Is Twin Flames Still In Business 2024?

The Twin Flames Universe is infamous and has been accused of running a cult, or at least that is what Ecaping Twin Flames, the Netflix series made us feel. If you’ve watched the show, then you must have thought- Is Twin Flames still in business?

Twin Flames Universe is based on the idea of having a soul mate, and this idea has existed ever since. However, exploiting vulnerable people using this idea in exchange for thousands of dollars does not draw a pretty picture of this organization.

So, what’s the truth behind the Twin Flame Universe? Is it still in business? Keep reading to find out!

Is Twin Flames Still In Business

What Is Twin Flames Universe?

The Twin Flames universe is an online organization and community that claims to help people find their “Twin flame” or soul mate.

The community believes that everyone has a twin flame and promotes the idea of finding them through a spiritual state, where both people have agreed to be connected and committed to one another.

This organization was created by Jeff and Shaleia in 2017, and they both have created a series of exercises and courses that supposedly help the person attract their twin flame.

Their exercises are often centered around healing past traumas, healing oneself, and achieving self-love to attract one’s other half.

As conducive as this may sound, the Twin Flames universe is widely regarded as a controversial cult. Keep on reading to find out why.

Escaping Twin Flames

Escaping Twin Flames

The idea of a soulmate or having one true love has existed ever since. But what happens when someone takes this too far and tries to build a business around it?

Netflix came up with a documentary named Escaping Twin Flames, which revealed the darker side of what Jeff and Shaleia are running.

With exclusive footage from previous members, the series reveals shocking stories of exploitation and coercion where people are encouraged to stalk, manipulate gender identities, and whatnot.

Throughout the show, Twin Flames’ regular classes are shown as one of the ways in which Jeff and Shaleia push people to do things to control them.

Jeff was shown behaving aggressively towards members who didn’t take his advice immediately. And these classes cost thousands of dollars, with their “The Everything Package” costing $8,888.

It’s no wonder that the so-called organization is accused of exploiting vulnerable people in exchange for money.

“They are very good at identifying people who may be at a moment of transition or vulnerability, luring them in, and then slowly indoctrinating them,” filmmakers Cecilia Peck and Inbal B. Lessner said.

By making Escaping Twin Flames, the filmmakers hope the series will “help prevent more people from joining this and other high control groups” and “see the former members of Twin Flames Universe as having survived intensive, systematic coercive control.”

“The main motivation we all shared was to bring the ongoing abuse to a stop and to help the current members leave and recover,” they added further.

Escaping Twin Flames Trailer

Who Is Shaleia Divine?

Who Is Shaleia Divine

Shaleia Divine, or Megan Plante, was born and brought up in Canada. As per Shaleia’s bio on the Church of Union’s website, she was living in Sedona, Arizona, when she started learning from a spiritual mentor after having a series of failed relationships.

During that time, Shaleia met Jeff online and met for the first time, officially, when Jeff traveled to see her in Sedona. Shortly after, Jeff started introducing her to tarot cards and intuitive readings, they married and just a few years later started a business together

Shaleia became Jeff’s main supporter, and the two started claiming that the Twin Flame Union really existed.

Who Is Jeff Divine?

Who Is Jeff Divine

Jeff Divine, or Jeff Ayan, who also went by the name Ender Ayanethos briefly, was born and brought up in Michigan. He graduated from Western Michigan University, where he was first introduced to personal growth and spirituality.

Jeff’s bio on the Church of Union’s website says that he started having a “transcendental, mystical and spiritual” experience after being awakened by yoga and meditation skills that he learned from his spiritual mentor.

Later, he moved to Hawaii and started styling himself like a guru under the name Ender Ayanethos; as shown in the Netflix documentary. Before starting Twin Flames Universe, Jeff also tried his hands in a few businesses where he claimed to cure cancer for free.

Before meeting Shaleia, Jeff delved deeper into spiritual practice, and after meeting, the two decided to become gurus and started the Twin Flame Universe.

What Does Twin Flame Union Means?

The ultimate goal of Jeff and Shaleia’s organization is to help people find their twin flame. The term simply means having a deep connection beyond attraction.

On the Twin Flame Website, the duo describes the Twin flame union as “a spiritual state wherein both Twin Flames are awakened to their Twin Flame connection and have mutually agreed to be exclusively committed to each other.”

However, the Netflix documentary reveals that the Twin Flames Universe is just a means for exploiting and controlling people for money.

How Did The Twin Flames Universe Start?

When the duo first met, Shaleia was living in Arizona, and Jeff moved there to be with her.

The couple started studying more about spirituality and different practices and soon started making videos about their relationship. Then, they eventually moved to Hawaii and started a relationship blog called Awakened Intimacy.

This blog slowly morphed into Twin Flames, and Shaleia thought of it as an opportunity to share their spiritual practices; Jeff thought of it as a way to make money. And that is how the Twin Flames Universe started.

Is Twin Flames Still In Business?

Is Twin Flames Still running

In spite of being in so much controversy, the Twin Flames universe is still running. Jeff and Shaleia are still accepting new members and are running the organization from their home in Michigan.

In November 2023, they had 67,000 members on their Facebook group, and they don’t seem to have slowed down. They continue to advertise their business and make posts on their social media channels every once in a while.

Where Are Jeff And Shaleia Now?

Jeff and Shaleia are living and running Twin Flames from their home in Michigan. In April 2023, Shaleia gave birth to her daughter Grace and shared a picture of the same.

The couple often share posts about their family on their social media accounts.

Also, in response to the many allegations against them, they posted a lengthy statement on their website denying the claims.

“The allegations levied against Twin Flames Universe not only distort our true aims, methods, and curriculums but also misrepresent the autonomy of our community members, who are free to engage with our resources as they see fit. We are committed to confronting these allegations in an open and accountable manner,” the statement reads, in part.

Wrap Up

Because of so much bad fame around Twin Flames, it is natural to question- Is Twin Flames Still In Business?

Although the Twin Flames organization has been accused by its previous members, and the Netflix series even shed light on the darker underbelly of what goes inside the twisted organization, it continues to run as usual.

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What Are The Net Worths of Jeff And Shaleia?

There is not much information about the net worths of Jeff and Shaleia. However, according to The Cinemaholic, the couple’s net worth might be around $5 million.

Is Twin Flames a Cult?

Through Twin Flames Universe, the couple offers Google Hangout classes where members are given relationship advice for a fee.

The followers can also attend couples’ Church of Union to “resolve trauma” in Mind Alignment Process sessions and order food through a food delivery startup called Divine Dish.

However, things are not as flattering as it may seem.

Jeff and Shaleia were accused of allegedly questioning the gender identities and sexual orientation of their members and forced same-sex couples to transition.

Where can I watch Escaping Twin Flames?

You can watch Escaping Twin Flames on Netflix.

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