Is Sweetgreen Healthy & Organic?

Sweetgreens make the healthiest and tastiest salad with their produce but is Sweetgreen healthy & organic?

You might have heard people blabbering about growing their own fresh veggies and eating the healthiest salad, but then you, on the other hand, are too lazy to do it on your own.

Is Sweetgreen Healthy & Organic

Here’s a fun fact- Eating salad not only helps you to lose weight, but it can also prevent you from overeating.

Let’s move on to learn more fun facts about Sweetgreen and its salads and if they are healthy and organic or not.

What is Sweetgreen?

What is Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is an American casual food restaurant chain that specializes in serving salads.

It was founded in 2006 by three college students, namely- Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Jonathan Neman.

Eating only fast food and disappointed by the campus food, the trio decided to switch to adding a healthy option to their diet and introduced Sweetgreen.

This American food restaurant chain is now extended to 13 countries with 158 stores serving the bundle of the healthiest and tastiest salads.

Does Sweetgreen Only Serve Salad?

Sweetgreen carrot ginger soup

Sweetgreen has a variety of dishes to make your stomach growl.

It serves warm bowls, kid’s meals, side dishes, desserts, and drinks.

The most popular item on their menu is- kale Caesar salad, but their spicy and thick carrot ginger soup is a must-try. It’s enough to make a rabbit come out of its burrow.

The Best To Worst Sweetgreen Menu

If you are planning to visit this healthy restaurant but are confused as to what to eat without ruining your experience of the place, then don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Let’s discuss what are the best and worst food items in this healthy salad bar.

Warm Bowls

Best Warm bowls

1. Fish taco bowl

Sweetgreen Fish taco bowl

The fish bowl taco is one of the best salad bowls of Sweetgreen. It is made with roasted steelhead trout and omega-3 fatty acids.

Combined with quinoa and arugula, this bowl gives you the perfect combination of vitamin D and protein.

2. Harvest Bowl

Sweetgreen harvest bowl

The harvest bowl is a perfect dish that encapsulates the deliciousness of the harvest season.

It is a bowl of 685 calories filled with warm rice, shredded kale topped with roasted chicken, roasted sweet potato, goat cheese, apples, roasted almonds, and a balsamic vinaigrette.

3. Chicken Pesto Parm

Sweetgreen healthy & organic Chicken Pesto Parm

Chicken Pesto Parm is a bowl filled with nutrients of baby spinach, quinoa, tomato, spicy broccoli, roasted chicken, shaved parmesan, pesto vinaigrette, and the most delicious hot sauce.

Worst Warm bowls

Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl

A Hollywood bowl may sound fancy and healthy, but it comes with the highest amount of calories, saturated fats, and carbs.

This is due to its constituents- a trio of wild rice, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette.

It contains 725 calories and 34 grams of fat.


Best Salads

1. Kale Cesear

Sweetgreen healthy & organic Kale Caesar

It is the option with the lowest amount of calories. It contains only 405 calories and 40 grams of proteins being the favorite of all their customers.

2. Guacamole Greens Salad

Guacamole Greens Salad

It is an earth-friendly pick salad topped with tomatoes, onion, tortilla chips, cabbage, avocado, roasted chicken, and lime-cilantro jalapeno dressings.

It is a salad with 515 calories and is perfect for light summer lunch.

3. Portobello Taco Bowl 

Portobello Taco Bowl 

Portobello Taco Bowl is a bowl filled with seasonal menu items like spinach, wild rice, portobello mushrooms, shredded cabbage, roasted sweet potato, and feta cheese.

Worst Salads

Hummus Tahina

Hummus Tahina

With a sodium level of about 1315 mg, this is the worst salad of Sweetgreen. It indeed tastes good but is not the healthiest option when compared to its other salads.

Hummus Tahina comes with the highest amount of saturated fat.

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Is Sweetgreen Healthy & Organic?

Sweetgreen Healthy & Organic

The restaurant utilizes 100% plant-based compostables to make bowls and packaging used in salad blaster bowls and bags.

This was a big step by the company to fight single-use plastic packaging and develop a new line of biodegradable.

They make their container from the fibers of bagasse.

It is an agricultural waste product that is heated, blended, and covered with a natural coating to prevent the bowl from leaking.

Are Sweetgreen Salads actually healthy?

The food options at Sweetgreen are considered healthy as they do not contain high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives, chemicals, or trans fats. The dressings are gluten-free and made using high-quality oils and ingredients. In summary, I highly recommend dining at Sweetgreen frequently.

Now the question is Sweetgreen really organic?

Sweetgreen is a company that believes in being transparent in letting their customer know how they produce their food.

Unlike most fast food companies, Sweetgreen sources most of its food from local farming.

They start the process by knowing their local farmers and what they are growing and then shape their menus according to the produce.

Each of their sites has its own bunch of farms, which are also displayed in their stores.

For instance, the goat cheese which they use in their peach+ goat cheese salad comes from the Firefly Farm in Maryland.

Similarly, for their New York locations, the breads are baked fresh at Sullivan St. Bakery.

What is so special about Sweetgreen?

Sweetgreen is a popular fast-food chain that offers a fresh menu with vegetables sourced from local farms and dressings made in-house. It was founded in 2007 by students at Georgetown University. This restaurant is known for its health benefits and is highly regarded by experts in the field.

Sweetgreen’s commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle extends beyond their restaurants, but does Sweetgreen offer franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs to bring their nutritious concept to more locations?


Sweetgreen is an excellent restaurant if you are looking to add something healthy and delicious to your daily meal.

They are not only a green bar when it comes to their salads but also the bowl you eat in.

To get a good experience of this lovely place, choose from one of their menus, and as you grow used to the amazing taste, try customizing your own bowl of healthiness.

We hope you got the answer to “Is Sweetgreen Healthy & Organic?” from the above discussion.


How sustainable is Sweetgreen?

When compared to the average American meal, Sweetgreen is 30% less carbon-intensive.

Which is the healthiest dressing of Sweetgreen?

The healthiest dressing of Sweetgreen is green- goddess ranch or caesar-dressing, which contains no sunflower oil and zero grams of sugar.

Is Sweetgreen worth it?

Yes, going for Sweetgreen is worth it, but as a first-timer, we recommend ordering from their menus instead of customizing your own salad bowl.

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