Is Talbots Going Out Of Business 2024?

Talbots, the giant fashion retailer known for its timeless England style of clothing, is closing stores, which is raising questions like Is Talbots going out of business?

This year, so many brands have shuttered stores. Some did it to revamp their business model, while others did it to beat bankruptcy.

In all this humdrum, where does your favorite brand, Talbots, stand? Why is this decades-old company closing stores suddenly? Keep on reading to find out the truth!

Is Talbots Going Out Of Business

About Talbots

Talbots is a women’s clothing retailer that was founded in 1947 by Nancy and Rudy Talbot, two entrepreneurial New Englanders.

The company was founded with the aim of offering timeless styles and extraordinary quality clothes to women.

What’s interesting is that the company opened as a mail-order business before the founders opened the first retail store in a historic house in Hingham, Massachusetts, in 1962.

Today, Talbots is a go-to place for women looking for authentic England-style workwear and casual staples, and this is the reason why it has been in the run for so long.

Over these many decades, Talbots flourished, and now this retailer features more than 500 stores in the U.S.

Is Talbots Closing Stores?

Is Talbots Closing Stores

You must have heard about Talbots closing stores or might be worrying if a Talbots store near you has already shut down.

The thing is that Talbots is closing several of its stores in the U.S. and Canada. Although the locations have not been specified yet, we do know that the closures will affect 66 kids’ stores and 12 of its men’s stores.

Additionally, the closures will affect 800 Talbots’ employees. However, the company said that they have already made provisions for employees who will get affected and lose their jobs because of this. These employees will get a severance package to lessen the burden of losing their jobs.

Why Is Talbots Closing Stores?

Now that you know Talbots is closing stores, you might be eager to find out why is Talbots doing this.

There are a couple of reasons why Talbots is closing stores, including:

Financial Troubles

Talbots has been seeing a decline in revenue. Covid-19 single-handedly affected the company very much, and ever since then, the work-from-culture has decreased the demand for office wear staples, too.

The company’s decision to shut down the Lakeville distribution center and lay off 270 employees shows how serious the financial constraint must be.


Another major reason why Talbots is closing stores is because the company wants to adapt to the changing times.

The post-pandemic work-from-home trend has diminished the demand for office wear, and there has also been an increase in e-commerce shopping.

To survive this, Talbots has decided to revamp its e-commerce experience to drive more sales and is also trying to restructure its brand image to widen its demographics.

How Many Stores Has Talbots Closed So Far?

How Many Stores Has Talbots Closed So Far

Talbots hasn’t started closing stores suddenly. In fact, the company has been stuttering its stores for a long time now.

Talbots Store Closures in 2020

In January, Talbots announced closing 100 stores through 2023.

Store Closures in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2021 led to the closure of an additional 50 Talbots stores.

Talbots Store Closures in 2022

Store closures continued, including 40 locations across 15 states.

Talbots Store Closures in 2023

As mentioned earlier, Talbots is set to close 66 more Kids’ stores and 12 men’s stores.

Is Talbots Going Out Of Business?

Contrary to what it seems, Talbots is not going out of business.

Surely, Talbots’ revenue is declining, and the company has and plans to stutter a number of outlets. But this is being done to adapt to the changing trend and to restructure the company.

Talbots, much like other retailers, have been facing the test of time with changing trends and the rise of e-commerce. This company particularly has also struggled to appeal to younger customers.

But if the company’s strategy goes right, then Talbots will get right back on track.

What Is The Future Of Talbots?

What Is The Future

As mentioned earlier, Talbots is working towards revamping strategies to target more customers and boost sales. For this, it will:

Introduce Plus-Size Offerings

Talbots wants to increase its customer base and wants to cater to a younger and wider audience. For this, it is working to introduce more sizes and younger styles.

Focus on Improving E-Commerce

One of the biggest reasons why Talbots is closing so many stores is also because it wants to narrow down its physical locations and improve its e-commerce presence to drive online sales.

Work on Marketing & Promotion

The above-mentioned changes won’t happen on its own. The company is also revamping its marketing and promotion strategy to implement youth-oriented ad campaigns. This includes working with influencers, partnerships with other fashion brands, etc.

Which Other Brands Are Closing Stores?

Talbots is not the only brand that has decided to downsize its retail presence. Many other big retailers, including Lowe’s, Big Lots, Shoprite, etc., have all decided to cut down the presence of their underperforming retail stores and have come up with strategies to cope with the changing demands of the customers.

Wrap Up

Although Talbots is facing difficulties right now, its brand quality, niche customer base, and years of experience offer hope.

The company is all set to revamp the way it did business by updating its marketing strategy and by shifting its focus to e-commerce.

Hopefully, if these measures yield fruitful for Talbots, it will start making profits again. We hope you found the answer to your burning question: Is Talbots Going Out Of Business in this guide.

Is Talbots Going Out Of Business | FAQ’s

Who owns Talbots?

Talbots is currently owned by Sycamore Partners, which is a private equity firm that is known for acquiring various retail and consumer brands. 

Is Talbots going bankcrupt?

No, Talbots is not going bankrupt. Although the company has been seeing a decline in revenue for a few years now, it has managed to dodge bankruptcy.

What age group does Talbots target?

Talbots has always targeted women in the age group of 45 to 65. However, the brand is not working to focus on a younger audience as well. 

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