magazine’s first cover featured actors John Aniston, Jerry Lacy, Audrey Peters, Ron Tomme, Birgitta Tolksdorf, and Tudi Wiggins.

The magazine had a solid kickstart right from the start, and by the early 1990s, it garnered over 1.4 million subscribers.

Over the years, the company’s ownership has been juggled between a number of people and companies, including Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and the New York Times among others. But what remained the same was the love that fans had for the magazine.

The Rise and Fall of Soap Opera Digest

The Rise and Fall of Soap Opera Digest

The history of Soap Opera Digest shows how much things have changed ever since its launch and how the preferences of people have altered with the changing times.

Soaps were the hottest in the early ’80s and ’90s, and Soap Opera Digest had a circulation of 1.4 million by the early ’90s. However, the reach of its print edition with many other magazines has sharply fallen ever since.

In June 2023, the paid and verified circulation of the magazine reached 43,743. This drop hasn’t been sudden. Throughout the 90’s, the magazine had circulation in millions, but by 2010, the number dropped down to 500,000, and by 2019, it reached under 100,000.

And now the situation has worsened so much that the magazine company has decided to discontinue its weekly print editions.

Is Soap Opera Digest Going Out Of Business?

Sadly, after nearly 50 years, Soap Opera Digest has decided to discontinue its weekly print edition. However, they will publish special print issues four times a year.

So do not worry! Your favorite magazine is not closing down forever, and you will still be able to access its weekly editions online in digital print.

In October the company’s website elaborated- “We wanted to let you, our loyal readers, know that Soap Opera Digest will be publishing at a reduced frequency moving forward — but we also wanted to assure you that much of the content you’ve come to love in our print edition, including breaking news, exclusive story previews and interviews with your favorite stars, will continue to be available to you online. Please keep following us on social media and at, and thank you for your decades of support!”

Why Is Soap Opera Digest Discontinuing Weekely Prints?

Why Is Soap Opera Digest Discontinuing Weekely Prints

For five decades, Soap Opera Digest shared news and behind-the-scenes scoops with soap fans every week. However, with changing times and access to digital formats, plenty of magazine companies are focusing on digital prints.

So, it seems like fewer people are buying the print editions of Soap Opera Digest. And because of the lack of demand for the print format, Soap Opera Digest has decided to discontinue their weekly prints.

A representative of the company explained, “Soap Opera Digest, like many other brands, is adjusting its print frequency and shifting more resources to digital to better accommodate its audience.” 

What Is The Future of Soap Opera Digest?

Officially, there is no word from the company as to how this decision will affect the company’s brand coverage or revenue.

One thing is for sure, however, that Soap Opera Digest has a loyal fan base. And although the way they consume the news shared by the magazine may change, fans won’t stop buying the subscription altogether.

Wrap Up

It is truly the end of the era for fans who still subscribed and bought the print editions of The Soap Opera Digest. And for them, the switch to digital print of the issue would be sad.

However, it is the need of the hour and is the best decision for the magazine to continue operating successfully.

So those who were thinking- Is Soap Opera Digest Going Out Of Business shouldn’t be worried as that’s not the case as of now.


From where can I buy Soap Opera Digest print edition?

As of November, Soap Opera Digest has ended its weekly print editions, and you can no longer buy them. However, you can still access their weekly digital prints by visiting their website online.

Who owns Soap Opera Digest?

Currently, a360media owns Soap Opera Digest.

What's a Soapy?

The Soap Opera Digest introduced a new award by the name The Soapy Awards in the year 1977.

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